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Women, random Anonymous 135085

In this thread, we discuss about women. Random stuff.

To start with, Odetta's rendition of All The Pretty Little Horses is so pretty. Her guitar playing is nice, and so is her contralto voice.

Anonymous 135133

supposedly according to rateyourmusic Running Up That Hill is the sixth best single of all time. It's pretty good but I disagree with none of Whitney Houston's singles being in the top 100

Anonymous 135139

>All The Pretty Little Horses
That's a funny name for a song, I'll check it later.

Anonymous 135165

She has a lovely voice. I'm glad I got to hear that.

Anonymous 140935


This article about Dr Madhumala Chattopadhyay is interesting. There are these isolated tribes near India who prefer to remain uncontacted, and Chattopadhyay is a researcher who managed to make contact with the Sentinelese and Jarawas. When they saw that there was a woman among the researchers, the tribes-people eased their hostilities.

Anonymous 140965

I mean, really obvious one but Nina Simone. Unleash The Archers if you like power metal

Anonymous 141144

i want yoko ono's confidence

Anonymous 141179

read hurricane season by fernanda melchor

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