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☽ paracosms Anonymous 13291

a thread to post about fantasies you have & general 'feels' you wish to experience. . . simply because i'm always interested in reading about people's daydreams! & i'm sure others feel the same way.

Anonymous 13293

This is sort of cliche but I love travel and I wish I could just travel from place to place without worrying about money or the complex problems of life. Being stagnant in one place is so exhausting to me

A dreamier wish of mine is that I want the ability to fly, I've flown a few times in my dreams and it was amazing.

Anonymous 13301


I want to doll myself up and go to a cafe or some similar place with a friend, eat fancy cakes while we chat about our interests and look out through a large window to the city.

I'm also wanting to have that displaced feel? That emotion you got during a long break, and entered your school maybe, and nobody else was there.

Anonymous 13304

I'm fascinated by this cake.

Anonymous 13307

it looks upon us with distain

Anonymous 13308

Anonymous 13309

Thank you anon

Anonymous 13311

I want a cute japanese guy with long waist length hair to cuddle me and smoke weed with me every day after I get off work. I'm not even a weeb, honest lmao idk why he's got to be japanese.

All my daydreams are about someone loving me and being in the same room as me bc im lonely as fuck.

Anonymous 13314

I want to travel with my boyfriend and live a carefree life with him. As long as we have each other it's fine.

Anonymous 13353


I want to be able to breathe underwater and also be invincible so I can put on a weighted vest and shoes and walk across the ocean floor.

Anonymous 13359

I want to be a bad bitch who don't take no shit

Anonymous 13374

I want to be good enough at drawing to draw really expressive music videos.

Anonymous 13397


I sometimes imagine making an online persona completely different from myself and work on making friends/gaining popularity with it. Since I'm a drawfag it would probably be based around that, very separate from where I currently post art.

It wouldn't be to troll or anything, just sort of a catfish but towards everyone and with no ulterior motives. Oddly enough I believe it would help me be less anxious about interactions with others.

Anonymous 13403

download (3).jpeg


I did that in high school except i used actual (edited) pictures of myself. It really helped me understand people's mindsets better and helped my social skills grow so much since i was interacting a lot in groups and talking to many people.
It was mainly geared towards otakus who wanted a dream qt introverted weeb but still sexy gf and i used to talk to a lot of them and that also allowed me to study their behavior which is great since i'm a psychology student and i keep those notes to this day, but i won't deny the attention was good for my ego since all those guys were orbiting me hard. I think that was when my self esteem was both at it's peak and also at it's lowest, since the image i put out for the internet was fabricated and most of the time heavily edited (not kota level, but still very retouched to the point i has almost no flaws except "endearing" ones) and i knew i didn't look 100% like that in real life.
However things were starting to bleed out of this internet-exclusive persona and eventually the attention it brought me in real life, in school, eventually got so negative because of some people screencapping my racier pics and spreading them around, i just baleeted everything and got on with my life. I guess this doesn't really happen if you don't use pics of yourself, unless someone outs you.

Anonymous 13416

i'd like to be young again and go to summer camp. sneaking into the woods at night, sitting around a fire, feeling the sunlight on my back, stuff like that

Anonymous 13417

i feel the same, i have a lot of childhood fantasies since my parents never let me do or experience anything. i wish i could have joined scouts and gone on activity camps and go to friends birthday parties, i wish i could have learnt piano and done dance classes and gymnastics, i wish i could have done choir, i wish i got to see friends outside of school, i wish i could have experienced a nice and fun childhood.

Anonymous 13461


I want something similar. I want to walk with a friend through a downtown area in the afternoon, on a day that is cloudy and grey but not quite raining yet. I want to have coffee and talk for a while while looking out a window.

Anonymous 13462

Also, I want 2 dogs and a boring settled in relationship. And we could all 4 go on walks together and all share a bed.

Anonymous 13464

I have some oddly specific yet mundane fantasies like these too. Where do they come from? Why?

Anonymous 13465

me too!

Anonymous 13467

Yeah, i have those too
I want to sit with my friends near the school library, when the lessons are over and it's cloudy outside, ready to rain, simultaneously chilly and warm like it is in September, and there are warm lights inside and we're hyped for something
I'm already half sure it had happened at some point, maybe because i think about it often. I feel like it should have happened, dont know wtf it is

Anonymous 13472



>Where do they come from? Why?

Maybe lots of people have them but never bother to share. But then I've received criticism for being to specific with desires.

For me, the desire(to have coffee with this one friend) existed then I filled in all the details and settings down to how we'd dress. Then it became stuck in memory.

