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They/Them Anonymous 137859

I have so far only met women who assert that they are 'other'. Now maybe that's just because I really only hang around women these days. Has anybody met men who also demand to be called 'they'?

Either way I've been meeting they/thems lately. I do try to ask them why they see themselves that way. Often times it seems like they just don't want to be observed as women because women are:

1. Objectified


2. Oppressed

And they do not seem to be aware of those reasons to their insistence to not be called 'she'.

It doesn't appear to be an actual disconnect from what these people actually are (women). Other times maybe it's that they do not feel their gender/sex…

Question. Does anybody feel like a woman? Does anybody feel like a man? Outside of trans individuals, do regular people feel like their sex? I never have. I'm just a human being… What does it even mean to feel like a woman? I don't think most women feel anything…


Anonymous 137862

>Outside of trans individuals, do regular people feel like their sex?
I don't think so. And in my opinion the idea of "feeling your sex" is why there are so many trans individuals, they think that there's something wrong with them for not feeling it, and they transition to finally feel something. I don't know, maybe that's a stupid theory, but I think there's something to it.

Anonymous 137876

I think you may be right. I think ultimately if you are sane and healthy, you don't feel anything at all. I'd really like to ask people but I think they would be naturally guarded and say 'yes' even if they don't actually feel anything.

Anonymous 137888

Dumb question
Fuck trannies

Anonymous 137932

If I ever met someone using they/them irl I'd just avoid them

Anonymous 137999

I don't feel like a woman. I am a woman, a biological female. And it brings me so much joy. My sex helps me respect my body, because I respect women more than anything else.

Anonymous 138002

I've met male they/thems. For me, it's easy to see under the veil that they're just using this fad as a new way to pick up women. Kind of like a mutated extension of the feminist man. They didn't have luck being your run of the mill Tom, Dick and Harry so they're just giving this a go in hopes it'll bring success.

As far as being a woman, I only am what I am. Having had once a phase where I felt like I wanted to be anything else or nothing at all, all it was to escape the pressure of preforming feminity, objectification, etc. Which is funny you say because many of the female they/thems I've met wear hyper feminine clothing that accentuates their body. Of course they do it in a way that is odd and peculiar, with clown makeup and weird accessories, it doesn't change the fact they're performing the one thing they apparently want separation from, being seen as a "woman". Either way, it's a social phenomenon that has devasting aftereffects for those who choose to go through medical transition and it's a shame to see these young women not being able to find a comfortable middle ground with their sex, because frankly it's not that big of a deal.

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