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nylon stocking hate thread Anonymous 138007

I don't get it. Why buy and wear them at all?
They don't really cover your legs, at all. I still have to shave my legs when I wear them because you can still see all the hair matted down in them because they're literally see through.
They don't keep your legs warm, at all. You might as well wear absolutely nothing.
They're extremely uncomfortable with practically no benefit at all.
On top of that, they constantly rip and get runners in them and are good for like maybe 3 uses max.
Just get some normal winter stockings made out of stronger material that have a purpose.
Seriously, why buy these things unless they're the nicer fashion kind with patterns on them or something? They have no fucking purpose.
I'm fucking tired of clothing companies making using their shitty and pointless products fashion etiquette and brainwashing the whole population into wasting their fucking money.

Anonymous 138019

I've never worn them, but I support your hate of them.

Anonymous 138021

Hate them too. I’m glad that they are less fashionable these days. They feel so artificial when you wear them and so terrible for the environment.

Now I only wear wool tights in winter and nothing in summer. I don’t care if neither of these choices are sexy. I already have a bf, I don’t want another one.

Anonymous 138022

I really enjoy them. You should try wearing more comfortable ones. I like the opaque silky ones.

Anonymous 138024

why? what is enjoyable about them?

Anonymous 138028

I wore them to a wedding where wearing opaque tights felt a bit out of season but my legs are way too pale to go bare-legged.

Anonymous 138033

They look horrible. Since I don't like or think about them, there's always a moment where I think someone's skin pigmentation is messed up. The orange ones look even more disgusting.

Anonymous 138039

The "too pale" thing needs to die already. Every natural skin colour should be acceptable.

Anonymous 138040

Why are they even a thing? Whose legs are that colour?

Anonymous 138056

I like how they can balance out an outfit, but finding a comfy and durable pair is hard. Shopping for tights and seeing how many are marketed to slim down your tummy grosses me out a bit too.

Anonymous 138062

I have a skin condition. My skin is scaly. The stockings not only make me feel confident, they just look cute to boot. I like colorful ones like yellow/blue/pink but mostly just wear white.

Anonymous 138068

images (23).jpeg

The only good stockings are the straight black ones. Oh my god I love how they look.

Anonymous 138070

images (22).jpeg

Well basically any SHEER hose is super annoying to me. I feel like the colored hoses are more durable too.

Anonymous 138113

>Well basically any SHEER hose is super annoying to me. I feel like the colored hoses are more durable too.
Because those aren't nylon stockings, they're tights usually woven in a different way and made of a different fabric (cotton is common). Those are fine IMO because they serve a purpose and don't get shredded after 2 uses.

Anonymous 138114


I love stockings. I feel more confident to show my legs when I'm using them, because it doesn't feel like I'm showing anything and it makes my thighs look thinner.

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 138119

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