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crystal dream diary. Anonymous 13649

whenever you remember a dream, log it here.

picture used is tako otoko from yume 2kki.

Anonymous 13730

just had (or remembered) my first nightmare since a few months ago. something about dousing sheep, though they were christened something else in the dream, with blood. the sheep were trapped in a circular pen and the blood was being messily spouted over them by this huge rusty tube.

Anonymous 13781

I had a real scary dream the other night. I lost all my loved ones because someone wanted to destroy any type of happiness I had.

Anonymous 13783


>tfw had the chainsaw murderer dream again

Anonymous 13788


>dreamed that I was Bayonetta and was jumping from rooftop to rooftop while carrying Luka in my arms, bridal style
>one of my weirdest dreams was when I was dreaming I was in a lecture at college, the lecturer was Trump and he started yelling at me because I was eating extraterrestrial bright green cookies in the middle of the lecture, saying it was illegal and I was helping aliens taking over Earth. We ended up beating each other because I thought he wanted to confiscate my cookies and secretly eat them.
>scariest one was when something was tearing my body apart from the inside and I was dying and being revived and dying again, etc. It was really gory and my whole body hurt when I woke up.
>another weird one was when I was playing FE Awakening non-stop, so much that I was dreaming I was walking just like the characters, on a grid. Kind of like the Tetris effect. Shit was weird.
What does that mean.

Anonymous 13791

Had a dream I was sleeping with some girl but I just couldn't eat her out. I touched her clit but eating her out was… unappealing. Sorry, dream girl.

It's interesting I had this dream because I was questioning my sexuality for a while and then my subconscious decided to show me I may not actually be bisexual.

Anonymous 13797


>tfw had the school shooting dream again
>tfw was the shooter
>tfw first time in a long time i actually felt alive

Anonymous 13811

i had a dream last night that i inherited a green hat from my grandparents.

Anonymous 13812


Had a dream last night that my abusive grandfather came to kill me while i was at my home, i hid in my bathroom and moved slowly through my house and rooms until i reached a phone.
I called the police while hiding from him and they were incompetent to the point of bullshit, as in, laughing at me for being scared of someone wanting to kill me and telling me to get over it.
Then, i decided to call the GP so maybe she could help me (?) and she told me to go to her clinic, going there i ended up in my towns plaza where there was the queen of my country just walking casually and a bunch of people on some kind of attraction, i distinctly remember it had something to do with a park. To go to my GP i had to go through a big door that was guarded by 2 guards in each side that did not let me pass "for the moment".
Suddenly people started deteriorating, having their skin melt off while screaming like sirens and turning into awful monsters and zombies, grabbed a lose stick and started beating the shit out of them while running away.

Don't remember much else but wew what a fuckin trip.

Anonymous 13824

I remember I had a dream once where I was in a terrorist attack. I have never experienced anything like that but just remembering how it felt in that dream to be running as much as you can and surrounded completely by gunfire and peoples scream.. it was terrifying. It was the most horrible feeling I have ever felt within a dream. I was running with my friend, pushing her along with me, as she had been shot in the leg. It felt so real and when I woke up my heart was being incredibly fast. I hope something like that never happens to me, or anyone else I know.

Anonymous 13839


Lmao something similar happened to me once in a dream. I was under a girl eating her out and then I suddenly felt really grossed out mostly because of her asshole being so close to where I was. Not sure if this would correlate into rl though because when I get in the mood, I get dirty. Domming a girl without licking her in another dream was nice though.

>Dreamt you were Bayonetta
What a blessing.

Anonymous 13860

I have had a bunch of dreams where I'm forced to have sex with my dad, either by him or by other people (mostly family)

Whenever I have one of those I'm uncomfortable for the entire day.

Anonymous 13861

me too, but with my brother and eldest sister.

he sexually abused me for years, so it's logical. it fucks me up hard, though. my elder sister, i have no idea why - when i was little i worshiped her but as i aged i realized what a cunt she is.

Anonymous 13873


I'm sorry you went through this anon, sounds horrible :(

Anonymous 13879

Does anyone else wake up within serveal dreams and when you finally wake up you don’t know if you’re dreaming or not since I just experienced this.

