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Post like a moid pt 2 Anonymous 137470

Anonymous 137471

>i want to kill because i hate myself and im only happy when women are suffering

Anonymous 137473

>no girl will ever love me I'm 5'7.23
>no bro I'm 6'3 and I don't get pussy, it's all about face
>dude I'm a 9/10 positive canthal tilt hunter eyed symmetric square jaw Chad, but it doesn't help when you have aspergers, it's all about personality

Anonymous 137476

she sleeps with literally everyone but me

Anonymous 137487

DAE want kids? Not daughters tho, since I ain’t no cuck! Nevermind that I never clean my house and stuff, since that’s a female’s job. Fuck changing diapers, too.
I’m going to make a good dad, though. I will show my son how to fish, play football, drink beer, and win a drunken fistfight. His mom will serve as a good practice dummy on saturday nights, hehehe. Not like females are good for anything else.
Except sex, of course, but then, the female will turn loose after giving birth to my 10 sons. Her cunt will never be the same. I’m going to have to slip it in her tight ass while we do missionary. She would likely say no if I asked, but she has probably given ass to some Chad before me, anyways. It’s only fair that I take my turn. Besides, asking for consent is for betacucks.
I want kids. I want to be a dad. I want to put my seed in a female, and to make her carry it to term, so that I could claim a personal accomplishment for fullfilling my evolutionary role of an inseminator.
That’s why I’m against abortion. Females should submit to their natural role as incubators. They should be grateful for getting impregnated, in fact. Being a mom is the best they can ever be. It’s how they become complete. Doesn’t matter if they got infected with HIV in the process. I’m trying to say, that my sperm is a God’s gift to females, and that’s why I smear my stuck-up cunt neighbor’s mailbox with it every once in a while. Hope she’s not over 25 tho.

Anonymous 137511

>copy c.c /feels/ thread
>replace male/moid -> female/femoid

Anonymous 137512


Fellas, is it gay if I see my best friend crossdress and wear the sexiest, sluttiest swimsuit; suck his huge throbbing dick entirely, eat his ass and caress it all, have a twelve hour anal session together, hold hands during and after sex, kiss passionately by fully using our lips and tongue, empty each other's balls until they're dried than the Sahara, cuddle and tell each other how amazing the sex was, emotionally connect in ways we have never done so before, and give each other a goodnight kiss on the forehead before he goes home?
Ngl, my best friend told me he would love to do all of this for shits and giggles, but can't help but think that the last part seems kinda gay to me. What do I think?

Pic related, he said he bought a bikini very similar to this one (sent me a pic like an hour ago) and has bought all the necessary stuff as well to do this deed this Saturday. It is only a matter of answering if I want to do this funny stuff together, haha.

Anonymous 137514


>9/10 with all that verbosity
ngmi from the moment you were a sperm cell

t. literal supermodel at 110/10, math PhD, 300k starting; 7'1", 40 BMI of pure muscle, horse dick, and can make a woman orgasm ten times by just looking at her pussy

Anonymous 137516

why are they like this… when I see posts like this my fujo brain activates.

Anonymous 137517

Truth is stranger than fiction, nona!
An actual post by a moid.

Anonymous 137519

Forgot to spoiler it.

Anonymous 137520


Anonymous 137521


I do wonder about this way of thinking. I've always assumed these sorts of moids are either closet gay or just pitiful enough to fuck anyone even if they aren't sexually attracted to them.

Anonymous 137524

they're just really gay.

Anonymous 137525


One could imagine "being gay" as a lifestyle, separate from the sexuality, which would explain their urges, but reluctance to identify as such. Then again, that anon IS a Finn.
Scandi's just have it in their blood, being a seafaring peoples and all, I guess.

You sure invented a lot of content from "I fantasize about sucking dick and being submissive" Gay sex isn't nearly as romantic as you imagine.

Anonymous 137526

It looks like the standard gay moid on 4chan, nothing closet about it. The point is for them to groom straight virgin moids into becoming prison gay out of desperation.

Anonymous 137529


Bros, how dafuq do I convince my gf of 3 months that I want to fuck her in the ass?
I know that most women secretly want to do it, but they don't want to immediately expose themselves for the sluts
that they are, it's just that I want to approach this the right way, I don't want to scare her off like I do care
about the bitch still. Should I like gently insert my finger up her ass during sex or just spit on it and rub
the rim a bit? Dunno if true, but I heard many of them wipe their holes with baby wipes so I shouldn't really
find any shit on the surface, right? Also. is it safe to put my dick in there without a condom like if she just took
a clean shit or am I risking an infection? Is it only safe after enema? Do they expect you to buy them one of those enema
sets after your convince them or do these sluts buy one themselves or usually own one in secret? Is it true that anal
also makes them gradually more submissive to you? Oh and.. should I buy anal beads in advance too?

Anonymous 137530

listen, don't get anal beads, that's gay. if your woman wants to stick anything besides your dick inside her, it's all over for you. my tip would be just stick it in her butt "by accident" she will love it!
(sorry i just had to reply)

Anonymous 137537

i am a burden to every woman around me and i'm gonna make it their problem

Anonymous 137539


Hey /b/ros, I think I messed up..
My gf of 2 years found that lara croft horse video in my "work documents" folder. She now always glares at me and was silent at the table during breakfast.
How fucked am I bros?? I mean bitch, why did you check my personal shit in the first place? Every man has at least a few pictures of tiddies in their secret folders,
this bitch is acting surprised. Maybe she is just jealous of me that I have a stronger more refined taste and not that tame vanilla shit that foids watch like - Stacy and Becky scissoring in girl's locker room.

Anonymous 137543

Shes likely mad at you because her internal urges tell her a horse would please her more than you. Remember almost all women fuck dogs. 9/10 pabts smeers test positive for dog and racoon semen. Its only logical they would want a horse to hit all their walls too. Break up with her. Youll never get that fire out of her dude. Find a tradwife who only sleeps with lapdogs.

