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vtubers Anonymous 131999

What do you guys think about vtubers? They are a new advancement in technology that some cam girls are using. They employ Webcam, full body trackers, and of course voice changers to give the appearance of anime girls. Is this the future of what is considered entertainment? Is this somehow tied to the metaverse that is an overall plan for tech companies to sell? Is this good or bad for society in general? Do you even watch vtubers or know who any of them are?

Anonymous 132014

They're pretty cringe. They don't have their own style or charm, it's just like watching generic anime girl with an annoying voice play a video game.

Anonymous 132034

i think it's fine. it gives people a way to goof off and make silly videos, constructing a persona without having to show their real name/face. there's no pretense that they're being realistic.

Anonymous 132043


I occasionally watch them. I don't have any hard favourites, but i do quite like Ina. I think her voice is quite calming, and it's nice to have in the backround. I don't think the trend is going to die down, although i do think that it will eventually lose attention and just be one type of streaming, instead of the phenonenon that it is right now.
I think that the biggest strength of vtubing is the media and fanworks that have surrounded it. There are lots of really high quality works that have been made and popularised by the vtuber fandom, which i think is a good thing, as previously small creators have been able to get lots of recognition. For instance, Mazumaros HoloEN animations are fantastic, and a delight to watch.
The main thing i dislike about vtubers, is the constant obvious pandering. Since people liked it when various talents had chemistry and got on well, naturally it was turned up to 11, and every other vtuber is pretending to be a lesbian. It's really unnatural and fake, but regardless, braindead fans eat it up so now it's basically the standard. Coming from someone who really likes yuri, I hate it.
In terms of vtubers and society, I don't think that it is extremely impactful. Parasocial relationships were prevalent long before vtubers, and they'll be prevalent long after. Generally, the main issues and strengths of vtubers are similar to lots of other big trends, which makes sense as they're basically an attempt at merging idol and internet culture
Basically, my opinion is that they're fine, i don't really care.

Anonymous 132054

I despise this
I think videogame streamers/letsplayers are pretty 'tism already, but making it performative uwu coomer pandering

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 132062

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