Anonymous 13899


Last night I dreamt (the first time in a long while) that I was on a camp with…other fellows and right in that place I was going through a cold, vividly lit avenue such as those from Vegas and reached our residence in the forest after marching the whole rainy night. There was a party over there and we missed it. Appearantly everybody was tidying the place, packing up and trying to delete every trace. I remember some wallpapers too. When I got there I saw my ex-friend and greeted her. She wasn't helping, only there to chill and to banter. We talked for 5 minutes or so, until a group of her friends came and she left me behind. I tried to get in and ask something, but she replied "Can't you even realize that you're fucking NULL?", to which one of her friends added "Yeah, is your name X or anything?". I was expecting that. I just went back into my room and cried. There was a camp competition (not gonna tell what it was) I got placed before them. Just when I had to leave and get away from the camp, she came back at me and said "hey, aren't you gonna tell us goodbye?", not even with malice, mockery, or because I won that shit, but as if it was expected of me to do it. I mumbled a "y-you too" and left as fast as I could.

It's quite likely that it wasn't even a dream and I was just half-awake (couldn't sleep too well last night), and thinking about what happened 4 years ago as well as (exactly) one year ago. Even though I gave up long ago on my desires of ever belonging to a community, I still want that feeling of love and acceptance. I fucking hate you, normies, tell me why am I never good enough for you? Honestly I don't even want to be a part of that "something" anymore, I only wish that one day you'll come by my side, remorsefully apologize, and swear that you will never hurt me again.

Anonymous 13900

Yes, especially when they're mundane dreams that closely mimic when Im awake

Anonymous 13901


I had a wonderful dream that I had shiba inu… sigh wish if it's real

Anonymous 13903

cute dream! I wish it was mine

Anonymous 13906


i once dreamt that i flew to mercury on a pegasus with sonic the hedgehog and as soon as my foot touched mercury's surface it broke into a million pieces and made the weird ring-sound sonic makes when he gets hurt in the game

yea . … safe to say i was playing lots of sanic the night before. it was fucking weird

Anonymous 13987

a god was toying with me and a few other people. the universe created to play its games was a series of themed rooms, all stapled together. they were in the guise of a gym.

for a day, it took on the form of a man and killed us over and over again, chasing us through the universe. when we died, we got sent to the 'reset place', where we had to get past a much weaker version of it and place four golden hearts from the wall into a box meant for us.

Anonymous 14000

I had a dream I was cleaning the floor of the job I got fired from recently saying I didn't want money just enjoyed helping and hoped I was appreciated. maybe I'll be a janitor one day

Anonymous 14287

I dreamed that I answered a post from crystal.cafe
not worth bumping for this little

Anonymous 14346

I was laying in a field, the sun was setting eternally. Some person next to me was whispering, but my brain registered their words as unimportant.

Anonymous 14385

My dreams lately have been fairly sweet, despite me being completely stressed out and depressed.

A few nights ago I had a dream where me and this guy I used to like hung out late at night together and went to McDonalds. Everything was really cute and we had a pretty wholesome time together i havent seen him in 6months cries
Afterwards we ended up running into my sister and this guy who used to like me but nothing was awkward, I felt really happy the whole time.

My other dream I had recently was of me just playing a game of soccer. I don't have the time or skill I used to have when I would actively play so being able to even feel as if I was playing a little bit like how I used to felt really good and fun.

Anonymous 14421


I vaguely remember a dream I had, I owned an alpaca farm in some Latin American country. I remember the people hated us because we were not native, but we had some cute alpacas.

Anonymous 14426

Dreamed of my ex, yet again. This is like the 3rd time this week even though I haven't thought about him at all (except for the dreams of course). I heard once that that means that the person you're dreaming of is thinking about you? Meh. Even though he was my first love we broke up yeaaaaaars ago so I hate dreaming about him.

