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Anonymous 137191

Have you ever met someone who used neo pronouns in real life?

Anonymous 137195

No, even for a c.c browser I have enough self respect not to associate

Anonymous 137196


nope but i've seen trannies irl both TiFs and TiMs, all pathetic though

Anonymous 137198

Some moron at my office. I simply avoided ever having to work with him. Worked in IT of course. Just messaged the first person who setup my laptop any time I needed anything. Using their distro risked the ticket going to the xer

Anonymous 137200

OT but I love how much CC embraces women in armour.

Anonymous 137201

No thank god

Anonymous 137202

the tourney lance looks kinda impractical though she should wield a mace or war hammer

Anonymous 137203

There was this very short skinny brunette girl on testosterone who helped a teacher in our feminism/gender class one day. She didn't use any pronouns that I recall, but she used adjectives to describe herself and instead of using the normal suffix for the femenine she put another vocal that wasn't either the masculine suffix. I don't know if it was due to the fact that she was so short and fragile-looking or because maybe it hadn't been that long since she was on T, but it seemed that T had just given her a pre-pubescent boy tone of voice. Pretty stupid if you ask me, she dressed like an early 2000s 11 year old too (buzzcut, bermudas, flip flops with sockes and oversized t-shirt, everything green and blue of course). Complete loss of authority and maturity. Another woman, a young teacher, encouraged us to send her our '''''preferred pronouns''''' via a poll and between the options there were a couple made-up pronouns with random suffixes at the end. She was 30yo but you could imagine that if she were 5-10 years younger she would've completely fallen for this shit even more deeply.
Lovely Bio-chan! I guess the women in armour thread had its influence, hadn't it? So cool

Anonymous 137224

i haven't been out of the house since before neo pronouns were invented so i don't know

Anonymous 137227

it's true, i've been living under her bed for the past six weeks and she hasn't been outside once

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