Anonymous 137544

i forgor about the horse thing, lol. i remember the first time i came across incel forums and was genuinely confused kek they project their disgusting urges and fetishes onto us

Anonymous 137564

Lost at the racoon. Absolute gold

Anonymous 137580

Please address the rampant anorrectal violence and claims

Anonymous 137586

Anonymous 137596


I don't know lad, i just want to suck a real fat cock and get humilliate meinwhile he fuck and spank my ass for being such a slutty men to have fun

Anonymous 137597



Anonymous 137598

lol, meinwhile, sorry for that lil mistake.

Anonymous 137645

>be me
>go to the gym
>see some whore with skin-tight leggings doing squats in the corner 40ft away from me
>day ruined
>go home and jerk off to triple penetration lolicon rape hentai

How do you cope knowing that you will never experience the golden days of the roman empire, fellow anons?

Anonymous 137697

It ended up better, don't worry.

Anonymous 137786

Child tummy and legss, erotic, seggsy!!!😭😭

Anonymous 137979

I think its funny youre going to die alone

Anonymous 137983

Imagine being so obsessed you're seeking female attention in a womans only website.

Report and ignore ladies, crumbs of female attention is what this ugly loser wants

Anonymous 138005

what are you talking about, /tg/ has had plenty of them.

Anonymous 138025

Why do posts like hers keep getting deleted? It was obviously a joke, hence the point of the "talk like a moid" thread.
Do you guys not understand the whole joke?

Anonymous 138036

>tfw no dominant fujo gf that will let me receive rough anal sex from strong masculine men while she watches
life is truly suffering bros

Anonymous 138037

I wish there were actually men like this.

Anonymous 138049

Seek treatment

Anonymous 138050


Depends if you want to continue living, tbh. The matriarchy is still here and is fully backed by the entire U.S. military, so you might get killed by orders of a woman's from simply having a nanosecond of eye contact that she didn't like either way, lmao.
However, by becoming a femboy and giving up your manhood, you first have to submit your anal virginity to the local feminist cadre that is uglier than sin and heavier than the moon, and also has a huge 15" dildo that you have to take it all in. After all, we live in a matriarchy, so you owe her your asshole before you have the right to call yourself a femboy and essentially join womanhood.

So, if you happen to pass the brutal, no-lube-allowed pegging, and you don't die from either the anal session or failing the test, you better sell that ass of yours as a femboy if you want to continue living in the matriarchy. You still won't get any kind of free shit women get like scholarships, open admission to any universities, fast-track to F500 jobs, priority seating, etc. from simply being a femboy, so you better prostitute yourself and then maybe you could become a radical feminist politician's 23rd concubine, or something.

Anonymous 138051

>actively seeking to get dominated by a man stronger and bigger than you
She's dropping your ass the moment you open yourself that way, bro. Instead, you will have to give rough anal sex to a quasi-shota boy, whether you like it or not as a bottom.
He might cheat on you if he discovers he is fully gay and fully bottom, nona.
You do you, though.

Anonymous 138107

Females deserve to be convicted for vaginal terrorism towards incels

Anonymous 138111

Uhhh I’m a man like this, we’re all moids itt this thread, bro.

Anonymous 138112

Oh my, I really need to be careful opening spoilered images in public.

Anonymous 138120

Bros…I'm straight as an arrow but I love me some feminine penis. Ain't nothing gay about liking femininity! Roasties are disgusting

Anonymous 138143

I would be attracted to the stench though.

Anonymous 138508


>Where can I find a nice handsome strong alpha male to put me in my place? Life isn't fair bros
Install GRINDR and get TOPPED then.
No need to join the matriarchy if you want to get fucked by a dick so big, it makes you shit easier so you don't need to wipe your ass even less because everyone knows that's gay (the wiping, that is).

Anonymous 138535

Ehh I wrote a response to this, why did it get deleted?

Anonymous 142724

if you can fuck a femboy and be straight, and you can BE a femboy and be straight, can two femboys fuck each other and be straight?

Anonymous 142728

men are entitled by nature

Anonymous 142792

It's cute and funny, it's cunny.

Anonymous 142793

go back to cc, foid.

Anonymous 142797


Anonymous 142801

I fell for the /g/ meme and bought a chinkpad and installed Arch on it when gentoo would've been the better option.

Anonymous 142840


Anonymous 142891

good morning
please respond
fuck you ugly fat whore. you think you're too good for me bitch? you're nothing but a hole. slut

Anonymous 142893


hey /b/ros who wants to watch a movie?

Anonymous 142897

We said moid not ogre

Anonymous 142903

mój boże… ohyda Polski…

Anonymous 143035

sexbots soon /b/rathers
[waiting intensifies]
any day now…

Anonymous 143040

Just nutted in a my mom’s garden to see if I can grow a new species

Anonymous 143090

hello miss

Anonymous 143099

>indian moid parody
Extra points

Anonymous 143102

Anonymous 143217


Anyone wipe piss on their shirt instead of using toilet paper or is that just me? I sort of like the smell, but my femoid birth giver certainly doesn’t.

Anonymous 143259

I live just fine on my own and this makes foids seethe

Anonymous 143260

My apartment is made out of filth. Hoes mad

Anonymous 143276

(outside of OP's instructions: this thread is rather fucked LOL)

Anonymous 144216

>be me
>go to college
>talk to 5"3 big titted foid
>nice chat, she smiles and laughs
>she is clearly flirting and wants me
>5"11 boyfriend comes to get her
>"bye anon, see you later" with a smile
all foids are cheating whores

Anonymous 144219

I agree bro. I love sucking off my pals too and grinding on their buttcheeks in a bro type of way. No homo. I love being a man.

Anonymous 144262

YWNBAM, faggot

Anonymous 144341

stand tall, my kin…

love you too bro (no homo tho).

Anonymous 144388

I'm fucking dying reading this thread thanks op 😭😭😭

Anonymous 144404


I used to have these thoughts of murder. I cant remember if it was before or after I started taking my anti depressive drugs. I would just think about the perfect way to kill a man and get away with it. I thought about it like a puzzle, how would I do it and then get away with it.
I stopped taking my meds like a year ago, at first i just forgot to take them for a week but it was then that I noticed. I noticed how much the drugs had changed me. I was angry, Fucking pissed. I realized how the drugs had turned me into a zombie, a shell of a person. so I stopped taking them.

