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Anonymous 137794


The pinkpill of today is that most people (especially, overwhelmingly men) are only anti-trans in the west because most western trannies are ugly autogynephiles who dont care about passing and attracting men. If they pass or at least look like Blaire White, then suddendly you've got all these right wing dudes claiming "men are better than women even at being women"

Anonymous 137797

If you think 4chan rightoid moids and the people in spheres that would watch alex jones or claim “men are better at being women an women” are anywhere near “most people” I suggest you leave the house. Try to aim for once a day but start small with once a week if youre really not up to it right away

Anonymous 137798

If you think thats exclusive to a minority of men you're the delusional one

Anonymous 137799

Once a week. You will have fun. Try restaurants. Or simply walks through a local park. It will be nice I promise

Anonymous 137800

Scrote detected

Anonymous 137803

dont matter to me because they are still going to vote for the banning of pubery blockers which I approve. If trannies run against themselves that aint my problem I'm riding the wave that takes me to my objectives.

Anonymous 137804

>if you dont agree with my schizophrenic delusions youre a scrote
Libraries can be exciting too. Quiet and people wont interact with you if that makes tou nervous

Anonymous 137805

Which objective? Saving kids who think they're trans? Indeed but I'm talking about how perverse it is the way women are seen and the true nature of men. Many women would think they are the "good", moral kinds

Anonymous 137806

Anon during this months adventure outside the house, try to ponder this.
>if men think trannies are better than women why are trannies always forced to only sleep with homosexual men and other trannies in the real world
Perhaps putting your thoughts to a private journal may help you work through them too.

Anonymous 137807

>why are trannies always forced to only sleep with homosexual men and other trannies in the real world
Lmao, thats not how it works sweetie. Our society is a big lie

Anonymous 137809

My overall life objective is that trannies get just banned from their medicalizaiton that would be cool af. The other objective is to get the trannies out of our spaces.

Anonymous 137810

I honestly, not “hehe i making fun of a random stranger online”, but honestly think you have severe mental illness and a detachment from reality so alarming you are likely a danger to others. Please get help

Anonymous 137812

men are literally all gay just repressed. why do you think they all want anal????

Anonymous 137813

>My overall life objective is that trannies get just banned from their medicalizaiton that would be cool af. The other objective is to get the trannies out of our spaces.

You will never have either. Puberty blockers and HRT for minors is illegal where I live but theres this subclass of gay males who transition who manage to get hold of them as teens through older trannies. Look at Thailand, these men are not legally considered women and yet walk freely into womens spaces because they look more like women than they look like men. At most you wont have ugly AGPs entering your spaces but trannies who manage to look more "feminine", either gay men or a few AGPs who are more motivated to look like women, will, thats just how it works in literally any place with trannies whether or not they have trans rights and I can confirm this because I live in such a place

Anonymous 137815

Transgender is the 7th most watched porn category by men. What are you gonna claim? All men are gay? Porn addiction is turning them gay? Yes, most men are indeed gay, but not in the way you (and most people) think

Anonymous 137816

And if you dont believe me, look the statistics up

Anonymous 137817

So trannies are in 7th place behind 6 varieties of women?

Anonymous 137819

Yes, but they are still the 7th. You said trannies only sleep with homosexuals or other trannies, thats a illusion. Your typical homosexual has no attractio for transsexuals. HSTS (homosexual trannies aka the passing ones) would have no incentive to transition whatsoever if that was the case

Anonymous 137820

No thats not an illusion thats a fact. And when you leave the house youll see the world isnt like your porn addiction. Youll also be shocked to learn men are not exclusively sleeping with people with massive breasts, despite what the porn categories say.

Anonymous 137824

Most men arent sleeping with women with gigantic breasts not because they dont want to, but because most can't. I never claimed most men were sleeping with trannies, after all trannies are only 1% of the population and the passing ones are even fewer than that. I think most men would do so with the passing ones if given the chance and that was my point to you saying trannies only sleep with homosexual dudes

Anonymous 137825

And given that back in reality even the “passing” trannies are forced to date other ugly trannies, homosexual men or the bottom barrel of men your theory is disproven. If your idea had any grounding in reality these 1% or whatever fraction you deem passing (none do) would the belle of the ball with the top men. Zero are. Because men will always choose a woman over a man except when put on camera and trying to voice some pseudo intelligent “dis” against modern feminism or whatever theyre seething at today.

Anonymous 137826

Whatever makes it easier for you to cope with patriarchy and men

Anonymous 137827

You should spend your first day in public ripping off the wigs of the “women” you see men walking around with. Expose them as the trannies they are.

Anonymous 137833

It's easier to tell boomers what puberty blockers are really about because they never heard that term ever in their lives all this shit is being legalized and passed behind their backs they didnt vote for this.

