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Which would you rather date, a Worm that only spoke German, or a German who only spoke worm? Anonymous 138391

*The German can be either sex, the worm is (naturally) hermaphroditic.

Anonymous 138402



Anonymous 138404

Would you rather date a German (presumably human) man or woman but who only spoke worm, or, would you rather date a worm who only spoke the language that is German.

Anonymous 138411

What kind of worm? If it's those parasitic ones, I wouldn't date a worm.

Anonymous 138413

Brazilian Earthwor…

Standard earthworm, standard earthworm size. Not harmful at all.

Though I am also open to interpretations were the worm hits Brazilian levels of big. Still earthworm, just big.

Anonymous 138415

thats a big worm

Anonymous 138416

That's Australian, not German.

Anonymous 138417

I don't speak either

Anonymous 138421

Spoke worm like when he talks worms falling out of his mouth?

Anonymous 138423

i think she meant something like doing weird worm-like sticky sounds

Anonymous 138425

He can only speak the language of worms, he does not produce worms, just can only converse in the language of worms.

Anonymous 138427

If i learn worm language it should be okay

Anonymous 138430


Can parcelmouths speak worm too
I mean, worm resembles a little snake, so do they share one language family

Anonymous 138437

Does the worm language sound better or worse than German?

Anonymous 138439

I don't speak either of those languages so the language hardly matters. I suppose worm is better because german always sounds angry and yelling and it would make me sad a lot. I have no intention to learn either language, not for a worm or a filthy g*rman.
Full blooded german??? eh…picrel, not my type really they're always kinda creepy looking. However I NEED sex and I'd rather do so with a german man or even a woman than I would with a worm.
Therefore, the german wins.

Anonymous 138440


4got pic

Anonymous 138443

Men are already worms.

Anonymous 138444

Then choose between a German Woman who only speaks worm and a worm that only speaks German.

Anonymous 138446

Neither because I’m not retarded.

Anonymous 138447


Anonymous 138457


I'd date a German guy that spoke worm because I don't wanna go out with anyone or anything hermaphroditic

Anonymous 138462

stfu he is my husbando stfu stfu stfu stfu no one is allowed to post him but me

Anonymous 138465


Anonymous 138467

I'm sorry I won't post him again

Anonymous 138468

Why worms always gotta be falling out if your mouth guy? Seek help

Neither both are trash :l

Anonymous 138472


Anonymous 138474

Why don't you just ask whether I want trailer trash or a fat basement fuck op? Thread isn't about "germans" it's about nazi trash

Anonymous 138475

Still struggling with your identity basement worm? Why did you make the thread at all? Rofl why do you care what some cc women think ?

Anonymous 138476

he's my husbando too (one of them at least) good choice nona

Anonymous 138477

More than one husbando makes you a weirdo.

Anonymous 138478

OP here, I'm not the Hetalia poster. I just thought it was a funny juxtaposition between Germans and worms with language wordplay sprinkled on top.

Anonymous 138480

not really if you read or watch multiple series. also it's literally some 2D character, it's not that serious

Anonymous 138481



all i hear is that you're mad as hell that i'm posting your husbando. i'm gonna keep posting him kek

Anonymous 138483


As the initial Hetalia poster I apologize for the decisiveness I have brought unto this thread
My true husbando is Kyle Hyde and he is neither German nor wormy

Anonymous 138484

Why are we hetalia posting in this year girlie

Anonymous 138486

STOP he is mine STOP

Anonymous 138487

The worm because I'd like to talk to it, ask it what being a worm underground is like, about their predators, etc

Anonymous 138489


Anonymous 138494


Anonymous 138550

samefag how many times today anon

Anonymous 138621

Im hesitating a lot

Worms are cool and i love german language and talking to it would be interesting
But a mute man (i mean im pretty sure worms dont talk like we do) would be cool especially if its a cute german chad or twink (i like both styles)

Anonymous 138697


new germany poster here, he's been my husbando since 2013. i have a shrine for him and collect his merch. yes i am a degenerate.

Anonymous 138705


I own his body pillow.

Anonymous 138796


did you preorder his latest figure? its on the orange rouge website

Anonymous 138801

NTA Quality looks ass.

Anonymous 138802

how do you usually tell just from the picture? legit curious

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