Anonymous 14437


>be dream me in a big city

>dressed in some iteration of a ghostbusters costume
>trying to warn two asian chicks called Fan and Tan,
to be careful of a new type of deadly mosquito
>the cling to me for protection from the mosquites and i feel special
>we enter a building
>the whole building is one giant public toilet room
>each cubicle has a different label/title on the door such as 'Colonel' 'Princess' 'demi Princess'
>and finally, 'Top Leader'
>this one cubicle seems to tower above the rest for some reason
>really need to go to the bathroom, and they're all full but some one just evacuated the Top Leader shitter
>people cheer as she leaves
>quietly enter the cubicle
>its a huge room with a single toilet in the corner and a window right next to it
>i sit upon my throne
>a mosquito slinks through a crack in the window and fucking dive bombs my arm
>for some reason i cannot lift myself off the toilet
>i am paralyzed
> notice a digital timer in the corner
>they time how long you last in the toilet
>excruciating pain and body horror nightmare ensues including mosquitos going in my mouth and into my skin
>blood everywhere, skin is sloughing off
>what seems like hours later it stops and i can move
>leave the bathroom stall
>everyone is screaming wildly crying to hold on to me, throwing flowers
>i've done it
>i am the Top Leader

Anonymous 14445

i wish i'd posted here or written it down when i first woke up because it's pretty much slipped my mind, but essentially

i was some sort of modern day witch in an organization that rode dragons? fuck i honestly can't remember but i felt cool and powerful

in another dream i was a fire elemental stuck in the desert, it was getting late and i was tired. my footsteps caused the sand to go up in purple flames.

Anonymous 14448

The only real dreams I have had in the last couple of years are psychedelic dreams where I hear colors and taste sound ect.

These have been diagnosed as night-terrors but they don't really fit the symptoms.

Anonymous 14536

so i was in some sort of high-school, member of this club whose responsibility was to fight these monster pests that'd pop up every now & then. i get the feeling we were pretty bad at it, but anyway.

the dream started when we were young. i was totally idiotic, this one girl acted like a typical onee-sama,and our first ever battle was in a purple field of flowers, against these dogs with letters for heads. the guy that led us there said the field was a miracle.

fast forward a few years and we've all changed. still extrodanarily shit at our jobs tho. and me & the girl have grown kinda close. i recall telling a member of the club about it after a job, before a fence near the edge of the school. you could see a field and a small stream, beyond that the city. it was like, night. maybe he was going to confess? i got those vibes.

but basically to him, i said something along the lines of, "i don't mean to brag but, i'm closer to her than anyone else…we were made first…we rubbed off on eachother…" stuff like that.

it may be interesting to note that this world started off as an h-game i tried to port on my phone, and wanted to stop playing since it lagged like hell.

Anonymous 14539

I dreamt that I got a trimmed crafting cape in Runescape. I hate crafting.

Anonymous 14544

>watching a mockumentary movie called 'it gets worse'
>movie takes place on a space station in flashbacks
>it's about a female astronaut who gets pregnant with her second child
>while she's pregnant, her first child goes missing.
>they find the green dress and shoes she was wearing that day under a dumpster near their house.
>miscarries from stress, goes to space to cope
>movie shows the astronaut lady at the premiere of the documentary in some kind of state of shock
>we don't finish the movie but the title makes me think it's going to end with a big reveal of how she or her husband secretly murdered their daughter.
>dream-camera pans out
>be at a beach resort hotel with my sister
>she gets up and goes on a run every morning on the beach, then swims in the ocean
>suggests that i swim with her
>can't even get waist-deep in the water, waves keep knocking me back and down
>she suggests that i'm just not trying hard enough
>fine, we'll bond over movies instead of exercise
>go to a redbox near the hotel
>selection is only movies about animals and a 3D animated feature about an onion assassin that is trying to kill the president of france
>wake up from sheer confusion at that one

spent about thirty minutes last night lying awake trying to figure out how an onion would kill someone and how many puns could you come up with about peeling away his layers and revealing his heart of gold or making people cry.

Anonymous 14545

also another dream i had last night involved an elaborate music video by Queen where all the other members of the band got to eat fancy vegan grilled dinners onstage but freddie mercury was given a bowl of dry cat food because he had to sing with his mouth instead of put things in it.

Anonymous 14546

send me the contact info of your drug dealer, that is wild. love it.

Anonymous 14596


Last night I dreamt I got a huge dildo from the mail and my mom opened the box. Might be because I am always afraid she will go through my stuff and find the one I already own.

