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Roe Vs Wade Anonymous 135328

Roe Vs Wade was never a law, it was an interpretation of a clause in the constitution that got 50 years of infrastructure built around it. I find this to be incredibly stupid. Abortion is too important an issue to have relied solely on an interpretation by the court system. "Seperate but equal" was also an interpretation of constitutional law and I don't believe anyone here would agree that was a good basis for rule of the land. If anyone actually gave a damn about it, it should have been explicitly codified into a federal law. It should have been codified into federal law 40 years ago explicitly.

Anonymous 135330

I will say that personally, I don't understand why abortion should be a legal constitutional right on the federal level. I do believe it should be legally protected for a women to travel out of state in order to receive an abortion, however, because that qualifies as interstate law and thus falls under the purview of the US government.

Anonymous 135334

I don't think anyone cares, I post regardless because I'm lonely and this is what imageboards are for. Do you only post thoughts you think other people care about?

Anonymous 135335

I always thought the original opinion was kinda an ass pull.. Actual legislation should have gone into place to protect abortion but congress was and is full of cowards chasing voters and doing nothing else.

Anonymous 135336

SCOTUS is fake and gay just like the rest of the government, especially nowadays since everyone realises it's purely partisan and not based on impartial interpretations of the law

Ignore antisocial posts that don't add anything to the convo, you know the old saying about feeding trolls

Anonymous 135340

dems could've during the obama era super majority. but they didn't want to lose the fundraising stream

Anonymous 135341

The only correct answer, it remains as a wedge issue that will continue in to perpetuity

Anonymous 135343

courts always push what the legislators can't. abortion, gay marriage. I think the only exception is civil rights which did only occurred after court rulings like brown v board of ed.

funny story, california passed a referendum banning gay marriage back in 2008. the state population voted to ban it. well, that's a no no votes like that are surely "dangerous to democracy", so the judges stepped in and killed it.

Anonymous 135376

I don't something that affects your every day life is fake. I think that's the opposite of fake.

Anonymous 135392

Yeah, I called my senator and told him to vote against this and fix this and he whined in his little bitch voice that it wasn't his fault, it was those nasty republicans who had stopped him from getting anything done and if I only voted him into office again this September while also donating to his campaign, he would be able to stop them from taking away our basic rights. Fuck you Al Lawson, you black piece of shit, I'll laugh last when no one saves you when the republicans come for your civil rights just like they came for ours.

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