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crystal dream diary. Anonymous 13649

whenever you remember a dream, log it here.

picture used is tako otoko from yume 2kki.

Anonymous 13730

just had (or remembered) my first nightmare since a few months ago. something about dousing sheep, though they were christened something else in the dream, with blood. the sheep were trapped in a circular pen and the blood was being messily spouted over them by this huge rusty tube.

Anonymous 13781

I had a real scary dream the other night. I lost all my loved ones because someone wanted to destroy any type of happiness I had.

Anonymous 13783


>tfw had the chainsaw murderer dream again

Anonymous 13788


>dreamed that I was Bayonetta and was jumping from rooftop to rooftop while carrying Luka in my arms, bridal style
>one of my weirdest dreams was when I was dreaming I was in a lecture at college, the lecturer was Trump and he started yelling at me because I was eating extraterrestrial bright green cookies in the middle of the lecture, saying it was illegal and I was helping aliens taking over Earth. We ended up beating each other because I thought he wanted to confiscate my cookies and secretly eat them.
>scariest one was when something was tearing my body apart from the inside and I was dying and being revived and dying again, etc. It was really gory and my whole body hurt when I woke up.
>another weird one was when I was playing FE Awakening non-stop, so much that I was dreaming I was walking just like the characters, on a grid. Kind of like the Tetris effect. Shit was weird.
What does that mean.

Anonymous 13791

Had a dream I was sleeping with some girl but I just couldn't eat her out. I touched her clit but eating her out was… unappealing. Sorry, dream girl.

It's interesting I had this dream because I was questioning my sexuality for a while and then my subconscious decided to show me I may not actually be bisexual.

Anonymous 13797


>tfw had the school shooting dream again
>tfw was the shooter
>tfw first time in a long time i actually felt alive

Anonymous 13811

i had a dream last night that i inherited a green hat from my grandparents.

Anonymous 13812


Had a dream last night that my abusive grandfather came to kill me while i was at my home, i hid in my bathroom and moved slowly through my house and rooms until i reached a phone.
I called the police while hiding from him and they were incompetent to the point of bullshit, as in, laughing at me for being scared of someone wanting to kill me and telling me to get over it.
Then, i decided to call the GP so maybe she could help me (?) and she told me to go to her clinic, going there i ended up in my towns plaza where there was the queen of my country just walking casually and a bunch of people on some kind of attraction, i distinctly remember it had something to do with a park. To go to my GP i had to go through a big door that was guarded by 2 guards in each side that did not let me pass "for the moment".
Suddenly people started deteriorating, having their skin melt off while screaming like sirens and turning into awful monsters and zombies, grabbed a lose stick and started beating the shit out of them while running away.

Don't remember much else but wew what a fuckin trip.

Anonymous 13824

I remember I had a dream once where I was in a terrorist attack. I have never experienced anything like that but just remembering how it felt in that dream to be running as much as you can and surrounded completely by gunfire and peoples scream.. it was terrifying. It was the most horrible feeling I have ever felt within a dream. I was running with my friend, pushing her along with me, as she had been shot in the leg. It felt so real and when I woke up my heart was being incredibly fast. I hope something like that never happens to me, or anyone else I know.

Anonymous 13839


Lmao something similar happened to me once in a dream. I was under a girl eating her out and then I suddenly felt really grossed out mostly because of her asshole being so close to where I was. Not sure if this would correlate into rl though because when I get in the mood, I get dirty. Domming a girl without licking her in another dream was nice though.

>Dreamt you were Bayonetta
What a blessing.

Anonymous 13860

I have had a bunch of dreams where I'm forced to have sex with my dad, either by him or by other people (mostly family)

Whenever I have one of those I'm uncomfortable for the entire day.

Anonymous 13861

me too, but with my brother and eldest sister.

he sexually abused me for years, so it's logical. it fucks me up hard, though. my elder sister, i have no idea why - when i was little i worshiped her but as i aged i realized what a cunt she is.

Anonymous 13873


I'm sorry you went through this anon, sounds horrible :(

Anonymous 13879

Does anyone else wake up within serveal dreams and when you finally wake up you don’t know if you’re dreaming or not since I just experienced this.

Anonymous 13899


Last night I dreamt (the first time in a long while) that I was on a camp with…other fellows and right in that place I was going through a cold, vividly lit avenue such as those from Vegas and reached our residence in the forest after marching the whole rainy night. There was a party over there and we missed it. Appearantly everybody was tidying the place, packing up and trying to delete every trace. I remember some wallpapers too. When I got there I saw my ex-friend and greeted her. She wasn't helping, only there to chill and to banter. We talked for 5 minutes or so, until a group of her friends came and she left me behind. I tried to get in and ask something, but she replied "Can't you even realize that you're fucking NULL?", to which one of her friends added "Yeah, is your name X or anything?". I was expecting that. I just went back into my room and cried. There was a camp competition (not gonna tell what it was) I got placed before them. Just when I had to leave and get away from the camp, she came back at me and said "hey, aren't you gonna tell us goodbye?", not even with malice, mockery, or because I won that shit, but as if it was expected of me to do it. I mumbled a "y-you too" and left as fast as I could.

It's quite likely that it wasn't even a dream and I was just half-awake (couldn't sleep too well last night), and thinking about what happened 4 years ago as well as (exactly) one year ago. Even though I gave up long ago on my desires of ever belonging to a community, I still want that feeling of love and acceptance. I fucking hate you, normies, tell me why am I never good enough for you? Honestly I don't even want to be a part of that "something" anymore, I only wish that one day you'll come by my side, remorsefully apologize, and swear that you will never hurt me again.

Anonymous 13900

Yes, especially when they're mundane dreams that closely mimic when Im awake

Anonymous 13901


I had a wonderful dream that I had shiba inu… sigh wish if it's real

Anonymous 13903

cute dream! I wish it was mine

Anonymous 13906


i once dreamt that i flew to mercury on a pegasus with sonic the hedgehog and as soon as my foot touched mercury's surface it broke into a million pieces and made the weird ring-sound sonic makes when he gets hurt in the game

yea . … safe to say i was playing lots of sanic the night before. it was fucking weird

Anonymous 13987

a god was toying with me and a few other people. the universe created to play its games was a series of themed rooms, all stapled together. they were in the guise of a gym.

for a day, it took on the form of a man and killed us over and over again, chasing us through the universe. when we died, we got sent to the 'reset place', where we had to get past a much weaker version of it and place four golden hearts from the wall into a box meant for us.

Anonymous 14000

I had a dream I was cleaning the floor of the job I got fired from recently saying I didn't want money just enjoyed helping and hoped I was appreciated. maybe I'll be a janitor one day

Anonymous 14287

I dreamed that I answered a post from crystal.cafe
not worth bumping for this little

Anonymous 14346

I was laying in a field, the sun was setting eternally. Some person next to me was whispering, but my brain registered their words as unimportant.

Anonymous 14385

My dreams lately have been fairly sweet, despite me being completely stressed out and depressed.

A few nights ago I had a dream where me and this guy I used to like hung out late at night together and went to McDonalds. Everything was really cute and we had a pretty wholesome time together i havent seen him in 6months cries
Afterwards we ended up running into my sister and this guy who used to like me but nothing was awkward, I felt really happy the whole time.

My other dream I had recently was of me just playing a game of soccer. I don't have the time or skill I used to have when I would actively play so being able to even feel as if I was playing a little bit like how I used to felt really good and fun.

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