Anonymous 14629

last night i had a dream where there was a huge round-a-bout right outside my house and i could see it from my room's window that a guy friend i haven't spoken to in a while was sitting around with a bunch of people. for some reason he dyed his hair black and was wearing punk clothes, which I know is definitely not his style lol. Anyway i went outside to meet him, he disappeared, then suddenly reappeared riding a bicycle so we could have dinner at a shop in the middle of the road. we then proceeded to come back to my room and make out, and I went to turn off the lights and take his shirt off but then he started crying that I didn't ask him if he wanted to so he ran off, and I just sat there confused as hell. I still am lmao

Anonymous 14713


i dreamt that someone shipped a rescued tiger cub to me after i jokingly sent an email to the animal rescuers and it arrived on my bed while i was asleep in a clothing hamper filled with dirty clothes.

Anonymous 14729

protect this beauty, b'aww

Anonymous 15418

I don't usually remember full scenes, only moments that have me waking up ???

>A week ago

Bf and I are at the grocery store and he's being pushy about buying the larger container of cream cheese because it's "more economical!"

>A few days ago

I was taking a shit and couldn't seem to pinch it off, so I was pooping a crazy tube.

Anonymous 15452

some cute cannibal was obsessed me

Anonymous 15488

I had a dream last night that I was playing Fortnite. I've never played Fortnite before. I don't even play video games :/

Anonymous 15491

gf was wearing fuzzy pajamas. comfy cuddle.

Anonymous 15568

Had a dream I was comforting a made-up dream boyfriend who was insecure about being skinny by snuggling him in a gas station.

>tfw no qt lanklet bf to hug irl

>unconscious brain tortures me by having the physical touch imagined almost perfectly in my mind


Anonymous 15802

Working in a carnival for my uncle with this cute Roma guy and his two brothers doing a sideshow act.
Roma boy and I start to get romantic but another girl at the carnival decides I'm her rival and pits her female relatives against me telling them that I'm a filthy whore and all that.
For some reason there was also a lolita/vintage clothing booth at this carnival and I really wanted to buy this embroidered lace collar there, but I spent so long fighting with the gypsy in-laws that by the time i got back to the booth, it was closed.
roma boy and his brothers were super cute tho. RIP dream boyfriend.

Anonymous 15859

June 6th, 2018

The dream starts as another fades: I’m trying to escape out the window of my childhood home- police are there, rounding everyone up. We are all children in diapers. I escape out the window and go into the yard, then the dream shifts.
I found a lunchbox under a tree outside my house. Inside, there was some notes and my old cell phone. I turned it on, not expecting it to work because it had broken a few years ago, but it did, and it was fully charged. I called my two friends over, a boy and a girl, and I we started down the sidewalk, a friend on each side of me. I pulled out the phone and told them that something strange was happening. I turned the phone on to show that it worked, and explained that it shouldn’t work because it had been previously broken. Someone had repaired the broken battery. I took off the battery cover and found a small note hidden inside the phone, along with several others. I showed the notes to my friends as proof that someone was trying to communicate with me.

I then noticed three people walking incredibly close behind us, and my two friends and I changed direction to walk through the park. The park had a lot of people, all walking the same direction as us. The grass was green and every now and then I’d stop to pick up a roll of washi tape, while my friends led farther and farther ahead.
One of the notes from inside the phone said to keep walking forward for 300 meters, so we followed it and end up on a small street. There's was a ton of people around, walking with us, and I was nervous they were overhearing what I was saying to my friends. I didn’t want other people to overhear my clues so we tried to whisper.
The street was covered in matches and bits of fireworks. My friends and I started walking down the street, as did the other people, all the time looking for more instructions and stepping on the matches. While we're going down the street, the matches start to light themselves and everyone started running. I ran off to the side of the street, up onto the driveways, while others aren't so lucky and end up running through the flames. All around me, people scream while they run through the flames.

At the end of the street there's a note saying: "What time is The Lazy Day?" and people everyone looks around for what it means while other are try to take care of their burned feet. There’s less than half of the people remaining. Up ahead I see a black truck with white writing that says The Lazy Day, and it headed over close to us. Two men are in the front and we realize it's a BBQ food truck. I ask what time they're stopping/where and they say they will serve at a market nearby. They gave everyone a free sample of ribs and drove away.

