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Anonymous 138490

Why is it that people waste so much energy on internet arguments? Don't get me wrong, I've spent hours involved with internet arguments too but in the end you're always sort of disapointed because you gain almost nothing from it and you just waste time. I guess sometimes you can expect to gain some interesting information of new perspective from it so you keep engaging but it is soooo tiring. Let's start an internet argument about internet arguments.

Anonymous 138492

I think most people just want be right and be part of group, still they don't even know the subject that they are arguing about. Or even because they are just felling lonely and/or angry and need someone to talk/fight to

Anonymous 138498

People need to be reminded that they are idiots.

Anonymous 138499

>Why is it that people waste so much energy on internet arguments?
Because there's no lose state. You mention never gaining anything from it, you never risk anything either.
>but muh time
The majority of people do not realize time is a valuable commodity until their midlife crisis.

Anonymous 138501

[Legion Infamy Gai…

there's a couple of different reasons, but they're usually either to save face for whatever side their arguing for, to act smug and condescending because of how "right" they are, or something like pic related

Anonymous 138505

I used to argue with people on the internet but yeah it's a waste of time and just pisses you off for no reason. Nowadays I'll just call someone a retard or a normie and leave.

Anonymous 138523

i pick my battles more these days but i still engage sometimes. its pretty easy to tell when someones going to be a waste of everyones time.

Anonymous 141153

Arguing with people online is indulging in stroking your own ego, and re-affirming for yourself your opinions. It's a futile and gratuitous activity that people justify with everything under the sun, instead of admitting that they are doing nothing in their life and are filled with hatred and bitterness because of it. It's pure pleasure-seeking, people just try to mask it as something productive. Fucking nitwits.

Anonymous 141156

You find it enjoyable because you get to grandstand your opinions and think you have solved something correctly. Your opinions are not important to anyone, not even yourself. If it's not making you money or propelling a self-improvement of some kind, then it is a gratuitous waste of time that you are vainly trying to justify, because if you didn't justify it– then oh god, golly gee!! Have I been wasting away in front of a computer, debating absolutely inconsequential bullshit with strangers on the internet whilst my life has been crumbling around me? How can I ever recover from this!

Before responding, go for a walk and ponder a bit, follow through with the logic of what you do, is there any tangible, long-lasting and substantial benefit to you arguing with people on the internet?
good luck.

Anonymous 141158

im autistic

Anonymous 141161

Sometimes I want to impart information. Not usually to whoever has said what I'm disagreeing with, because often times they're too far gone, but to anyone who might be looking on from their own monitor. I'll admit sometimes it's just a longwinded excuse to call someone a pea-brained giga-idiot.

This doesn't really carry over into real life. It's usually much easier to convince someone, or at least attempt to, face-to-face.

Anonymous 141162


I don’t care to dig it up because he’s a loser and it doesn’t matter, but the guy that wrote Dilbert had some essay where he explained that fighting with people, online or irl, gave him energy. He (cringily) compared it to a lion feeding. I take that at face value for people on the more sociopathic/psychopathic/narcissistic/antisocial side neurologically. They just enjoy it and it pumps them up. They’re demons.
For normal people, I think it only happens when something else sets them off by either being profoundly stupid (hence the term bait) or offending them personally. If it and any subsequent flaming cuts deep enough on something personally sensitive, they can go “on tilt” and behave more like an ASPD/NPD for a while, starting shit elsewhere. So there’s a domino effect where if you tolerate antisocial behavior, they will then put even normal posters on tilt, who then set more people off, and basically even one ASPD can set off a fractal domino effect that takes a while to burn out. That’s why you have to ban them, permanently if they’re ASPD or temporarily until they cool down if they’re just on tilt.
If you’re not ASPD, the only way to avoid it is either not going places that will have content that sets you off, or work through whatever made you so sensitized to that topic until it doesn’t bother you anymore. I only have one or two things that set me off anymore, but on the rare (once a year or less maybe?) occasion that nerve gets hit I invariably sperg out until I get banned.

Anonymous 141186

No outlet in real life

Anonymous 141242

We all know we're here for self-improvement and not to argue about stupid autistic shit over and over again, or to read someone else doing it

Anonymous 141248

You sound very odd. I like CC but I don't see anything self improvement related here at all.

Anonymous 141252

sometimes it can just be plain fun provided everyone is arguing in good faith and know what they're talking about to some degree. sadly, this is rarely the case and most of the time it's just a battle between bruised egos

Anonymous 154008

I usually do it to prod people for information. Anyone can rarely change someone's mind during an internet argument, but I can use the argument to better understand the people who disagree with me, and maybe even change my mind about something. The spectators get something out of the argument too. Sometimes The person I argue with is the stupid one, but sometimes I think about an argument later on and realize that I was the stupid one. The only people who are truly stupid are the ones that think they are right about absolutely everything and never question their own opinions.

Anonymous 154023

It’s absolutely pointless. Focus on your own life instead of trying to make others agree with you.

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