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Just discovered my BFs fetishes need help. Anonymous 131501

So while my boyfriend was taking a shower he had accidentally left his phone unlocked i got a little curious and decided to look around a bit clicked on photos.

And the sheer amount of porn on it absolutely astonished me over 10.000 images of it pregnancy,some woman balloning to a ridiculous size and a person swallowing another whole.

Please need advice on what to do.

Anonymous 131502

Tom Preston's art.…

>go snooping in someone's device
>get inflation and vore

Anonymous 131504

pretty weird but if it doesn't affect your sex life who cares

Anonymous 131510


I wouldn't know what to do in your situation. How long have you been with him? Do these fetishes bother you (it'd bother me)? Those are factors to consider.

Anonymous 131516


I understand your fear, it's hard to believe some day your boyfriend could ask you to swallow him whole.

Anonymous 131517

Has this dredged up any memories of previous "weird" incidents that make sense now, or has he largely kept this to himself? It's extremely gross, especially in the case of vore, but at the same time it's remarkable he hasn't tried pushing this onto you, assuming he hasn't.

Anonymous 131521

Yes it does i mean i always knew that he would watch some porn but i just expected it to be more normal.

I mean the least he could have done would have been to tell me rather than keep something huge like this a secret.

Anonymous 131522

He has kept this 100% percent secret no teasing,or comments or anything.

Anonymous 131524

Fetishes should remain private,why would I want my partner to look down on me or even worst to risk absolute lost of atraction.
Now that you know you will never see him the same, nor any other moid

Anonymous 131526

If he had been honest with me 100% about it i would not have looked down upon him for it.

I just feel like he is locking me out of some major aspects of his life is all.

Anonymous 131528

Maybe as soon as he gets back i am gonna have a talk with him about it.

Anonymous 131530

This could either go really well or really badly. Hopefully it's the former.

Anonymous 131536

I hope this fake, but seriously that sucks that you had to find out that way. At least it's just really weird and not violent or evil. Good luck with the talk.

Anonymous 131540

I wish it was but he will be coming home soon and then i believe we shall come to an understanding.

Anonymous 131596

Lmao why do you have to have "a talk" with him about it? How does it affect your relationship at all? Poor guy

Anonymous 131597

>invader of privacy
>deviantart teir pervert
lol, do us all a favor and keep eachother out of the dating scene.

Anonymous 131614

I didn't want to be a party pooper but I don't think this is real. However, if it is real please tell me what phone has storage for 10,000 images? If it's expensive idc anymore.

Anonymous 131616

Oh god, the hand maidens are here. Don't you have a career to throw away in order to support your boyfriend's dreams of using you to produce inferior children?

Anonymous 131643

just ask him why the fuck he has such weird fetishes and laugh at him. he will get it.

Anonymous 131644

I look forward to the inevitable post on 4/adv/. I can see the thread now:

>Guys I was in the shower and my gf found my phone porn stash and she's laughing at me and asking me questions, what do I do? sweating_pepe.png

>You should rape her.
>Stop worrying about porn. You're not 12, you're both adults.
>Like, as in porn on your phone or porn OF phones? Either way, post it so I can gauge how fucked you are.
>Have you tried nofap? This wouldn't happen if you would stop looking at the nude jew.
>Wmen are truly subhumans. They have no respect for privacy, they have no honor, they have no loyalty. She's probably going to leave you for Tyrone anyway, so just beat her to the punch and dump her first. Demon and wman look kind of similar for a reason. Your first mistake was getting tied to a female creature at all.
>Why didn't you lock your phone you moron?
>^ She shouldn't have looked at that anyway.
>[30 post discussion on morality ramping up into an angry debate]
>Why does it matter OP? Everyone looks at porn.
>She's probably a puritan.
>OP here. I have fetishes she didn't know about and doesn't like.
>What's the fetishes?
>Pregnancy, inflation and vore.
>I didn't know Tom Preston posted on /adv/.
> >pregnancy - Nice.
>N A K A D A S H I
>Guys, it's not that weird. Can you help me or no? I don't know how to damage control this. Is she going to leave me? I didn't want anyone to know and now I'm freaking the fuck out.
>[well-meaning but ultimately useless 3 paragraph advice post]
>Balance it out, OP. Post her nudes for us. It's the only way.
>Seconding this.
>[someone replying and adding on to the useless advice post]
>[continuation of morality discussion that has now somehow morphed into a heated argument over the significance of Christianity in the Byzantine Empire and the fall of Rome complete with off-site citations]
>Look on the bright side, OP could have been into unbirthing too.
> >caring what women think - ishygddt
>I fucking hate this board.

Anonymous 131645

ridiculously accurate

Anonymous 131676

Like clockwork

Anonymous 131689

just be glad that inflation and vore aren't things that he can realistically ask you to enact IRL. As for pregnancy, that's pretty normal. Most of our moms got pregnant at some point.

Anonymous 131703

My sides

Anonymous 131714

>tfw mine are worse
It's moments like these that I'm glad I don't have a boyfriend.

Anonymous 131717

Oh, like you haven't met a person born of coral-style budding. Every neighborhood has at least one.

Anonymous 131733

>worse than vore
Are you okay?

Anonymous 131734

Yes one could make a case for the various subsects within vore to be much worse.

Anonymous 131735

There are lots of things subjectively worse than vore. Plus it depends on what kind of vore we're talking about, the only imaginary art stuff or shit like women eating live mice.

Anonymous 132232


Pretty much every single boy out there is into porn. This is no justification, of course.

What you should do is ask him about it fetishes of his. Be open and honest. Try to help ween him off ridiculous fantasy stuff. You should be enough for him where he looks to you, not stupid porn, to get his sexual arousal.

If he does not want to do it, nor does he show improvements over time, then dump his ass.

You are better than to deal with a porn addict.

Anonymous 132282

>Pretty much every single boy out there is into porn
>You are better than to deal with a porn addict
So single then?

Anonymous 132304

You have two options.

>1. Forget you saw anything

>2. Apologize for creeping on his phone, tell him you saw his porn, but don't make any judgments – just tell him that you saw it

You're already in the wrong for looking at his phone, so keep it simple.

Anonymous 132314

or she can also just break up with him, right moid?

Anonymous 132324

she could also stab him

Anonymous 132975

I've joked about vore and all those weird fetishes but I've never seen someone actually into it. I'd honestly just forget about ever seeing it since the act of doing any of those things are nonexistent, extremely odd fetishes but hey what are the chances on him asking you to pop like a balloon?

Anonymous 132986

i shit you not every time i come on crystal.cafe i can spot a thread some moid made to get like a sort of female public opinion and ppl just reply to it what the hell

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