The specificity probably comes from past experiences and media.

Anonymous 13510

I daydream a lot about being done with my education and finally having a stable job situation. I just want to go to work everyday, come home, make dinner, maybe meet a friend or bake. Having a set routine to fall into and feeling accomplished and not having to deal with guilt all the time. Like, I won´t get a super fancy job with great pay when I´m done with school, but as long as I have a place with my own bathroom and kitchen and work I really couldn't´t ask for more.

Anonymous 13678

>where do they come from
lonliness, maybe?
i've never really had friends to go out with since my parents were extremely restrictive, so i'm a social retard…and like, the idea of going out with a group of people to do ""mundane"" things fascinates me. it's on the same level as dragons and hogwarts to me.

Anonymous 13679

this hit me deep

Anonymous 13964

i'd like to be a wealthy victorian girl that fools around with the maids and gives bread to peasants

Anonymous 15417

Making a friend over the summer would be nice. Perhaps in a place where we'd rarely meet, like the library or something.

Anonymous 15431

Urusei Yatsura 1.g…

I really want to have a small summer fling. It doesn't have lead to some big deep committed relationship, but something where I am able to spend time with someone who is invested in me emotionally, physically, and romantically. Someone I can hit up anytime during the summer and go to beach with until the sun sets. We would listen to music, talk, and kiss all day long. It would be really sweet and wholesome and even when our time spent together during the summer is over we would still have some feeling for eachother that could always be resumed when summer comes around again. Sigh.

Anonymous 15433


I want to be deeply loved by a man, get married to him, and have a child with him just like an ideal perfect family. I want to be a great housewife, and I don't want to work anywhere, I want to do housework and care for my child and husband. I want to make him delicious food, make love regularly and make our child feel safe and loved, and I want them to grow up very happy. I want to feel safe and loved forever too and make my husband feel the same way.

Too bad that probably won't happen, at least not how I have always wanted ;_; I love my boyfriend and I want to be with him and only him, but he isn't very fond of children and I doubt we will ever be able to survive solely on his income. Even if my worst nightmare happened and we broke up I doubt I'd ever find anyone who wouldn't give me shit for saying I want to be a housewife 24/7. Many guys think you want an easy life if you say that, but in my case I think it's romantic and I love caring for my house and family. Another funny thing is that my boyfriend doesn't like to eat that much and one of my dreams is making him delicious food, but what can you feed someone who literally dislikes to eat? Sigh.

Anonymous 15461


Wish i could be a bit more "normal" or at least more capable. I always fantasize about how much easier things would be if I could do things properly like others do.

If I had the means and if I was more capable, I'd actually try and have a positive impact on people as much as I could.
I also really want to be able to give the one I love more than I can now and more than I currently try to, and mostly wish I could give them more of a life they wished for, or at least make us both feel more like it's possible to get to that in the future.

Anonymous 15462

images (2).jpeg

Dear anon-chan, you're already wonderful the way you are. Things will be okay, even if they seem to be hard now, and the person you love loves you the way you are.

Anonymous 15464

I wish a guy would like me JUST for my looks. I always get guys who like my personality or my intelligence. I want to be appreciated physically for once

Anonymous 15471

I fantasize a lot about living in the woods- in a small town. I know small towns are known for being suuuper racist (and my small city proves that just fine lmao) but I just like the idea of a house with good windows surrounded by lots of trees where it's often rainy, but somewhere I could work as a scientist or a writer and walk to and from work, have a family, enjoy the cloudy gray weather. pretty much 70% of my wardrobe is sweaters and other cold weather clothes… but I live where it's sunny, dry, flat, and while there's a decent amount of trees, it isn't the woods. If only.

Anonymous 15478

Damn anon, are you me? I'm more into being a casino owner, though.

Anonymous 15484

This is all I want in life as well. I grew up in small towns and although they are super racist and I don't agree with the majority's politics there, at the end of the day everyone is much politer and kind than in the city. I would love to live in the countryside where your nearest neighbor is 15 minutes away from you and you can just be alone all the time. Walking through the woods alone is so peaceful and calming, I used to be do that to de-stress and being in the city that just isn't an option.

Anonymous 15567


I want to live with my crush in his small uni apartment. I would decorate it and help keep everything clean, I'd love to wake him up with tea and breakfast, and help him relax after stressful studying. I want to stroke his hair as he lays his head in my lap and tells me about his childhood memories and complains about his assignments. I want to show him love like no one else could. I just want to be comfortable. This is such a nice thread, thank you.

