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Anonymous 131074

imagine a world where humans existed, but sexism and racism never existed, and will/could never exist.

how different do you think it would be? do you think the humans in that world would have a fundamental difference to their being/brain/something else, to the humans in our world?

i guess i'll start off with something simple. i bet that world's movies would be so much cooler because characters of all types are better written, and all sorts of people would be making them.

Anonymous 131076

even if there was no racism or sexism, people would discriminate against other minorities. Society demands of people to suppress their aggression against e.g. the government or their employer, so they live it out against people who are socially acceptable to be discriminated against

Anonymous 131078

Sexism against males is a good thing.

Anonymous 131086

i wonder if people had brains incapable of being sexist/racist, if that would have knock-on effects to other behaviours…

Anonymous 131093


yeah that hypothetical world wouldn't be entirely good, but at least it would be better in some aspects.

the concept of hypothetical-world having increased religious wars though :(

Anonymous 131127

Yeah I get what OP was going for by pretty much getting rid of discrimination altogether, but we'd fine plenty of new ways to single each other out on a regular basis. Not even religious differences like >>131093, stuff that'd seem almost trivial now could become a defining trait of certain classes of people.
In-groups and out-groups are an integral part of how we see the world, it's a fluke of our development as social animals. Unless some universal threat shows up and pretty much makes cooperation a must, we'll continue to find ways to make life hell for others.

Anonymous 131129

samus being a woman wouldn't be a surprise

Anonymous 131136

calm down john lennon

Anonymous 131139

Hmm… would we have a male equivalent of "Karen", or would it not exist at all?
Yeah. We're kinda seeing this now with racial issues in a lot of first world countries. Racism is a quick ticket to social ostracisation so the same kinds of people who would've been racist in the past pick the new hot topic. Right now my parents cheer on literally any negative thing that happens to russians.

Anonymous 131147

in that world, Jahn Lemon wouldn't have written "Women is the N* of the World"

Anonymous 131149

Well the behavior of a "karen" isn't tied to discrimination alone, it's a general sense of entitlement or self-centeredness that defines the title. That being said, it does appear there is something equivalent to it for males, with "ken" or "kevin" being the most popular, though it seems they apply to middle-aged dads. Even that's arguably a misnomer as well, given you have plenty of younger individuals acting like that as well.

Anonymous 131158

Its more realistic to have different societies ones with prejudices & others without. Often the stronger societies are the ones with less prejudices because they are often big empires.

Anonymous 131186

I disagree about "oppressing" being natural. maybe it is for moids, idk. I think humanity could do just fine without systemic oppression
That being said, I do think it's common for NTs to other certain groups of people, but even then it could be dealt with. Othering and oppressing becomes more common and harder to deal with when there's a big number of people.

Anonymous 131191

Just sexism and racism? It'd be so much worse. At least sex breaks populations in half and racism divides the planet into decently large chunks, allowing large groups to find solidarity together. Imagine where that natural desire to be part of an in-group and exclude outsiders would lead to if you have to target increasingly smaller groups.

Anonymous 131204

>how different do you think it would be?

Pretty different, it's hard to even imagine a world where humans reproduce asexually and we're all genetically indistinct from one another. I wouldn't know how that could work on a biological level let alone a society and cultural one.

Anonymous 131208

It's pretty much impossible to tell because we've been living like this for so long.

Anonymous 131212

That would be your best bet

Anonymous 131213

We'd just discriminate against class. Or something stupid like eye color or fingerprints

Anonymous 131215


thread starter: imagine if two forms of discrimination could never exist in the world! how different would the world be?

a lot of you: this is how the world would still have the same discriminations that weren't eliminated by the prompt

i know we can discuss whatever we want to discuss, but i've got a chance to use the feelsbadman.png so i'm gonna use it

Anonymous 131217

We wouldn't even be human anymore because our brains would be so different, we'd be living differently and our past would be different and that would shape the entire organism known as a human being. It depends on why its not possible for racism and sexism not being able to exist of course, but I am assuming it just isn't within our nature

Anonymous 131218

>but sexism and racism never existed

They'd find some other 'ism'. Most of human suffering is from class (mixed in with the human condition ofc), not race or sex. But maybe that's your point, what if we lived in a world that wasn't shallow. Maybe our human capacity to understand and accept nuance and self-contradictory natures of people would make us more sympathetic towards one another, but I think it'd still probably suck. It'd suck because people still have to do the shit jobs, and let's say you got every opportunity and you still ended up in a job you hate, well you'd probably hate yourself because there's no discrimination to blame your failure on. It's all your fault.

Then again I guess an ideal society would be like what Huxley described in 'island'.

Anonymous 131221

what does NTs mean? the search engines have not found me the definition that would make sense in the sentence

Anonymous 131222

NT = neurotypical. Aka a person with no mental illnesses.

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