A year after I stopped taking the drugs i have started getting these murderous thoughts again. there is no puzzle this time. I just want to go out into the forest with an axe and kill the first nigger I see.

Anonymous 144468

sounds like you enjoy hurting other people

Anonymous 144632

Anonymous 144635

guys use tp on their peehole?

Anonymous 144639


If moids need proof femcels exist…

Anonymous 144723

nah this is going too far

Anonymous 145159

How many of you use these threads to just release your darkest thoughts? Because it's not subtle at all.

Anyway if any of you sisters wanna hit me up on discord you can reach me at totallyAgirl#69420 we can talk about periods and all that and i am also a podiatrist so i can give you a free consultation if you send me pictures of your feet haha


>i am also a podiatrist so i can give you a free consultation if you send me pictures of your feet haha
Oh, what a mere Cohencidence! (the jews, amirite :DDDD), I am a vaginologist myself so, if I may, I want to advertise and hopefully practice my totally-accredited profession by telling y'all that I, too, will give free consultations to any girlie here who reaches me out on my email, which I have provided in this very post ;)

Anonymous 145379

good morning xirs, I hate all women

Anonymous 145580

waayy too real

Anonymous 145594

What was your dick doing in the orca though?

Anonymous 145793

100% straight bro here. male gay sex is extremely superior to any kind of sex involving women and their reeking bacteriological warfare cunt canals. my goodness. woman: wondering if her "discharge" is normal as slimy grease oozes from her fetid pit. man: stately, elegant, shapely, tidy penis which contains the whole vigour of life.

Anonymous 145795

xxy intersex women are women

Anonymous 145809

Read the thread title ;)

Anonymous 145813


This is the perfect webm. It perfectly encapsulates modern day white and Asian women. It perfectly shows why Asian women are the superior partner. Let's really break it down, shall we?

First notice the husband gets home from a long, hard day at work. He walks through the door and you'll notice 2 things:
The first thing you'll notice is his white wife who stands there, arms folded. The second thing you'll notice is Marie Kondo, an Asian woman, leave where she was standing to go and greet the white man with a hug. After that, you'll see the other white Asian leave where she was standing to go and greet the white man with a hug.

What is the white woman doing during all this time? Standing in place, arms folded. When her husband walks by her, she remains standing in place and demands that her husband turn back around, and walk back to where she is standing to greet her. This perfectly exemplifies the selfishness, entitlement, narcisism, self-centeredness, and arrogance of modern day white woman. Everything revolves around them, their partner exists to please them, they themselves are all that matters in the relationship. Compare that to the Asian woman who selflessly drop what they are doing and go out of their way to greet the white man who gets home after a long day of work. Let that sink in for a moment.

After the white man greets her, then you will see the white woman walk towards the door. And no, I am not kidding. The very same door her husband just entered in seconds ago, the very same door that she refused to walk towards to greet her husband she is now walking towards. She stood in place and waited until her husband greeted her before she walked towards the door. She could have begun doing so when her husband got home, but she didn't do that because she demanded that her husband go out of his way to greet her. That just shows a cruelness and mean-spiritedness that only white woman possess.

Fuck white women.

Anonymous 145814

You too retard, only men say based.

Anonymous 145887

Agreed, fuck white women. Can't wait to marry a submissive trad Asian woman to help save the white race. 1488

Anonymous 145889

This is so good that I almost reported you before I realized what thread this was posted in.

Anonymous 145891

love at first sigh…

i, too, enjoy the futa genre, my fellow man of culture.

Anonymous 146162

Where is my piss jug and cum sock?

Anonymous 146167


My advice to all my whitebros is to just Asiamaxx. White women are traitors who have ruined the west by voting for more Muslim immigrants and other woke bullshit. They even fuck dogs.

I only earned minimum wage as a kindergarten teacher back home, but here I live like a king. I am drowning in pussy here while Asian women literally worship my BWC. I’m 40 now, obese and also a Norwood 3 but a decent face, so back home I am considered a 3/10 landwhale by those shallow western egotistical whores. No matter how many 18 year old blonde girls I hit on, not one of them returned my advances. Fucking whores.

White females wouldn’t even give me the time of day, pathetic arrogant shallow whores. Here I slay 10/10 Thai prime teen puss on the reg. Reject white women, brother. Slanted pussy is where it’s at. Pic rel, me and the prime qt I’m currently fucking. White women on suicide watch. Seethe western roasties, you will NEVER have me.

Anonymous 146548


Rate this text

Anonymous 146549


And give thoughts on the response

Anonymous 146550

If a girl never texts first but responds when I do is that always a bad sign?

Anonymous 146551

No, I don’t think so. Some people just naturally text first, others don’t. Even really good friends, at least in my experience.

As long as it isn’t clear you’re annoying said person, it’ll be fine.

Anonymous 146552

I forgot this was the post like a moid thread just ignore me

Anonymous 146590

Redo your post to make it sound like you're a moid.

Anonymous 146654


Anyone else here finds these pics of badly drawn anime girls really hot or is it just me? Like i get off the idea of a unrealistic female body with g cups and pencil thin waist and hartmann hips. A female with a body like this can barely function in the real life and will need my help to do mundane things and that's what is hot about it. Need me a gf like in picrel asap

Anonymous 146662

Not realistic enough to be a moid post. They wouldn't care how women with bodies like this would function in real life and 4chan moids would genuinely think that every woman who doesn't look like a slightly less exaggerated version of this is a tranny.

Anonymous 146707


Here’s the moid version

Foids don’t know how to be docile these days, smh. Filthy. For one thing, you’re dating another foid. Secondly, I’d say she’s a whore who can never be a good wife, but you deserve to die alone, you fucking homo, who won’t fuck the poor sigma men in line for you.

Anonymous 146797

This. This kind of body is easily achievable for foids if they're not trannies and just don't get fat. Modern roasties just don't wanna put effort into looking hot because chad will fuck them anyway.

Anonymous 146807


This kind of body is easily achievable for moids if they just use steroids and lift a couple times a week. Why are you so flabby, skinnyfat and lazy? This is why you’re still a virgin.