Anonymous 15571


My dream is super cheesy and i think i already wrote it here on cc once haha, but i always daydream of the same thing and it still hasn't changed.

I want to open up a small bakery/cafe in a small cozy town surrounded by nature, kinda ghibli style, with friendly townies that are very down to earth and accommodating, close enough to the city to be able to get there in less than a few hours but far enough where there is no contamination and you can only hear the sound of birds and the rustling of trees instead of cars. I'd make the cafe/bakery cat themed and i would bring rescue kitties and cats to the cafe to take care of them with whatever money i made, and for them to waltz around while the clients enjoy their coffee and freshly made pastries. By night, it would be a place where live music is played and i'd enjoy the music and the local conversations with the old townies coming for a few drinks while the cats sleep soundly on the tables to the music. I would run my errands on my bicycle without fear of getting killed by cars and i could bring some of the kitties around the shops and sights in a little basket in the bicycle since there would be no sounds to scare them.
While i run the café by myself and my cats, one day someone new would come through the door and i would make friends with them, then they would keep coming back, and we would fall in love and they would eventually become my gf/bf and we'd start to run our little cafe together along with our cats, we'd make the pastries together and we would play around and have fun without stressing about money, only living in the moment and loving every minute of it.
We'd purchase a small little house by a lake or river, with lots of space for the cats to roam around without having to go outside of our property, and we'd live every day happily working in a job we enjoy and love.

I think i just wish to be happy, not worry about money, with a job i love, free of stress, surrounded by cats and be loved as much as i love, so whenever mi mind goes to this little daydream it always makes me happy.

Anonymous 15574


I've always wanted to be a (rich) big city girl. Go shopping during weekends, try out a different restaurant each evening with a different friend, party in the hippest nightclubs by night, live in a high-rise apartment building, have a cool job with cool colleagues and fool around with guys and gals.

Anonymous 15578


I kinda want to live in a big city too, but I just want to be a violinist in an orchestra and be super talented at it. I already do music but I know I could be better by a long shot. Usually when I think of such a fantasy I include a nice city apartment, and musician friends that I can hang out and have coffee with. I want to be able to go to big city bars and take long walks around the city and go sightseeing and play at nice classy venues. I want a packed schedule and a wardrobe full of formal clothes. This dream probably exists because I think deep inside that maybe once I become talented everything else will fall into place.

Anonymous 15606


I've always liked the idea of a post-apocalyptic world that I've grown accustomed to.

Anonymous 15617

I love all these comfy daydreams, a lot of them are similar to my own.

But I have some darker ones too? Like I've always been fascinated/jealous of the young groupie/"it girl" trope. Think famous underage groupies like Lori Maddox/Sable Starr & songs like Carmen by LDR.

There's something about being gorgeous, capable, manipulative, powerful, etc. And at the same time being very vulnerable and in considerable danger at most times.

I know it's gross to glamorize shit like this, but I just like it. Probably bc I'm a total goody-goody and want to be crazy sometimes.

Anonymous 31127

I've taken to fantasizing about growing up in a large, upper middle family. Like, 3 elder brothers, an eldest sister, one younger sister that adores me, two parents that love each other.
During holidays family would come from across the country and you could see generations at the table. Or whatever.

Anonymous 31139

Same, but I'm an adult with my own family a part of it.

Anonymous 31150


I'm writing a comfy story along those lines. A group of frenemies shoot the shit and take it easy while in the background there's a dying, dystopian world inching ever closer to oblivion.

Many waifus and husbandos. Hopefully one day someone else other than me will enjoy it.

Anonymous 31155

Sounds interesting. Do write it anon.

Anonymous 31224

Id like to live in a bamboo forest, where the weather is always a bit chilly so I wear heavy comfy clothes and drink hot tea everyday. I know because Im such a social fuck up it would never happen but, I would like a fren, no matter what age or gender, and we would laze around the house and just be content of having someone to talk to, we would try doing things together like cooking and writing poems, and the days would pass by in a flash. I actually already regret writing this, because it makes it hurt so much

Anonymous 31227

Dreams are never too far out of grasp. Reach far and you can achieve anything.

Anonymous 31338

Er this isn't really unattainable per-se but for the time being it is because I'm sooo busy with… adult shit. But I want to have a sleepover at my friends house (I know it's childish but me and my friend enjoy them). Idk I want to just buy a shit load of junk food and play yaoi games like we used to when I wasn't working all the time. My life is pretty hectic right now but I am counting down the days when it calms down so I can take a weekend off or something and just go to her house and finally fucking relax jesus.

