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christmas decorations Anonymous 133739

ok imagine christmas decorations have sat in the attic for a year and you pull them out. what do they smell like? musty? no smell?

Anonymous 133740

i can tell a man wrote this….

Anonymous 133741

penis niggas be like

Anonymous 133742

Are the decorations in boxes, tubs, or some other form of storage? If so, they won't have a strong smell.

If they've been sitting in the open air of the attic, they'll smell faintly of the attic. But, depending on the material of the decorations the scent will fade quickly. For example, the scent will fade quickly off glass decorations but linger in fabric decorations.

Anonymous 133743

SA the scent will fade quickly when you remove them from the attic and bring them into another part of the house, I mean.

Anonymous 133814


They still smell like Xmas tbh. Like vintage ornaments and whatever else is in the box with them. Old Christmas light plastic from the 90s is what they smell like.

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