Anonymous 146808

(That's post like a moid thread, nona)

Anonymous 146813

Anonymous 146816

Held a door open for a roastie today and she didn’t even suck my dick as a thank you. Fucking whore.

Anonymous 146817

god i fucking hate women

Anonymous 146820

Same brother. I’m going to start chasing them when I see them outside alone at night.

Anonymous 146821

God im so fucking tired of modern women being hypergamous whores. Unless you’re a 7ft billionaire astronaut they won’t even look your way. Saint Elliott was right. We need to start treating women like cattle again.

Anonymous 146823

based. something i like to do when i see a bitch alone from far away is stare her down and start walking towards her menacingly, and if she crosses the street or moves to the side i do the same and never break eye contact. i do this until i am right up on her and at the last second while she is trembling in fear expecting the worst i move right past her and make sure to brush up against her slightly while breathing VERY HEAVILY through my nose. it makes me feel powerful letting her know just how close she was to danger and if i wanted to i could completely dominate her. you should try it, it's literally not illegal and makes you feel like a god.

Anonymous 146831


holes need to remember that at the end of the day i know i could strangle the life out of every single one of them with no effort at all

Anonymous 146837


Anonymous 146840

Women, unironically, like being treated roughly. It's a primal instinct. Fear increases tension and overall arousal. Some women may be scared while being treated roughly, but that doesn't change the fact that their bodies like it. If they are raped while being scared of the guy, they are more likely to orgasm due to a heightened state of arousal.

It's not a matter of morality. It's a matter of biology. In order to make a woman fullfilled, you must etch your manliness into their consciousness.

May Allah be with you brothers.

Anonymous 146841

incel uprising soon brother

Anonymous 146842

unattractive men (aka non Chads) are seen and treated as subhumans by females, that all women are like that, that females can not be lonely or unwanted no matter what, that females are living on easy mode, that females have a massive body count, that you should never trust or open up to a female, and so on and so on

Anonymous 146843

This. Women cannot be robots.
Just look at the usual dating advice or whatever the fuck in there, it's always about real-life shit, real-life men, "guy at my school", "guy in my uni", "my friend group" and never about some failed robot they want (as we see here about wanting those girls)
Every single woman on CC is a failed normie and not a "fembot" because they don't exist.

Anonymous 146844

I want to rape a femboy so hard bros

Anonymous 146845


Anonymous 146849

all women have hybristophilia and rape fantasies

Anonymous 146850

wow!! high t!!

Anonymous 146853

wow this is so violent but in the name of Allah i would like to rape you and make you mother of my children and we could be happy together inshallah

Anonymous 146855

I just did wee wees out my PENIS and not my VAGINA HOLE!!!!!!!!! MEN!!!!!

Anonymous 146860


Preach bro

Anonymous 146900

Shut up faggot go back to /fit/

Anonymous 146909

I saw you posting on /r9k/, king.
Based essay, I, too, took the gaypill. It's cock or bust for me.

Anonymous 146926

shat my pants today.

Anonymous 146969

every single time I come back here after a few weeks I nearly report this godforsaken thread, but I can't hide it. My fingers just won't let me.

Anonymous 147012

pretty sure jannies leave it as a honeypot kek

Anonymous 147051

Sigma grindset

Anonymous 147061


Anyone else trying to stinkmaxx and piss roasties and normalfags off? I’ve stopped showering or washing my balls. I intentionally shart myself in queues now. Nothing gives me more pleasure or makes me feel more powerful than forcing women to inhale my rancid 2 day old beef pants stew.

Anonymous 148061

Well of course that's gonna happen considering moids are moderators in literally every other online space and will ban you for the slightest hint of actual feminism. Men can talk about how much they hate us freely in every fucking platform but if you speak on sex based oppression anywhere but here you'll get banned instantly by a sweaty tranny somewhere. Stop acting like women here are obsessed with men in an unhealthy way or whatever, we're pretty chill for how much they silence us. There has to be a place for us to talk about our oppression, the world is legitimately becoming the handmaid's tale irl. If that means this place isn't "fun" then so be it, I can get my fill of that anywhere else. I feel like your problem is some of you treat this as your main online space to socialize but it's never going to be a replacement for actual social media where people are more active and actually wanna talk about other stuff.

Anonymous 148063

>>Moid hate becoming a focus of most threads is not healthy mentally.
Already explained why that happens and hating men is the smartest and healthiest thing a woman can do, anything other than that is straight up Stockholm syndrome shit.
>> Jannies are actively praised and encouraged on here, compare that to 4chan. You are banned for being a moid.
I was very clearly talking about how tranny mods silence us in other platforms, you absolute retard.

Anonymous 148066

>>Not really, probably makes you a wretch to hate half the human population all of the time.
Blah blah blah you misogynists need to come up with some new shit this is getting boring yeah yeah I'm an evil bitch cause I dare to hate my oppressors which are rapists, pedos and womanbeaters. Oooh evil me burn me at the fucking stake. Shut up retard.
>>I never said those platforms were good, I'm saying how this board has become a cesspool.
What the fuck are you even talking about. We were never talking about other platform's quality, you had a true retard moment where you assumed I meant the jannies here silence us lmfao.
Also, if you want the boards to not be a cesspool either go away or be the change you want to see in the world and make your own threads about whatever retard interest you wanna talk about. If it doesn't work it's simply because there's not enough women here for there to be dozens of nonas into the same niche bs. Even if I wanted to talk about other stuff, the media nonas here talk about doesn't interest me at all. You can't just force yourself to engage in conversation about a boring ass videogame you've never played or book you have no interest in reading. That's what fucking fandom spaces in other social media are for. Not ccs fault most of you are too autistic to hold a conversation with another human in a website that isn't an anonymous image forum.

Anonymous 148070

>arguing about stupid and petty subjects while being overly aggressive and throwing-in buzzwords into every other sentence.
wow, this thread is so accurate it's eerie.

