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Dead internet theory Anonymous 134668

>This theory states that the Internet as we know it actually died sometime between 2016 and 2017, most of the internet is algorithms, bots and AI generating content, replies and giving each other traffic, with very few real users in between.

Anyone heard about this before? While I don't believe it's this bad it certainly feels like it could be true. The internet these days feels stale, lifeless, sterile.

Anonymous 134678

I don't think everyone is fake and a bot, I think it's that the internet has been completely sterilized for mass consumerism and marketing. There are four websites and we all visit them in loops.

Anonymous 134680

For me the internet I knew died around 2010 thanks to normie masses.

Anonymous 134685

How can there be few real users when the masses are online 24/7? Agree with >>134680 tho. It was good knowing the internet pre 2010

Anonymous 134688

not the full internet, but outside social media…. yeah, in a 50/50 way.
i mean, now every time i try to google anything 90% of the pages are ai-generated content, paid advertising or sites designated to be on top results no matter what you search.
honestly killing stuff like forums and the small web was what killed the interned imo, social media is pretty much an advertising n spyware disguised as communication platforms at this point, i dont know how ppl manage to use them on app, without an ad-clock… (and even blocking the ads, all influencers or whatever do is to advertise to you in a direct or indirect way)
so yeah, are there tons of real people out there? yes
do real people still outnumber bots & similar? also yes
but as >>134678 said, everything is marketing now, i dont think it will hit social media as hard, but if google is mostly ai stuff now, i think everything will keep going downhill

Anonymous 134694


It feels like the distance between people and online communities grew so far that they cannot see each other anymore. Places like this feel like islands of life separated by vast reaches of dead sterile desert, like those hydrothermal vent habitats on the sea floor.

Anonymous 134701

there already is a thread for this on /x/ >>>/x/3648 (i hope it will work i always forget how to crossboard reply)

Anonymous 134711

There's no way. It died sometime in 2007. And if you can't remember the internet from 1998-2003… God that's depressing. Tbf that internet died in like 2005. Wild west internet was the best internet.

Anonymous 134729

>the Internet as we know it actually died sometime between 2016 and 2017
I don't think it died, I think there just was never that much of it to begin with. I remember trying to google outfits from well known movies back in 2004 and getting zero hits. Things are better now thanks to social media but outside of that a lot of it is auto generated stuff.

Anonymous 134730

Forgot to add, even now the internet is a lot smaller than people think. If you look at it as a whole, it is huge but if you pick a specific interest, it becomes a lot smaller. It's not hard to dox someone from very little information because of this.

Anonymous 134761

Not if you don't use social media

Anonymous 134825

The theory is right in regards to how there are a lot of bots because companies and influencers benefit from fake reviews, comments, and likes. I don't want to blame the sterilization of the internet on just marketing and commercialization because then that completely ignores how internet culture changes because of respectability politics. Reddit used to be quite offensive, people casually used slurs, and were very aggressive about topics related to social justice but then overtime redditors started peppering the same lingo used on tumblr. I think during 2016 and 2017 tumblr's culture spread to different websites and Trump's definitely accelerated it.
The theory also neglects that more and more people around the world are using the internet whether because of improved internet access hence why "oh no there are so many normies now!" is such a common statement I feel like it's very narcissistic and self-centered.

Anonymous 137502

>most of the internet is algorithms, bots and AI generating content, replies and giving each other traffic, with very few real users in between.
This is a bit of an open secret. People who works on large websites(Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, etc.) are keenly aware of this. That YouTube vid links to a guy who goes into it specifically for a few different sites. Also check out Renee Diresta who also talks about this a lot.

Anonymous 137545

interesting stuff, thanks

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