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Weight loss Anonymous 136403

I'm only allowing myself to eat a maximum of 400 calories a day and doing brisk walks for one hour (I'm trying to increase the time gradually.) My weight is 49kg and I'm 5'0, which means a little bit fatty. How much weight will I lose in four months? I don't look pretty enough, so I'm going to try and lose weight instead.

Anonymous 136404

This isn't the way sister…

Anonymous 136405

My metabolism is naturally slow. I eat a lot of fiber everyday (the few times I eat, I usually load them with fiber). I get the daily intake, but I don't even lose a lot of weight. I exercised for around 300 minutes per week during those times, but it was very stagnant. I guess cutting off food is the only way. I don't even eat the really high fatty fast foods, my diet was healthy and sugary/salty foods were consumed in moderation. I really want to look pretty without a dress sticking to my stomach.

Anonymous 136406

Lift weights

Anonymous 136408

>400 calories/day for 4 months
Yeah good luck with that lol

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 136409

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