Anonymous 31438


to be able to dance with the boy i love, on so many occasions when my mind is blank i always go back and imagine me and him dancing. when i dance i imagine that im dancing with him, trying to enchant him and lock fingers together, sometimes i'll even wear something nice as im dancing to help myself imagine it better lol. one time maybe 2 years ago (?) he said "shall we dance (:'," as a joke though text and even since then the scenario refuses to leave my mind and forces me to dance!

Anonymous 31525


This feel >>>/feels/21812

Sitting on a hill at night with someone I belong with listening to 80s music and just feeling the same way

Belonging with someone

The feel I had when I first explored this very specific abandoned paper factory, stepping through a heavy rusted steel door onto a burnt roof with just the charred beams remaining and a thick layer of soot and ash on which soft, lush moss grew, making the ground beneath my feet eerily squishy and bouncy, sunrays scattering through the beams

Having one more conversation with the person in my life who died

Completely sharing a moment with a person

Anonymous 31593

I want to have a small house in the middle of a rural country side area with a fast internet. I want to spend the day practicing gun shooting on dummy targets with in the fields and listening to political podcasts on the internet in the evening. I want to have my own farm, take care of my plants and animals. I will wake up early to pick up eggs of the chicken, make my own breakfast and enjoy the time. This is how I lived briefly when I was a child and I want to go back to living like that again.

Anonymous 31594

>The feel I had when I first explored this very specific abandoned paper factory, stepping through a heavy rusted steel door onto a burnt roof with just the charred beams remaining and a thick layer of soot and ash on which soft, lush moss grew, making the ground beneath my feet eerily squishy and bouncy, sunrays scattering through the beams

That sounds really comfy. I wish I had stuff like that around me, because urban exploration seems really cool. It could be a little scary, though.

Anonymous 31658

self inserting into my husbando's anime/manga. It's the only time I get to experience love, friendship, self-fulfillment, and a sense of belonging. Dulls the anxiety for a while.
Same. I want to travel so badly but I've never had enough money. I'm barely surviving as it is. And of course some whore born into a wealthy family gets to travel all the fuck over on daddy's money just to waste the time getting piss drunk and taking selfies. No, I'm not bitter.
Well, I guess everyplace is going to shit now between these "travelers", general poverty, and social upheaval, so no huge loss. Everything everywhere is slowly becoming trash.

Anonymous 31732

Who is your husbando?

Anonymous 31996


Is target shooting fun? I've only ever shot by guns at camp as a kid and guns honestly scare me a lot. My brother is big into guns and it could be a bonding point, I guess?

Anonymous 31997

I used ro have these super-specific day dreams of my (then, newly-dating bf and myself living together in this modern, asian-inspired place. I had this very specific fantasy of us having on of those beds that are built into the floor so that it's all level. I think thst was popular on tumblr or some social media site at the time, or maybe I just said it somewhere and clung onto it
We also had a cat in this fantasy.

Anonymous 32213


Lol I don't think I ever really put tgat much thought into the rest of the house.

Anonymous 32371

I have so many fantasies, most contradict one another:
-Young Pinterest-famous housewife/mother with three beautiful young children and a husband who treats me well and makes enough to support all of us, but travels constantly
-Living in some Mediterranean country and having friends who hang out during our ridiculously long lunch breaks in cafes wearing coordinating rompers and then go out biking by the river and napping under a tree together
-Marrying into wealth and being able to live in some ridiculously expensive apartment the city 6 months of the year and travels across the world with my wealthy s/o and young child the rest of the time while posting my travels on an aesthetic instagram.
-Moving to the west coast to teach and finding a sensitive life partner that owns some hipster small business who I can take walks in nature with while holding each other's hands
-Super influential powerful business woman who goes into local politics and eventually reforms the education system

Anonymous 32569

I feel tame. All I really daydream about is holding my girlfriend's hand while we live in a cute cottage together. (LDR right now.) We do eachother's makeup, run a killer niche business, and grow old together.

Anonymous 32583

I like the idea of living a few centuries, maybe more, so I have time to learn everything that's possible and go through a few careers. I would change my name every 30 years or so.

Anonymous 32706

A stable live and a romantic relationship

Anonymous 34104


I've always wanted to backpack around the world on my own and sleep in a tent or under the open sky. Unfortunately it's sorta dangerous, but 10 year old me didn't know about that ;_;

Anonymous 34172

wanna sit somewhere secluded and dark while candles burn

Anonymous 76068

fantasizing about seeing this thread prosper

Anonymous 76074

I want to dance in discos with people I'll never see again.

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