The group of people follow the direction of the truck, heading toward the market, while eating the meat off the rib bones. It' a race, we all know it's a competition although I don't know what for. In order to get to the other side, we have to go through a building and there's brownies in pans everywhere. The building is set up like the kitchen remodel center at a hardware store, with these sample kitchens everywhere.
I found a note on the counter and it says 'dont touch the brownies' and I take my hand back, but they smell so good. The whole room is just full of the smell of chocolate brownies, making my mouth water. Everywhere I look, there’s a pan of brownies. I manage to keep on walking but others don't listen to the note. Those that eat the brownies fall over, dead.
Another note ahead reads "+2 points for every bone you drop on the floor. -10 points per bone on the floor for Christie." and people started throwing their rib bones onto the floor. A girl started running around trying to clean all of them up so she wouldn’t lose the points.

Outside the building was the market. The Lazy Day food truck was set up, and serving food. We all started eating while looking around for what to do next. Then I noticed there's blue paper notes everywhere with AUT written on it. I talk to my teammates trying to figure out what AUT means. At first I think it's something like Australia United Telecom and we ask the meat-sellers what phone providers they have, but its not AUT. Then I realize AUT means 'out' in another language, and I ask the rib sellers how many more portions of meat they have left. They reply that there's 37 more portions left. I think it means we will only get the next clue when the sellers are sold out. Other people that overheard me start buying more and more servings of food. I comment to two boys sitting at a table stacked with food that it reminds me of the scene from Spirited Away when the parents are eating the mounts of food and the two boys pat their stomachs, smiling, enjoying the feast. I’m too busy looking around for clues to eat, there is something weird, and I don’t know why it’s taken so long for the next one. I doubt I’m right about aut meaning out.

My boy teammate pulls me off to the side, he's impatient that we haven't found a clue yet and he starts pressuring me to do better. I start looking around the market for more notes from whoever is leading this weird scavenger hunt. I have this weird feeling that whoever it is, they’re on my side. They want ME to do well, it’s this feeling like they’re looking out for me.

Eventually I turn around and the AUT notes have been replaced with different signs. How could they have swapped them without me noticing? Or anyone noticing? Everyone was too busy eating to notice and I was looking somewhere else when the signs changed.

The signs are above a market stall that’s selling Japanese food and as I read across the signs, someone starts counting from 1-10 in french, screaming it. I get to the last sign and it says "Count to 10 in french as loud as you can, cover your ears and shout if you need to." A television comes on and its a woman counting in french and the entire room starts screaming along. The next line on the paper is written in Chinese and we sing along as well as we can to this Chinese song. The last line says to ask the Japanese man for a job. We all turn to the Japanese food vendor at once and scream “can I have a job?"
The man smiles and laughs and points and I thin he’s pointing at me, but he’s actually pointing at a Chinese boy wearing some kind of traditional dress. The Japanese man tells the boy that he's hired.

Everyone is looking around for what to do next, but many assume that the Chinese boy just won because he got chosen for the job. But won what? People died, is that really the end? I walk up and down the nearby fence, staring at all the posters people have put up. The posters advertise bands, events, all kinds of things. Scribbled on the edges of posters are some notes that I can barely read.

Someone comes up to me and says "looking for the local news?" and I reply that I'm looking for more clues, it can't be over yet. The boy leads me over to a small room, and my friend/teammate is sitting at a table, arms folded.
"What's going on?" I said, looking around.
"It's over, it didn't work,"he said.
"What didn't work?"
"I hoped that the puzzles would engage your thinking a bit, but it didn't work."
"What are you talking about?"
"The critical thinking during the puzzles, looking for clues, the danger of death. I thought it would engage your mind enough to wake you up, but it's over, it didn't work," he said, frowning. Two other people enter the room and stand behind me.
"You're asleep, you've been in a coma for a long time and I thought this might reach you, but it didn't. You didn't win."
I'm extremely confused and starting to get upset. The two people on either side grab my arms, and start pulling me backwards. My teammate in front of me just starts shouting WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP over and over, eyes wide and empty, in a voice that sounds too loud to be human, while the two others drag me backward through the door.

Then I woke up.

Anonymous 15863


My last dream: I watched the behind the scenes of a rat (that looked like a person) who was a specialist in fabric and things like that travel the world. Yeah. He had a small TV crew with him at all times and he even talked to other rats who had lost their family members to humans kek.

