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Anonymous 136702

There's a moid on discord that told another moid to poison his mother's coffee just because she circumcised him. This moid also has made terroristic threats towards people that circumcise their children. I'm thinking of emailing his local PD but I'm not sure if it's a strong enough case.

Anonymous 136708

Its not. Don't waste the police's time, he is just being edgy. Cops are lazy as fuck anyways and nothing would get done. Its not worth it and no one will care.

Anonymous 136715

Cops don't actually do anything. Haven't you learned anything from uvalde?

Anonymous 136716

Report his stinky ass OP
Shut the FUCK up scrote

Anonymous 136718

>he is just being edgy
I suppose the moids who follow through on their threats are also just being edgy? Stop defending shit men.

Anonymous 136722

The photo in my OP isn't of the scrote in question but another incel that committed a shooting.

Anonymous 136726


Here's one of his posts for context.

Anonymous 136736

>when are you getting rid of her
How about he…. showers for once and moves out

Anonymous 136745

ew scrotes should literally stop existing

Anonymous 136758

Not sure if retarded or not but cops would certainly not act on this convo. Get him to suggest a school shooting and they will do the legwork of getting his info from discord

Anonymous 136759

Those of you crying "muh scrote ;(" are fucking retarded and I'm getting really sick of you throwinf accusations at everyone who disagrees with you. The cops won't do shit anyways, and people shouldn't be reported to the police for every comment they make. Very obviously based on >>136726 it wasn't said in a serious manner and was a remark. It scares me people are as genuinly retarded as you, have fun opressing everyone. Just because .000001 percent of people follow through on their "threats" doesn't mean everyone who makes a remark deserves to be raided and taken to court. Its literally an attack on free speech, its disgusting you advocate for this.

Anonymous 136760

I advocate it.

Anonymous 136763

wtf an actual sane human being?!

Anonymous 136765

Report it OP. Even if they don't do anything it will start a paper trail and they will be more likely to do something if he gets reported again.

Plus if he did do something and you never reported it, you might feel very guilty over it.

Anonymous 136807

his mom is literally beating him with rocks, look I didn't wanna bring it up, but what the fuck?? As someone who has committed an act of almost lethal parental violence, I would want to kill her too.

Anonymous 136838


Another post where he is advocating for death camps for people that circumcise their children.

Anonymous 136839

For a second i thought he meant people that cut themselves

Anonymous 136847

I leave this site for less than a week and now we're dealing with a seething moid being upset abt his mom circumcising him when he was a baby?

Report him and move on. Trust me, talking with these types of people is only gonna make you spiral into a mental breakdown. Don't let this mentally ill freak cause u any more anxiety.

Anonymous 136848

Yeah its shitposting, literally get over it you fascists

Anonymous 136856

yea mail them just so his IP location gets checked

Anonymous 136871


here's more evidence

Anonymous 136872

why is there a lolcow thread on c.c

Anonymous 136874


More evidence

Anonymous 136875

Well she's already a braindead selfish idiot for having sons, so it might be justified.

Anonymous 136876

because some sperg can't handle discord shitposts

Anonymous 136882

This is a nothingburger. I've told my friend to cut her parents brake lines before. We bantered for a bit before moving on. Doesn't mean I'm some kind of unhinged psycho.
I love how you stopped censoring the usernames.

Anonymous 136897

i want men to fucking die and get skinned alive, subhumans

Anonymous 136907

>I love how you stopped censoring the usernames.
Right? Not that she even censored them well to begin with because I could still make out some of the names.
Also I don't understand why she was reading literally months and years back of their chat history in the first place, check the dates.

Anonymous 136965

Why doesn't he just move out?

Anonymous 136983

Obviously these particular moids are unhinged, but going on the offensive against child genital mutilation is based. If only they could channel their rage into something not retarded like "deathcamps for cutters" (that would make a good name for a Death Cab for Cutie death metal cover band)

Anonymous 136989

Hello agent Smith

Anonymous 137011

I'll play devil's advocate and say perhaps his elderly sounding mom is disabled and he's the primary caretaker.
Maybe a stretch for a moid threatening to poison her coffwe but that didn't sound like a serious threat anyways and just bitching.
Why would a federal agent be against reporting shit to the feds? They come on websites to bait people into doing shitty things, not deter them from reporting it.

