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thanks 4 the callout for fixing my life Anonymous 134107

>gets callout from libs & leaves social media for 2 weeks
>returns again because social media addiction, this time on the opposite side, radfem circles
>(almost) everyones and edgelord, leaves again
>this time, leaves ALL social medias, forever.
>without internet/micro interactions, starts being more aware of the real world & the future
>thanks to not seeing ppl arguing, feeling pressured to pick sides or what ppl think of my actions, my mind starts to feel clearer
>out of boredom, starts learning new skills (coding & sewing)
>lonely at first, but looking at what i managed to learn and create with my own hands made me feel more accomplished than all the likes i have received in all these years
>without tweets/posts to reply to, starts hanging around again w the few irl friends
>slowly starts feeling better about life and myself

i dislike the intertet, specially how it turned in the past few years, with the extreme black/white mentality and hive mind, but i was just too addicted. i knew it mostly brought me negative feelings even by following art/aes accs, the discourse and arguing was everywhere. i think that dumb 200-notes callout made me take a step back and realize all that, i gained nothing from the internet and experiences both sides made it even more clear.
i feel kind of dumb that it took this long, but im glad i decided to cut everything and focus on my irl life, my actual life. it has been just a month, i'm only doing baby steps and yet, i have never felt better. at this point i think if this continues i will end up finally joining a gym to get ripped lol

i do miss a few ppl from my radfem circle, but im too shy to ask for their discords, specially now that i left twice (and i suck at convos anyways..). i just hope that they know i think abt them lots and i wish nothing but the best for them. also the ones w fujo on their names were the only normal ppl istg

Anonymous 134396

happy for you, anon

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