Anonymous 148072


You faggots need to chill desu

Anonymous 148080

please. 90% of the content on r9k is about women

Anonymous 148086

btw I love you nona, keep being aggressive misandric and epic

Anonymous 148097

>he says as hes spamming random black people creeply obsessed with other peoples races like a literal mongoloid on a slow website thinking he's achieving something

Anonymous 148102

Many of us are obsessed with hating men because we have been/know women who have been beaten, abused, sexually assaulted or groomed by men. It’s personal for us. If we talk about it anywhere else we get banned or called radical screeching feminists for talking about our trauma and why we distrust and dislike men because of it.

Anonymous 148127

>I’ve stopped showering or washing my balls.
Bro, I'm a broscientist and I can attest that not doing this will actually get you a fuckton of pussy as your pheromones will start getting too strong and it will intimidate women - that is why women pinch their noses and stay away from you when you ride the bus, if they didn't they would have torn your pants and have sex with you by force!

(Moids believe the last line, FYI) 148129


Also, broscientist, PhD, here.
Just a friendly reminder that, even if women have been the biggest consumers of romance novels and non-fiction books on emotions, are more likely to go for careers related to empathy like social work and psychology, continue to have loving relationships with us men, and still love us enough to this day to not start an entire genocide on us XYs that would make the Holocaust and the Gulags a small, trivial event of history, you all should always have in mind that WOMEN ARE NOT PEOPLE, as they are unable to understand us men nor have the intelligence required to do so; despite being always right on what is wrong with us, like patriarchal standards of masculinity that are directly descended from warrior cultures of times past.

Pic unrelated, just a testosterone boost for all of you guys, as it is already known that looking at cute girls will increase your test!

Anonymous 148130


Just saw this and it made me so fucking angry.

Anonymous 148131

Did it hit you too close to home?

Anonymous 148132

Reminder if your dick is under 12 inches no woman will ever truly love you and you will never be anything but a betabux to her while she fucks Chad and Tyrone behind your back. Zoomer girls want 11 inches MINIMUM. It’s over.

Anonymous 148220

wymin are not funny amirite guys… now time to make my 15th rape joke of the day

Anonymous 148221


Any further advice on moxmagging? I already plan on:

>order MT2 asap

>dye hair and hide my gingerism (dye beard and brows aswell?)
>consult expert on acne scars -> fraxel laser, subcision, tca cross
>consult expert for permanent mole removal
>growth serum for brows (stemox+minox) and lashes
>skin routine and cu-peptides
>pluck brows
>get lasek/lasik/smile asap
>save up for ccwr ramus widening (do I need ramus widening?)
>teeth whitening
>dick extender
>lighten eyes with msm eyedrops. lighten sclera with rhoto eyedrops
>thick neckmaxxing
>improve haircut (low fade?)
do i need rhino? do I need zygo implants? do I need MSE?

Once I am finished I will ignore foids as they deserve.

Anonymous 148250


>only 5’11 & 1/2
>IPD 0.2mm too close together compared to golden ratio
>maxilla recessed by 1mm
>0.000003mm mandible excess
>gonial angle is 127 degrees instead of perfect 130
>zygomatic breadth doesn’t match with jaw
>slightly asymmetrical ear height
It’s fucking over bros. Steroids and surgery maxxing is the only way I will ever ascend. I need at least 400K worth of work before I can even fuck a 3/10 Becky single mom hag. Why wasn’t I born like O Pry or Gandy so I could slay top tier Stacy PTP JBs?!!!!!

Anonymous 148252

>something something women peak at 12 years old
something something post wall roasties
>something something feminism
something something men invented society and IQ tests
>something something Hitler was right
something something women should be made into property
How did I do?

Anonymous 148261

Porn is not that bad, you’re just a religious zealot if you don’t like it!! I didn’t choose what I’m attracted to, morality is subjective so I can be into whatever I want guilt free!!

mapple 148907

common tate w!!!!

Anonymous 148926

>something something women peak at 12 years old
This but unironically.
If a girl goes into puberty without already being used to the idea that she belongs to a particular man she's going to look at other men with lust and just like that this girl turns from a potential tradwife to a slut.
In the past people arranged their daughters into a marriage long before they were 12 and these people and civilizations eventually led to us, these ways were successful and the sheer hubris of thinking that this was wrong (when it obviously wasn't) is yet another judeo-globalist psyop meant to eradicate the white man.
The bible says "Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's wife", notice how it doesn't also mention "Thou shalt not covet they neighbour's husband", because women didn't need to be told this back in the day, they weren't capable of coveting a man other than the man that was around since they were 10.

Now we live in a nightmare where women fuck the same 10 guys in a 1000 mile radius, leave none for the rest of us and even MARGINALIZE those of us who are not normalfags and sic the (((police))) on us just because we were trying to have a friendly conversation with a cute, tradwife looking girl on her way back home from kindergarten.

Anonymous 148931

Stupid whore just texts me then ghosts me whenever I try to meet up this is shit all women are worthless synthetic uteri when

Anonymous 148949


Based. Foids should be married off at 8 years old and be popping out babies exactly 9 months after the wedding night. Anyone who says otherwise is globohomo Israel JIDF copemaxxing Redditor roastie hag faggot. Graphs showing girls historically hit puberty at 15-16 are FAKE NEWS made by (((scientists))). It’s not pedophilia to marry 8 year olds all our European ancestors did it.

Anonymous 148952

it should be at 2 actually because its fine in uzbekistan

Anonymous 148954

The only way you dysgenic faggots can get a wife is by exterting control over women and manipulating children because you lack that much value, kys.
Are you stupid? The graph you provided proves you wrong. People have been reaching puberty earlier and earlier and growing taller due to hormones in modern food.

Anonymous 148955

omg I just realized what thread this is, 10/10 parody

Anonymous 148956

This. fuck Ukraine

Anonymous 148959

Fuck India and your racebait! Slava Ukraini

Anonymous 148979


Cute and funny!

Anonymous 148993


To be fair, despite all of those insane women's standards have nowadays - like being 7 feet tall, 7 digit salary, 7 inch dick (both length and girth), and being a decent human being who genuinely cares about women without the promise of sex (the latter being the most delusional part coming from women). I kind of feel like I deserve the local beautiful cosplayer girl who:
>has a strict training and skincare routine
>has a graduate degree or two
>already reached a 6 digit income all by herself as a small business owner
>is actually kind and caring to everyone (despite my pornified views that tell me she has taken 1,000,000 million dicks but mine)
as a 4 feet tall, 4 digit salary (NEETbucks), 4 centimeter dick, 4 hundred pounds of pure fat, and I despise women like no one else could in town.

