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Eurovision Song Contest! Anonymous 133726

Every year, Europeans (and some other participating countries) send some people to represent their song entry for the Eurovision Song Contest! Only one country can be the winner for the year!

Jury voting, televoting, complain about who didn't get to go to the finals, complain about some other things, compliments, fangirling, costumes, staging, your favourite songs, put your Eurovision thoughts below!

In 2022, the grand final will on sometime, May the 14th!

Anonymous 133857

I never thought a bowl cut could look good. Then I saw Monika Liu of Lithuania. I don't think she will win, but I hope she places well in the grand finals. I find her very mesmerising.

I'm disappointed Citi Zēni of Latvia didn't get enough points to go to the grand finals. They managed to make an entire stadium shout "pussy"! Their performance was very energetic. I wonder if the jury vote killed their chances, or if they didn't rack enough televote points.


Anonymous 133885


It's happening…

Anonymous 133889

Maybe next year…

Anonymous 133928

This is the first time I didn’t watch any of contestants and didn’t follow any related news
Ukraine 1st pretty obvious but GB 2nd WHAAAT what happened what, WHAT?
I think I will listen to all of them a bit later

Anonymous 134914

Ireland didn't make it into the final, but I think her song is a bop.

Anonymous 134923


For me, there was a solid number of candidates from semi final who didn't make it for a final, for some reason
I am lowkey mad about it, because there was three acts I liked the most - out of all participants: Georgia, Slovenia and Latvia - that was especially a wtf moment - how come they didn't end up being qualified
And another bunch I liked and wanted to see in final: Ireland, Austria, Malta, North Macedonia
And Israel, I am a sucker for acts like this on Eurovision - well at least we had WRS this year

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