Anonymous 137834

Anonymous 137845

Most men are addicted to deranged porn and constantly seek out even more deranged genres. Also I think tranny porn being so popular is a sign that the current male sexuality is broken beyond fixing at this point. Men who are genuinely attracted to trannys have something severely wrong with them and are usually into other hardcore paraphilias as well

Anonymous 137857

passing trannies don't exist, even blaire does not pass once you take candid shots of him

Anonymous 137866

Do you have any of these?!

Anonymous 137869

Samefag, I'm just curious. But I actually feel like we are blessed to death by Blaire White. She is a voice of reason, whichever way you want to look at it. She actually talks about all the ways trans individuals abuse their power, women, pressure young girls/boys into transitioning, and advocate for mental health "experts" who never question gender dysphoria. You should thank god she does what she does. It takes a lot of nerve, who else could do it better?

Anonymous 137871

go on his instagram, watch his videos

are you new to the internet or something?

Anonymous 137873

Anonymous 137878

>I actually feel like we are blessed to death by Blaire White. She is a voice of reason, whichever way you want to look at it.


Simp harder for gay men

Anonymous 137879

I didn't say Blaire passes. Also, yeah, I know its super hard for americans to imagine this, but there trannies who pass and there are trannies who look more conventionally "pretty" than most women. If you had ever been to Thailand or LATAM, you would know this

Anonymous 137880

No. Theres really not.

Anonymous 137882

>Most men are addicted to deranged porn and constantly seek out even more deranged genres.
I wonder why stuff like scat, zoophilia and such aren't within the top 10 most watched stuff then if its porn to blame

Anonymous 137883

Youre a man

Anonymous 137884

why are you here? go goon and fry your dopanine receptors

Anonymous 137885

Lmao moid hands typed this post. You're pathetic.

Anonymous 137886

t. coping homosexual male

Anonymous 137887

Jesus, you're all so dumb

Anonymous 137889

You will always be instantly clocked as having been born a man, despite being in latin america or thailand or whatever ridiculous cope youve come up with

Anonymous 137891

Trannies dont want puberty blockers. Ideally they want children and infants on HRT and having SRS. Both HRT and SRS and puberty blockers need to be 100% illegal for all gender related disorders AT ALL AGES

Anonymous 137894

I've seen trannies I couldn't clock and others I would have to take closer looks to clock, thats exactly what makes it dangerous. Yes, they are a minority of a minority, but you dumb bitches rather insist such thing doesnt exist at all

Anonymous 137895

Lol the moid is absolutely seething hes been proved wrong

Anonymous 137899

I just watch the YouTube videos.

Anonymous 137901

You will never be a woman.

Anonymous 137904

>tranny gaslit themselves into thinking they magically pass
Next he will say his friends are sincere when they tell him hes really a woman

Anonymous 137906

You're right my god I've never seen this one.

Anonymous 137908

And theres many more lol. This dude is always shitting on women and feminism

Anonymous 137909

Should be obvious to anyone. Hence why hes dragged around by “right” wing circles

Anonymous 137911


Anonymous 137916

It should be obvious its all so he is simped by macho right wingers

Anonymous 137917

>thinks I'm a tranny, man or pro-trans in any way because I'm pointing out to a real issue you rather simply deny so you dont have to bother with it

Anonymous 137927


Theres also a tweet where he says he has never seen a terf that doesnt look like a man

Anonymous 137928


Anonymous 137934


Anonymous 137941

he is coping because he has no vagina and because he hated his mother lol
anyway if he votes for republicans fine by me i dont give a fuck but Alabama and other states banned trannies so I'm all down for that. Later on I would like if a third party raises but third parties are almost fucking impossible in the US. A good political objective within the narrow framework of American politics is to make the lives of trannies impossible just because they have fucked with us so many times many real female athletes been fired because of fucking trannoids, for all the women that have been raped in jail by trannoids, this is war and anything is allowed now no mercy. They took a woman's job, they raped a woman then I'm going to take all their HRTs and burn it, it will be illegal and it will be a criminal offense to posses it as a regular citizen.

Anonymous 137949

Maybe porn could be used as a weapon against troons and moids, this definately could kill then (sorry my english)

Anonymous 137950

>I agree with anon that it'a good to have trans people talking about the bulk of the lunacy

This is my sentiment, but why does she have to ruin her message by pandering to right wings? We need someone whose that honest. Not just aimless transbashing because nobody listens to that. It is simply grotesque to pressure a 14 yr old to cut off their breasts, and refuse to question their gender dysphoria. That you can only be right wing to question that is absolutely fucking insane. I don't care what trans people do if they don't hurt anybody, but they go to far getting children involved. How do you believe anything a 14 year old Saya they believe ? Nobody that young knows what they're about 100%. It is freakishly unbelievable lefts progressives etc simply won't consider that.