A-Anybody agrees with me? H-Haha

Anonymous 149004

All women have to do is not eat too much and they will look like her. Degrees are handed out to them just because they are women.
Unlike you she doesn't have to put in a single bit of effort so you absolutely deserve a 10/10 cosplay gf.

Anonymous 149005

Anonymous 150729


>Unlike you she doesn't have to put in a single bit of effort so you absolutely deserve a 10/10 cosplay gf.
Guess I will become as fat as possible and continue treating women like shit, even the ones that don't even know who I am!
Will definitely ask her out the next time I see her by slapping her ass as hard as I can out of nowhere, thank you fren!

Anonymous 150730

Anonymous 150733

8-years olds don't have tits and hips so I don't care about them.
What are you talking about? The girl you posted is 4/10 at best. No tits, no hips, looks like a tranny and likely has an ugly face under all of this make up. It's probably a troon.

Anonymous 150734


Exactly. Roasties complain about men wanting a normal, healthy woman like pic rel, as if that’s too much to ask. They think it’s ‘unrealistic’ or that we have ‘too high standards’. LMAO.

50 years ago, 99% of women looked like this NATURALLY, simply by not eating like a pig.

Bitch, just squat 3x a week and stop shovelling your mouth with food, and you can look exactly like pic rel too. It’s not fucking difficult. Why are women so fucking dumb.

Anonymous 150747


Bros I'm livid
>set up tinder account
>no one matches with me
>weeks pass
>finally match with a girl
>6/10 wallflower Wendy but ok
>looks trad, invite to coffee date
>everything going well
>ask if she wants dessert
>"lol can I take it home for my son?"
…This bitch was stringing me along to be her beta cuck provider for a bastard that isn't mine.
I just up and left that fucking whore then and there, I could've masturbated to porn 6 or 7 times with all the time I wasted on her. I wanna hang the fucking bitch from a lamp post.

Anonymous 151253


>No tits, no hips, looks like a tranny
Would suck her dick if she happens to have one if you know what I mean.

I'm not gay btw.
Lmao yo got cucked so hard; I seriously hope you didn't paid for her coffee, fag.
This is why you ask these whores before meeting if they happen to have a n*glet failed abortion bastard named Spike like their shitbull. After all, any whore who calls herself "trad" in 2022 has probably been BLACKED thanks to (((them))).
IMHO I don't have any advice for you since I am still laughing at you for giving a single penny to a single mommy, other than stop looking like a beta cuck provider. You probably look like a soyboy if she considered matching with you, kek.

Anonymous 151267

warning mtf tranny larp

We should rape all terfs and afterward line them all up against a wall and shoot them. terfs are below us and are jealous of our CLEANER better tighter vaginas

Anonymous 151303

meta\ not sure if should reply with very anti-tranny stuff worse than the TERF thread, or continue the prompt by writing typical moid coomer fantasies like those /meta

Anonymous 151381


>that pic
>tfw you are reminded that you will NEVER be a Jew in Germany during the Holocaust
>tfw you will NEVER have a cute female SS guard take a fancy to you
>tfw you will NEVER be sexually abused by her before being promptly gassed
why even live?

Anonymous 151400

That's a literal tranny. Watch the movie again.

Anonymous 151518

>chudjak posting non response
this really is a moid thread

Anonymous 151910

Some actual moidposting to jumpstart the thread
>Why yes, my gender is responsible for all horrific things in human history. (rape, murder, wars, theft, genocide, female genital mutilation, violence in general)
>But a woman holding out for a loving partner instead of instantly having sex with a violent caveman? (aka typical moid) That's literally worse than the Holocaust! (which totally isn't real according to the nazi incel circles I spend 24/7 in)

Anonymous 151923

I keep forgetting this is the post like a moid thread and almost reported something

Anonymous 151925

is he /ourguy/?
>doesnt wash his ass
>wears his tinfoil hat tightly to avoid govt's estrogen waves
>eats raw meat
>has a gun collection, proudly waving his right to self defense against random people walking down the street
>rapes women

Anonymous 151936

smash the like but…

Anonymous 152424


Man I can’t wait for elf sex bots and artificial wombs to replace real wahmen.

Roastie hags will be crying for me to be their betabux while I’m balls deep in my Lothlórien waifu. HAHAHA.

Sorry roasties, my hard earned money only goes to Chinese men from aliexpress now.

You won’t be able to make fun of my tiny penis and bad breath anymore, my elven waifu is hotter than you and she’ll NEVER reject me!

Anonymous 152545

I don't know sorry! I just saved it because it made me laugh

Anonymous 152940


Anonymous 152941


Anonymous 152942

Top kek my sides

Anonymous 152944

Stacy, tits, ass, Stacy, jailbait, tits, beer, ass, pussy, trap porn, futas, Stacy, e-girls, Stacy, ass.

Anonymous 152945


Magnificent. You win this thread nona.

Unironically the most convincing scrote post I’ve ever seen.

A hyperrealistic glimpse into the inner monologue of the moidmonkey.

Anonymous 152948

He'll just fucking run her into the ground

Anonymous 152949

Spoiler: there is no her

Anonymous 152967

multiply your femboy revenue streams

Anonymous 152972

Made a typo in my email to the genie. Now I've got a giant prostate and a tiny cock.

Anonymous 153039

watefe… i am also from uzbekistan

Anonymous 153058

This thread is full of faggot shit.

Anonymous 153070

shut up faggot

Anonymous 153071

How can I help:D

Anonymous 153099

seeth and dilate

Anonymous 153142

Of couse it is. Men are faggots kek.

Anonymous 153144

Men be coping for ever that women pointing out their inferiority must be trannies and not real women because it means women are not obeying them. Trannies are a scrote invention and are a clear sign of all male depravity. It's why majority of trannies are male. Trannies are the most male males, they are pornsick degenerates who fetishize nature aka real women. Cope being the soulless sex and increase male suicide rate.

