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Anonymous 13422

Write a story, one sentence (post) at a time.

Anonymous 13423

There once was a…

Anonymous 13424

sly woman with a quick wit and a passion for

Anonymous 13428

the murDERing of

Anonymous 13429

Jews, who she thought were

Anonymous 13434


Anonymous 13436

Hitler's farts

Anonymous 13466

so she went to

Anonymous 13470

Eichmann, in Jerusalem

Anonymous 13471

To find some

Anonymous 13473

…people who knew that one word =/= one sentence.

Anonymous 13474

"To be honest, you must have a very high IQ to tell apart a word from a sentence"-she told to herself-and what better place to find such people than Israel?

Anonymous 13476

She grabbed her pistol and her

Anonymous 13481

explosive vest, with which she inteded to

Anonymous 13482

use to remove khazar

Anonymous 13483

But little did she know something terrible was about to happen to her, a…

Anonymous 13484

big ass nigga riding on a scooter wheels out from the Zion Gate and smacks the pistol out of her hand.

Anonymous 13485

Our heroine was shocked. She never thought she'd see a huge nigga in Israel. Suddenly she remembered she had something hidden between her tits… It was a

Anonymous 13486

feminine penis

Anonymous 13487

that she had cut off and cooked like a Viennese sausage for sustenance.

Anonymous 13493

she wielded it menacingly at the man, "Let's settle this"

Anonymous 13500

In turn, the man has ejected his own sword from the scabbard, not before masturbating at the rare sight of our Aphrodite, in order to increase his power level. Now his weapon was thicker and harder and the woman looked dooomed.

Anonymous 13502

"That's a sight for sore eyes",she said.

Anonymous 13504

Little did this nigga know, the sly woman's sensitive peen could still grow despite being cooked and she flicked it, elongating it by 5 feet.

Anonymous 13513

The feeling of fright in the nigger's heart was growing proportionally with the length of the pener.

Anonymous 13522

With a shriek, she awoke.

Anonymous 13581


Mia Wallace woke up to four pairs of anxious eyes and a huge needle in her chest, wondering just what the fuck had happened.

Anonymous 13592

then the scene changes to a guy, running down a hill to his

Anonymous 13593

erect lover, her name was Trish

Anonymous 13613

her hair silky, rosy-pink, eyes ocean-blue, the gaze of them weighing tons on our hero. His name was Joe.

Anonymous 13615

Hi Joe!

Anonymous 13619

"Fuck off, Joe." Joe was a dick.

Anonymous 13798

She then proceeds to punch Joe in both of his eyes, blackening them and having them swell up not long after.

Anonymous 13809

Joe then gets up and decides he's had enough of this shit.

Anonymous 13815

"How long you gonna stay here Joe? This town don't look good in snow."

Anonymous 13819

"I will stay until I'm done with you bitch"

Suddenly, Joe raised his…

Anonymous 13825


… middlefinger, thinking that was such a burn. "I am such hot shit", he thought to himself.

Anonymous 13840

A smug, shit-eating grin remained on his face as he walked away to

Anonymous 13844

deposit his casino winnings, just then…

Anonymous 13966

he saw a lesbian orgy.

Anonymous 14334

Wanting to get in on the action and being upset after finding out this orgy was lesbian only, he pulled out his

Anonymous 14335

neti pot, sat on a chair and readied himself to

Anonymous 14387


snort some cocaine infused water prescribed by his favourite doctor, Doctor Robert.

Anonymous 14627

How protagonist awakes again to find that she is still in the dusty streets of Eichmann. having been knocked to the ground by the negro's giant shlong

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