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Pretend to be birds Anonymous 136757

My flock is preparing for the migratory flight soon. This is my first time flying such a long journey, I'm sort of nervous. Got any tips for first time migrators?

Anonymous 136776

Quack quack.

Try to avoid the front area of the v formation if it's your first time in case you end up having to navigate everyone.

Anonymous 136797

Duly noted! I wouldn't want to ruffle everyone's feathers by guiding them the wrong way.


Your new feathers are coming in nicely! Thank you for your minnows. It's nice to have an XBOX branded carrying case to keep them fresh.

Anonymous 136800


Help! I've laid some eggs, but then Cheryl decided to use the same nest box. Now I can't tell the difference between her eggs and my eggs! I like to eat my eggs, but Cheryl was planning to hatch hers!

If I eat all the eggs, Cheryl will be mad at me, but if I don't eat some of the eggs, they will become rotten while Cheryl sits on them!

What should I do?

Anonymous 136808

Anonymous 136812

bees? are you recommending that i follow them, or eat them?

Anonymous 136865


what are you talking about? bees taste good!

Anonymous 136866


yum yum yum yum

Anonymous 136867

Are they likely to hatch? Or not fertilized?

Anonymous 136869

greater racket tai…

i love scaring the shit out of meerkats. it's the funniest shit to me. impersonating others is kind of a thing i do. i like to sit near a colony, see them chill, then i break the peace and scream out in my best meerkat voice, "oh FUUUUCK, YOU GUYS, WE GOTTA RUN, THERE'S AN EAGLE!!"

watching them scramble back into their holes is so funny, but the best part is when they're so scared they forget to take their food with them. free dinner and a show, aye?

Anonymous 136885

Cheryl's eggs are fertilised, but mine are not. The roo in our yard is a bit too annoying for my taste, waddling around like he thinks he's the boss. Cheryl finds him very handsome though.

Anonymous 136910

download (3).jpeg


Anonymous 136912


OI, You trying to start something you honking dame!? HONK HONK HISS!

Anonymous 136916


Mommy didnt return to give me food today :(

Anonymous 136918


Hello little one. I recall she came by my nest for a little snack. Wouldn't you like to join her?

Anonymous 136921

crow cropped.png

Beat up another buzzard and stole his mouse today. Think I heard him crying later. God damn I love bullying.

Anonymous 136924


You can't post here if you're underage

Anonymous 136986


What do you think about my new necklace? It's very practical as I have some yummy bread on me all the time! All the girls are jealous and this annoying brat Andrew even tried to steal it from me.

A mortified buzzard needing JUSTICE 136995


Do you think you can do whatever you want with no consequences, then peck out some asinine bragging on the internet!? Everybirdy should think of this crow and cast shame upon you! My egg that is not totally someone else's, look at it. I have been unable to sustain my warmth without that energy you stole. The egg is STARVING to death! My cold body cannot provide the warmth it needs, all because you stole that mouse. Are you happy about it? You have shattered the dreams of hopeful parents all to get some gleeful high of our cries. Now I will never watch the moment my chick fledges and flies. You think you have just taken one mouse, but you have taken EVERYTHING away from me!!! Shame on you! May your feathers always feel wet and sticky!

Anonymous 137000

You have made yourself into an icon of majesty and plentifulness! You should be proud of the practical and gorgeous style you have achieved! If a lion can have a mane, then a pigeon can have bread.

Anonymous 137027


Hiss boo yoink honkhonk
You can have this chicken I stole from the dirty pub bouncer
Consider it a trolltoll honkhonk
Now stay away from my goslings honk!!

Anonymous 138351

3 am time to start screaming

Anonymous 138414

Ah, yes, I see you are a bird of culture as well.

Anonymous 138450

Don't skip neck day, you need that full body strength for the journey, not just wings.

Anonymous 143875


A bird but it’s act like a small cute frog. Jumping and kua kua around!!

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