Anonymous 153148

Also takes the retard male mentality of being entitled, and desire to destroy society and everything in pursuit of selfish temporary coom inherit in scrotes. Most trannies are male because of this. Men identify as muh based god king inventors in mankind when they were chimps using retard strength to keep every one else from gaining power and freedom, worsening the world for a heightened chance at a temporary coom feeling, same way trannies identify as women and allowed to destroy majority male controlled society because the scrotes in power relate to the fact that trannies like all men are coomers and no one should be able to say no to scrotes trying to coom. Same way scrotes defend and sympathise with rapists and pedophiles since they too are coomers with different targets.

Anonymous 153513

Women are not objects

Anonymous 153535

unironically yea

Anonymous 153559

how can we drive men to suicide?

Anonymous 153564

This is the post like a male thread, anon.

Anonymous 153684

Simp cuck soyboy beta male nice guy mentality.

Anonymous 153688

Bros, the foid I was talking hasn't replied to me in 0.5 seconds. Shattered and disgusted. Why are women so abusive? This is worse than domestic abuse and rape.

Anonymous 153690

Ugh bro hate to say it but shes def fucking some BBC. Women are obsessed with BIG BLACK COCK these days, i have about 4000 videos saved on my computer that prove it too. All women think about is massive black cocks and how they can fuck them all day while I watch. Its disgusting. Theres really nothing us tiny white pecker’d cucks can do but accept the superiority of massive 18 inch oiled black dongs at satisfying our women. The jews did this.

Anonymous 153714

ngl, i've actually seen males say this non ironically…

Anonymous 153727

No dude you’ve got it all wrong. Women are addicted to BWC, I could go to Thailand right now and get treated like a god and it’s because I’m white, not because of my visa mmkay. I’ve seen JAV with a white dude where the girl was moaning so loud and she wasn’t faking it I’m 99% sure of that. He’s my collage of 20 random WMXF couples I stole from facebook to prove my point. Women go crazy for big white cock, just because I’m still a virgin now at 28 doesn’t mean I’m not a Chad, I’m literally better than all of you and I could get a harem of 11/10 Japanese girls with triple J tits anytime I want. God I love being white, I can’t wait to marry an Asian tradwife from the Philippines and save the white race with her, 1488.

Anonymous 153752


Anonymous 153754

God I wish I had a dommy mommy to cook for me, clean for me, work a high-paying and prestigious full time job to pay for me to sit at home and play video games/masturbate, be a 10/10 milf who looks like she's 20, love me for who I am unconditionally (even if I am obese, balding and never used a skincare product in my life) and have sex with me on demand while making it feel like she's the one who's coercing me into having sex. Being dominated is great

Anonymous 154026

Yup, that’s the point. It’s disturbingly accurate.

Anonymous 154296

Poor guy, I hope he finds someone who genuinely loves him.

Anonymous 154368

i need to get off of /r9k/

Anonymous 154377


Anonymous 154398

My chin is 0.000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 inch too short so I will never get a gf because all women are whores heil Hitler kill the jews who ruined the world with their schemes and turned women into sluts who fuck literally everyone

Anonymous 154406

*except me

Anonymous 154416


Anonymous 154743

I think class is more important than sex

Anonymous 159834

Hey bros, I’m an introverted 5’10” skinny fat white guy in my early 30s, decent face, average dick, 100k/year in engineering job. Tried working out and improving my personality, but nothing works. What is the best way to accept that I am destined to die alone?

Anonymous 159840

estrogen and no penis

Anonymous 159907

the advice still stands

Anonymous 160065

As a man, this tread is shit. Being a man isn't as easy and privileged as it seems and this isn't helping anyone. Females should recognize their own privileges and better themselves instead of blaming everything on us.

Anonymous 160480

kek this was a good one, nice job

Anonymous 162892


>See, the thing is, you need a younger wife to spread your genes adequately and make sure your kids come out good looking and healthy. It’s simple eugenics bro. If you have kids by an older woman they’ll come out looking nothing like you and will look all ugly and shit. What’s the point of having kids if they look nothing like you? That’s why you need the mother of our kids to be young, the younger the better. 12 at the oldest. All our ancestors did it bro, it’s natural.

Anonymous 163469

Reminds me of that Shrek 4 short guy, but he somehow happens to be uglier!

Anonymous 163694

As much as I'm aware of how schizophrenic they are, they aren't equivalent to incels. Incels have it in the name, they can't get sex with anyone without paying for it. Their own standards are irrelevant because women do not desire to date someone who is fat or ugly or some other undesirable trait. Even the ugliest of hog women can get laid if they seek it out with reasonable standards in mind. The problem being 'reasonable woman' is an oxymoron. Incels are 2/10 men, what you'd describe as a femcel is also a 2/10 but 2/10 women can still get fucked by any man up to a 5. No woman in the world is willing to have sex with a man who is less than a 4, regardless of whether they're a 4 themselves or a 2 or a 1. It doesn't matter.

Anonymous 163753


Uprising will happen soon. Incels are growing faster than ever, society is about to realize they've been torturing hundreds of millions of men by withholding us from their basic right to sex and love.
But it will be too late for them, they will pay, and it won't be cheap.

I work as a data analyst and from extrapolating this graph, facts show 6 years from now we will be 70% of the population, and reach complete domination by 2039. Then, chads and women will regret their mistakes and shiver in fear of the retaliations

Anonymous 163802


Anonymous 163808

Sounds like you live on self delusion to convince yourself it has any meaning.

Bitch if I knew you irl I'd axe your dick right off. You aren't owed anything. Your kind are nothing but a parasitic plague on this earth. Pig fuckers with no prospects that throw their swine entitlement everywhere.

Your mad because your constantly rejected? But you bring it on yourself living and talking like a swine. Who the fuck would want to live with a turd like you and go insane from doing so? Nobody. You can't face how disgusting you are so you listen to apes who tell you a rat fuck like you is owed something because it makes you feel less worthless.

