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Anonymous 131566

If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be?

Maria 131576

Anywhere which isn't a primary target for the nuclear missiles

Anonymous 131579

life is what you make it to be. it is not all work no play in the states. hell im neet and the govt is still supporting me forgive my worklessness. god bless america

Anonymous 131581

Found the normie.

Anonymous 131582

Like, for a visit or to live?

For a visit, the Rabbit Island of Japan.

Maria 131584

God i wish i was neet in murica. they have it so good. Maybe in europe too, idk.

Anonymous 131940


If it has to be "in the world" I don't want to be there.

Anonymous 131941

Pacific Northwest. Never been there but it looks beautiful.

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