Anonymous 137951

How so?

Anonymous 137952

Holy fuck this is supremely wrong. Their numbers are few and far between. Heterosexual men perpetuate more abuse because they're numerous and can abuse power more easily.

Anonymous 137955

Your error is thinking a transsexual can be both moral and transsexual, it can't. Secondly, homossexual transsexuals (which is what Blaire is) transition primarily to get straight macho dick, I think this says it all. His whole live and identity is around getting the approval and being attractive to this sort of men and whats a better strategy for that than being a pickme self-hating hypocrite who shits on feminism, freaks like himself, etc while looking like a bimbo with his big fake implants always showing?

Anonymous 137956

Stop grooming kids

Anonymous 137958

Sorry but the per capita rate of pedophilia from homosexual and troon men is through the roof. Its likely under reported too. I seriously would not doubt if the number of actual pedophilic men in those communities was a full 100%. The entire troon community is based around “hatching” “tight young eggs” to get their “yolk”. You only need to look at the catholic church to see what happens to children when left alone with homosexual men. The homosexual men are attempting to move that behavior into public with their PRIDE parades.

Anonymous 137961

Never met a gay man who wouldn’t rape a kid if given the chance.

Anonymous 137963

But what exactly do you mean "stay out of our spaces"? Do you think these freaks are using the male bathroom for example? Of course not. If it looks more like a woman than like a man, it is always entering female spaces and putting on a woman costume to navigate society as a woman, thats the whole point of being a TIM

Anonymous 137965

>hes got a whole folder dedicated to defending his pedo friends
Totally normal non pedophile behavior

I rest my case

Anonymous 137967

And all gays are pedos

Anonymous 137969

>im not defending pedos but please dont mock us catholics. When my pastor told me how tight my bussy was i knew i was a gay man. Its not pedophilia its just religion

Anonymous 137971

The only way to keep children safe from homosexual men is to give the men the Mathew Shepard treatment. In an ideal world this would be completely legal. The homosexual nature of the men is enough to confirm they are pedophiles and likely full blown rapists.

Anonymous 137972

>when the walls of my bussy tore open as he showed me the station’s of the cross i screamed HALLELUJAH!

Anonymous 137973

Anonymous 137974

AI can actually detect homosexualality in faces. This process could be automated.

Anonymous 137990

what a shit thread

Anonymous 137991

No it's impossible really. It almost always leads to making moids worse.

The play here is de-legalizing everything trannies use. A total outlawing of all the shit they do, even the discord grooming should be leading to them getting arrested by the feds, we need stricter laws against trannies and pedophiles.

Anonymous 137998

Well sometimes i just wonder if push troons into porn more and more could make then doom themselves (cause muh empowering, muh better then biopussy). And moids brains are alredy melted by porn anyway… and de-legalizing everything trannies use may be almost impossible, they have the "opressed card" and the mainstream media are always on their side, for exemple

Anonymous 138001

De-legalize HRT and then are gonna buy it on the black market. De-legalize surgeries and they are still gonna get them through illegal clinics

Anonymous 138009

> suddendly you've got all these right wing dudes claiming "men are better than women even at being women"

but I think that right there says a lot about what they think being a woman is, and tbh makes them a part of this issue. they think being a woman means playing up the hyper-femininity; you need to wear pretty dresses, pretty heels, long hair, makeup needs to be nice and cute and accentuate feminine features, your feminine assets (boobs, legs, butt) should be emphasized, you should strive to look good all the time for the male gaze. of course, male trannies think this is all you have to do to be a woman as well. when you reduce womanhood to this act of dress-up, no wonder you get these trannies who think doing this makes them women too.

whether you're homely and hairy or waxed hairless with the longest eyelash extensions, whether you like to fart on the couch drinking beer or you like to walk around a shopping mall - what ultimately defines your womanhood is your biological sex. nothing more nothing less.

Anonymous 138010

Yes that is the point let them struggle with the black market tranny. That is exactly the objective. Good luck grooming children that way retard having to posses illicit drugs enjoy jail.

Anonymous 138016

I think it has reached a point where it will be impossible to de-legalize any of the artifices used by the troons, they are already at the top of the podium of oppression and anyone who contradicts them will be persecuted because "muh terf wants to genocide us". This shit will have to combust and burn to the end unfortunately

Anonymous 138018

I mean Alabama banned trannoids, more states like that would be nice. It can be done. Attack them where its effective, at least this way you will force them to move and guess who can move? Adults. Limiting them is a worthwhile goal, they have took shit too far, its time to fight back.

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