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Anonymous 134454

Baby poop smells so bad how do I get accustomed to it? I don't want to puke literally everytime I have to change a diaper. It's been almost a month now, i should be able to be accustomed to it already people say but it isn't working!! How long do I have to wait until my poop smell receptors die out?

Anonymous 134459

Don't have a baby, next.

Anonymous 134463

Idk op your life sounds ruined now. I pray for you in a vague agnostic way I guess? Babies suck, reproduction is disgusting nowadays. Good luck affording college and a mortgage and having NO retirement savings. You have bigger problems than baby poo

Anonymous 134464

I am the same but I think people shouldn’t make you doubt on your life choice by making you insecure. Dont worry it’s only been 1month you have time to get accustomed ! I cheer you up

Anonymous 134465

you're just gonna have to live with it i guess, whether you get used to it or not. either that or try to get someone else to change the diapers. you might get used to it in a few more months though.

Anonymous 134467

It's not my baby tho

Anonymous 134469

dunno if it works for baby poop since i dont have a baby, but i got a vry sensible sense of smell n what i do is to wear a mask n put a layer of scented napkin inside it.
i do it for taking out trash n when cooking certain foods

Anonymous 134470

Oh thank you for the advice, will definitely try that! I'm very sensitive to smells too and i have a very sensitive gag reflex so I'm always scared I'll eventually vomit on the kid

Anonymous 134471

I also think it's a combination of both smells and visuals that make me feel so sick. Baby changing diapers is like a psychological battlefield

Anonymous 134472

The first poops are notoriously foul. It'll get better.

Anonymous 134480

There are better places to ask this question than an imageboard

Anonymous 134482

not op, but people ask all sorts of questions here, i dont see why she couldn't ask this? after all its just a kind of silly question (not anything serious like life advice)

Anonymous 134484

wear a mask, chew a very fragrant gum.

Anonymous 134485

Hmm maybe youre right

Anonymous 134543


Anonymous 134545

Imagine being this bitter

Anonymous 134547

That would just make it worse.

Anonymous 134552

Put Vaseline under your nose

Anonymous 134554

A dab of vicks vaporub under the nose. You don't really get used to it, you just get faster and they get less stinky.

Anonymous 134558

Yeah. The faster you take care of the poops the better it will be. The long you take care of them, the more disgusted you get and the longer it takes.

Anonymous 134576

Sing whilst you change the nappy or recite something

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