That night was really odd. It's like I had several long dreams, like, really long. I even wake up to pee but I went back to dreaming as soon as I got in bed.

Anonymous 15909

i was supposed to take care of a husky pupper that was sick in a ski resort and a bunch of people who used the ski resort died because of how treacherous the routes were. there was this boxer puppy that kept on trying to kill the the husky.

Anonymous 16517

The first part of the dream was nice.
I has just moved into a new apartment and I invited this guy who I used to date a few years ago over to see it. The apartment I was renting was part of a duplex, and my ex lived in the other half, but we had a shared attic space. When we went exploring in the attic, we started finding these odd little constructions of paper houses clumped in odd spots–like in a loft area, a window niche, and on the roof, and a bunch of old kid's toys and books which had been made/left there apparently by the last child who'd been in this apartment complex. It was sort of enchanting to explore that space and try to imagine what sort of personality he had and what games he'd played up there, while also wondering why he hadn't taken any of his toys or paper houses with him when he left.

The second part of the dream, I was shopping with my sister, and we were walking along the sidewalk of a strip mall when this car with three dudes in it slowed down along the street across from the parking lot and started shooting in a seemingly random pattern at civilians. I dropped to the ground and hid behind a vendor's display but my sister started running. after they passed, i went to look for her and found her in a stairwell leading up to housing above the stores. I didn't notice at first, but then a little girl and her friend ran into the stairwell after us. The little girl was asking for us to help her friend because she'd been shot and her leg was bleeding, but my sister (who's a doctor IRL) said she couldn't help because she'd been shot, too, and then she opened her hand and three of her fingers were missing.
We made a bandage from clothing and put it around the little girl's leg and my sister's hand, and by that time one of the ladies who lived in the housing above the store had come down and offered to give us a place to hide. After we entered her apartment, though, we looked out the window and realized that the drive-by shooters had come back, and they were circling the parking lot waiting for people to come out. They were looking for someone specific and they were yelling that they wouldn't leave until they found (and presumably killed) whoever it was. So we decided to make a run for it and try to get to a car in the parking lot so we could leave. That's where the dream tapered off. I think some more people got shot while we were trying to get to a van. When a dream ends during an exciting part like that, I always assume I died in the dream.

Anonymous 16519

Dream analysis is my jam too bad you can't do it over an imageboard

Anonymous 16521

same! i always wake up like 'what the fuck is my brain trying to tell me'
i think you could probably do it over an imageboard but the people sharing the dreams would have to feel comfortable sharing some details of their personal lives.
like i'm >>16517 and i think the first half of my dream is about wanting to move out (i'm living with my sister right now) and get some personal space and rediscover some of my creative passions that i had when i was a kid, because right now i'm being really unproductive and have kind of been depressed. maybe something to do with also feeling like my current bf doesn't recognize the achievements/talents that i'm proud of, or used to be proud of, anyways.

the second part of the dream is definitely about my sister going back to work and being afraid that she's not going to be able to do her job when she starts again in about a week. she works at a big hospital and oftentimes they have victims of gang violence come into the ward, and it's a very stressful environment. the thing that she actually has to worry about is having another nervous breakdown but in my dream that translated to her being physically impaired, I think.

Anonymous 16547


Dreamed that my grandpa hallucinated ghosts and everyone called him senile and delusional.

Anonymous 16570

what I find often is that dreams often have some linguistic pun attached to them. Like for example I had a dream about a girl named Cest that I know but I figured out that Cest -> Sister- in other words the entire dream was actually about my sister

Or if you dream about a pickle and it is a metaphorical pickle, like that sort of thing

Anonymous 16571

Call him.

Anonymous 16573

It's all just VR training, most of the time. Nobody's a hunter-gatherer anymore, though, so they're just really abstractly based on modern life, now. For instance, the classic "forgot my pants" or "back to school" dreams.

Anonymous 16574

Had a dream yesterday where Korea won against Germany.
Korea actually wins. Nice!

Anonymous 16578


true true but sometimes I think they can be metaphorical and say a lot bout ur mental state

Anonymous 16598

They do, literally. If you're thinking about being lost in the woods, you'll dream it. Big test. Dream it.

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