Anonymous 141432

Update: I emailed the police, I just got to wait to hear back from them.

Anonymous 141493

You're just wasting their time.


Yes she is. And I don't understand why this is such a big deal to begin with, people say this stuff on discord all the time and its just shitposting.
Do you just like causing drama or something? Or pretending you are doing something important to feel good? Just stop.

Anonymous 141507


good. even if he doesn't do anything now, if he does something in the future, there's a paper trail. no one can claim "ooh noooo, how could we have neever seeen the signs!"


This is censorship, unironically kill yourself you retard

Anonymous 141509



Anonymous 141513

"Censorship"… she's talking about a man making terrorist threats, and considering how moids are, I don't think he's exaggerating/joking about that.

Is calling the police too much? Maybe, depending how he turns out; but that's not censorship. She didn't react like that to him expressing his opinion or similar, OP called because he most likely wants to harm people.

In any case, the police is too busy killing innocent people and watching child porn, so I doubt they will move their asses.

Anonymous 141514

Why did you wate so long? Also, he made no credible threats and you are wasting the police's time. They get so bogged down with shit like this they can't as effectively investigate real crimes. I hope you are just joking and claiming you did it to get replies.

Anonymous 141526

Its exactly what censorship is. No speech should he criminalized, because then "terroristic threats" and "hate speech" get watered down more and more to fit current moral fashions. Free speech is literally an all or nothing type of deal. We already see this happening. You know how you get banned from every social media platform for critisizing troonism these days?
If you bothered to read any of the screenshots its blatent these were offhand remarks not made seriously. Literally go in ANY discord server and people are saying this shit.
Ask yourself,
"does he have the resources to put 'cutters' in camps"
Quite obviously not.
And originally, he didn't threaten to poison his mom's coffee. He was venting to a friend about his mom assaulting him, and he offhandedly said
"poison her coffee" as an OBVIOUS joke.
Are you retards to autistic to see this?
These are not "terroristic threats," you're wasting police time and restricting free speech.

Anonymous 141527

anyways OP is a histrionic dramawhore who should just stay offline if she's too autistic to handle jokes.


Triggered incel moids detected, don’t talk about murdering people or pedo shit and you wont get reported, simple as. If your speech includes a threat to someone’s life or encourages others to put them in danger, it’s no longer free speech it’s an incitement of violence.

Anonymous 141531

>Triggered incel moids detected
Not even close, I'm just not so short sighted to see whete this type of bullshit leads. Keep shooting yourself in the foot.


go kick rocks moid

Anonymous 141534

Never was there any mention of pedophilia at all, but ok lol.
Every violent joke is illegal now, time to shut down half the internet because they hurt your feelings. Like I said, troon logic.


Lots of scrotes think expressing attraction to children should count as free speech.

Anonymous 141556

>inciting violence is ok
the only one using troon logic here is you


You should definitely rat him out. I knew someone on discord who used to joke about killing his mom and his peers when he was angry, he seemed somewhat serious about it at times so I contacted his local crimestoppers and tipped them off just in case. They found he had stolen his grandpas shotgun, was actually planning to shoot up his class and he’s in custody now. So it really can make a difference. Your case is a little iffy because this guy isn’t threatening to kill people but he is encouraging others to kill which is very shitty. Report him anyway desu. At worst they’ll ignore the tip, ideally this guy will get a visit with a verbal warning from the cops and it will give him a good scare and maybe help set him straight, at best he’ll get put on a watchlist.

Anonymous 164679

Men deserve to go to jail even if they’re ‘innocent’.

Anonymous 164683

always report men to authorities if you can

Anonymous 164689

I did this, am in jail for filing too many false reports, what do I do next?

Anonymous 164697

Report the moid police officers who arrested you.

Anonymous 164701

yes! this! report it to the moids who recieve reports

Anonymous 164704

Okay I did this and they just told me this was a wendies, girls, did I develop schizophrenia?

Anonymous 164713

no your'e mildly moidophobia

Anonymous 164716

…oh my god, what will I tell my husband?
After I report him to the police for being a man, naturally.

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