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Anybody who isn't vaccinated against COVID yet is an enemy for me Anonymous 132505

You even have no good reasons for not getting vaccinated.

Anonymous 132509

I refuse it to spite people like you who make it their personality

Anonymous 132511

Welp theyre the ones dying in droves. You know there's an entire subreddit dedicated to the fact? They kind of bring it on themselves though so they can't complain.

Anonymous 132514

I was vaccinated and got corona twice. The vaccine is a bust because the virus just mutates and any protection you had is now void.
The trans-national pharmaceutical tycoons are happy though.

Anonymous 132516


Anonymous 132524

People refusing the vaccine actively harm people needing free beds on hospital since they get hospitales saturated and full on infectious contamination, mortal to anyone with weak inmune system like patients with cancer.
Antivax people should be denyed public healthcare.

Anonymous 132527

List of Enemies.gi…

I had no good reason to get vaccinated either. I'm definitely not taking it now after reading your OP
>an enemy
Never wore a mask
Never got vaccinated
Went where ever the fuck I wanted when ever I wanted
Got covid once and it was the mildest flu I had ever gotten
And i lived just fine, as if nothing much changed while you hid in your house when the government told you to, and took vaccines, and isolated yourself and refused to see your granny
(my grandmother got it, she is 86 and she's fine)

You, you little asshole, you get off on cowing and bullying and ostracising people so you can feel good about yourself. You probably enjoyed the last two years for that reason alone. It's my body, I'll do what ever I please with it and you can screech and squeal all you like, I do not care. I don't care how you think of me, I don't think highly of people like you


Anonymous 132528

OP here. Interestingly women are extremely skeptical about the vaccine.

Anonymous 132529

Are they actually? I thought it was mostly men who were. But either way i'm not taking it and no one can make me

Anonymous 132531

Well, a lot of people took the COVID vaccine and nothing wrong happened. See, I'm a rock fan and I want to enjoy going to the concerts without stupid anti-vaxxers menancing me.

Anonymous 132535

Most of my female friends took it for reasons like that. Because they wanted to go to this or do that, or they had a job that blackmailed them into it. But most of my male friends didn't take it
I don't go out much and do those things that require you to have vaccines, and any activities that did, I was not going to be blackmailed into taking useless vaccines just for that so I simply didn't go. Maybe I am twisted, but that's the way I am
No one bothered me for it, and I bothered no one that took them. I don't see the problem

Anonymous 132538

OP here, my most favorite genre of music is of course, progressive rock, esp. bands like Rush, Yes, Genesis, Pink Floyd etc. I think those are the smart bands, unlike those who tell you that there is no law and you can dabble in drugs.

Anonymous 132539


OP has based music taste but missed the Current Thing OS software update

Anonymous 132540

Not interested in Radiohead

Anonymous 132557

I miss concerts so much

Anonymous 132560

I'm vaccinated and I never once got it.

Anonymous 132580

Ok. Why do we care btw? Go hate alone in your corner.

Anonymous 132582

Not vaccinated, didn't quarantine, uses public transports daily, has asthma, parents work with old people, and I never got covid.


Anonymous 132583

>I think those are the smart bands
Surely you jest. Rush is the only one I'll accept as "smart", and that's coming from a huge pink floyd fan.

Anonymous 132584

I know 5 people who have gotten covid, 2 of them were vaccinated.
At best, it affected them like a cold for a few days. At worse it was like getting the flu and they were sick in bed for a week.

Vaccination doesn't matter unless you're an old fart or have respiratory issues.

Anonymous 132585

OP here, Rush is my most beloved band

Anonymous 133074

I'm not vaccinated and I never got covid either. Boom.

Anonymous 133402

Can't get covid when you don't test yourself.

Anonymous 133485

Screen Shot 2022-0…

Anonymous 133486


Either glowie or r*dditor. Either way go back

Anonymous 133490

Spiting redditors like yourself is a great reason

Anonymous 133491

I got vaccinated whenever possible because I got guilt tripped to because my mom has cancer, and so her immune system is kinda fucked
I got covid anyway

You don't need to get vaccinated if you have the opportunity not to and are of a healthy age where you can stand having temporary respiratory issues.
It's not worth it both because it obviously doesnt work, and even if it did, as long as you don't have breathing issues and are a healthy age, it was like maybe twice/three times as bad as the flu, but still pretty fine

Anonymous 133493

No. They would know if they got covid. And there's no proven difference between the vaccinated and unvaccinated in that regard because it does not do anything to stop you getting to begin with. That's just one reason why it's contentious. In reality, because the unvaccinated have various restrictions imposed on them, namely not being able to travel, they are the only ones who are not spreading it (depending how severe the restrictions are where you live).

Anonymous 133496

Ok then do it.

Anonymous 133500

Never what I said, libfart

Anonymous 133531

If I wasn’t living at home with my paranoid boomer parents, I would’ve never gotten vaccinated. I lied about getting the booster shot to them.

Anonymous 133578

Buy frozen food type called 'stromboli', its literally the same thing but you can get a huge amount of different variety

Anonymous 133584

Yes, otherwise I would infect my whole family and they're all vulnerable.
So getting covid is cool and hip now?

Anonymous 133586

I get this usually what I do to quell my hotpocket cravings is get some fresh french bread and stuff it full of pepperoni, tomato sauce (with a bit of basel and oregano and fresh diced garlic sprinkled in), and mozzarella cheese. Then, I stick the bread in the oven until it gets a little crunchy and the cheese melts then I pour a bit of melted butter mixed with garlic powder on top. Its so good. I can stuff it with as much pepperoni and cheese as my heart desires god I love cooking.

Anonymous 133587

Oh yeah forgot to mention usually I'll stick the pepperoni in the oven for a few minutes to get it nice and crunchy. i think it helps the flavor.

Anonymous 133849

People like you who want to sacrifice individuals with individual choices for some vague sense of "collective" in a way that just so happens to impose gross restrictions and ostracizes those who stick to their own values are just disgusting. Even after two years you just go on and on. Isn't it time to call it quits? People want to live their own lives.
Fuck all this vaccine bullshit.

Anonymous 133917


>be drug researcher
>attempt to make drugs using lipid nanoparticles
>doesn't work out because lipid nanoparticles are toxic in repeated doses
>realize you can avoid that issue by applying them to vaccines, so you only have to make sure they're safe for one or two doses
>suddenly the government starts handing out shots on a nearly bimonthly basis
>yfw they do almost no testing to make sure the liver toxicity problem doesn't come up again
I almost feel bad for them.

Anonymous 133956

I was pregnant during the rollout and now I just don't think I'll get it.

Anonymous 134063


If you got the vaccine you're no longer a human being. Case closed.

Anonymous 134354

We're going to act like the pro vaccine covid thread from last year where you all got your shots didn't happen? ok.

to all the hotpocket posters, the only good frozen food is marie calendars chicken pot pies.

Anonymous 134530

>You know there's an entire subreddit dedicated to the fact?
What's it called?

Anonymous 134654

This is the best outcome because the vaccine spares you from the worst effects of the disease but you still get to spread it and cull the antivaxxers

Anonymous 134695

i'm just here to cull the fatties and elderly.

Anonymous 134698

got 2x pfizer last summer because I was left no choice (needed a pass to attend mandatory field trips for uni), refused to get the booster and then got covid in march and it was nothing. Won't be getting any more unless I'm put in a position where I'm left no choice again.

Anonymous 134732

Unvaccinated. I have moderate/severe asthma and I am in the worst physical shape of my entire life. When I got covid last year my only symptoms were loss of taste, the shits, and fatigue. Be mad.

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