Try not living and talking like an animal instead maybe. Or you know kys faggot

Anonymous 163814

>she doesnt know what thread this is
This thread is bad for miners mental health

Anonymous 163815


Nah I was posting like a moid, god damn when I post elsewhere you all say I post like a man but when I post in here all the time you bitch I post like a woman.
I'm actually crying now for once, fuck you lol

Anonymous 163819


To be fair, some scrotes there write similar or more extreme replies to "the growing incel issue".
From simple internet monitoring to prostitution through forced HTR/sedating drugs (making them finally join the ranks of those women who have it so easy)

Anonymous 167607

It only accelerates them into suicide at least an incel if they were less mentally ill would be sort of fixable. A tranny? Never they are dead ends and death itself. They are the opposite of potential. Trans Lives Dont Matter.

Anonymous 167638

Yes I did it too well I get it lol
How many babbes have you formed?

Anonymous 167824

>How many babbes have you formed?
Why is that relevant?

Anonymous 167832

Check the fucking thread title retard, god bro you're like so brain dead in here trying to talk like some chick. It's just a joke, settle down dog.

Anonymous 168032

oh shit sorry bro

Anonymous 168705

I want to prolapse this bitch so bad rn

Anonymous 168742

Fuuuuck it's so over bros…

Anonymous 168841

I really enjoy having a wiener, fellow men.

Anonymous 168856

I enjoy it so much, I am only sexually attracted to women with wieners. No, the fact that I jerked off to thousands of hours of porn featuring wieners of other men since my prepubescence has nothing to do with it.

Anonymous 168883

I just want to be loved

Anonymous 168931

bro ;_;

Anonymous 168940

Femoid detected, or maybe a faggot
This one's definitely the faggot

[Niche beauty]poster 169268


Anonymous 169373


Anonymous 170650

Bro, same, holes will never know the joys of peeing standing up.
I wish I had an extra dick instead of a butthole so I could shit standing up as well.

Anonymous 170652

Actually that sounds annoying because it drips everywhere which is why the v men's restroom perpetually smells like a pisslocker

Anonymous 171318


I'm sad bros

I'm being rejected by multiple crushes simultaneously and I honestly understand why.

Should I continue to be docile, controlling my urges, and keep accumulating girl friends or should I be spiteful, call them sluts, intimidate them and push them away?

I think it will be easier on them to make them hate me, it's probably a burden to befriend or ghost low value moids out of guilt. It's best if I give them a reason to move on and block me.

I can also use my hatred as a fuel for self improvement, with the goal of reversing the supply-demand assymmetry and power dynamic. I wonder what it feels like to be desired by so many people that it becomes a nuisance.

Unironically tough choice.

Anonymous 171322

send boobs

Anonymous 171325

I sent you a picture of my dick please respond.

Anonymous 171665

Meh, replace ugly bastard with futa or strapon, otherwise its not really believable.

Anonymous 171670

Sounds like something written by bot.

Anonymous 171674


No it's believable to the resident troll who goes to moid space all the time, it works.

Anonymous 172258

shut up faggot

Anonymous 172261

Medium size is perfect.

Anonymous 172265

>The girl wouldn't say anything because she is afraid to admit she cheated on the first place
She won't admit it? Your story makes literally no sense. You mean he told you he forcibly raped a woman and she says he didn't? What?

Anonymous 172313

>Post like a moid
>as his older sister
/feels is two blocks down

Anonymous 172555

my gf is being a total bitch, she started doing this thing where she was ignoring me to try and teach me a lesson or some shit. i keep reaching out to her and being like yo when we gonna chill? it's been years and she even got a little fake bf to try and make me jealous and now theys got a kid too, like for real girl stop playing these stupid games with me freal.

Anonymous 172598

Stop being a fucking simp, that chick belongs to the streets

Anonymous 178576


20% of men are fucking 80% of women

Anonymous 178579


wtf she's obviously still into you bro, don't be a cuck and crawl into her house through her window. women will tell you they don't like this but never ask a fish how to get caught bro.

Anonymous 178580

Thats just me.

Anonymous 178595


>MFW i have pomulos poco definidos, ojos cansados, dientes torcidos, mandibula retrasada, tabique desviado, and cara estrecha.

Anonymous 178691

Why bitches be shaving they pussies but not they assholes💁😂das a mullet bitch❗️

And they pussy flaps be looking like a chewed up piece of gum 😭

FAT HOES BE LIKE “my pussy stay wet”BITCH THATS SWEAT😩🤯 I NEED HEAD ☝️😳 from a THICC bitch tho

Anonymous 178722

Only when chad does this

Anonymous 178744

Don't type like that you faggot, what are you black? I agree though.

Anonymous 181501


My babymomma is mad at me because I took off and partied for 3 days, I took the car cause I was the only one of my homies who has a car. She’s mad cause my nigga threw up in cup holders. Yes, I did cheat but she should’ve known she’s too fat for me to like fucking her. I do get boners at her tho cuz I pretend she’s that shaved baby orangutan prostitute. But don’t get it twisted , hoe, I know you just squeezed a kid out but stop being so fucking fat! Jesus how hard is it to not eat for two weeks? Oh and you better not lose any fat from your ass. I have a dad bod myself but everyone knows that’s what bitches like especially dumpy fat babymamas, just accept how I am cuz nobody else wants you, bitch

Anonymous 181502

Anonymous 181506

Why do so many women want to have kids? I'm just trying to live my best life.

Anonymous 181511

Some simply so too dumb that they are mostly driven by instincts and reflexes, rather than intellect, some are autistic and insane fanatics.

Anonymous 181513

I will never have anyone understand me. This fact does not give me particular sorrow anymore as I have, since realizing this, come to appreciate this fact. However, it objectively is true, and is objectively unfortunate.

Anonymous 181514

I'm gonna hurt somebody real soon

Anonymous 181515

Ironically this one is true, normies are rather unempathetic.

Anonymous 181516

What does that mean?

Anonymous 181520

Are you breaking character or is this still part of the moidtalk?

Anonymous 181540

"Hey /b/

My name is Tiffany, and Ive been transitioning to my authentic self for a few years now. I almost pass!"

Anonymous 181629

Bussin fr fr

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