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bf asked me if I would be interested in cucking him Anonymous 134364

Not a shitpost, I've known that he watches weird porn for a while and last night he finally broke and brought it up. We were getting hot and heavy and all of a sudden he says he has something to ask me about, I ask what it is and he asks if I would ever consider letting one of his friends come over for a threesome. This then turned into a larger discussion and he admitted he just wanted to watch another guy fuck me. We had a bit of a back and forth and he said that if I do go through with it even if it doesn't end up living up to his imagination he wouldn't judge me for it and we can go back to normal but that if we both like it we could make it a regular thing. I voiced my concerns that it's not so easy to go back to normal after something like that and he just brushed it off as something we could just pretend never happened. On the one hand I want to try whatever he likes and make him happy and being able to hookup with whoever I want on a regular basis does sound like a good deal. On the other hand I'm not naïve enough enough to think this wouldn't completely change our relationship completely and potentially alienate him if it doesn't go how he thinks it will. From an outside perspective is this something worth pursuing or should I shut him down now?

Anonymous 134373

Open relationships don't end well, it isn't something you can brush off and eventually he'll realize having your GF fuck other guys isn't a hot porno, its plain depressing and lonely. Eventually he'll turn into a jealous and needy monster and your relationship will fall apart.

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 134374

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