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Rain, rain, go away. Anonymous 138542

Hi miners, a girl called Isa that I considered a close friend just unfriended me.

I know she was a miner and came here sometimes, so this is my goodbye to her.

Anonymous 138544




there are plenty of friendly fish in the sea of friendship, nona.

Anonymous 138545

Thank you, I appreciate the kind words..
I'll keep this thread open until it expires. A captain goes down with the ship.

Anonymous 138909


No way, I also used to talk to her. Yesterday I logged in the discord account I was using back when we met and I saw she had deleted hers. She stopped replying to me before New Year's and I kept routinely checking to see if she had reached out back so it made me sad when I noticed.

Anonymous 138912



Ah… I expected she had deleted it.
She wasn't responding, so I would close the conversation and open it from the friends menu every so often, so I wouldn't have to feel bad seeing it dead on the sidebar.

One day she disappeared from the friend list.
Unreal, after all this time.

If you want to talk, here's my discord.

Anonymous 138915

fuck you isa

Anonymous 138925

God all of you sound so stupid and desperate. Stop being doormats and pickmes and grow a spine

Anonymous 138957

No they don't, you aggressive weirdo.

Anonymous 138990

I think this thread is a bit weird. Don't you this might just scare Isa off more? Keep it to yourself

Anonymous 139003

It is positively weird. I see this a lot on the other chan, would hate if this became normal here.
No one likes being ghosted, but you have to understand this is the internet, and you're not going to click with everyone, the same way you wouldn't click with everyone you cross paths with IRL. It would be nice to know exactly why it didn't work, but sometimes you just don't vibe, and it's a bit awkward to expect the other person to write you a 10 page monograph on why you don't vibe. Doing this sort of public thing only makes people more guarded and closed off the next time they try to talk, which in turn will make it harder for you to make friends, etc.

Anonymous 139033

We talked for almost two years. It already happened, I'm not looking for anything.

Anonymous 139034

Tbh it's weirder you're getting so hung up on girls who did nothing but post a goodbye to their friend on a public forum. You're acting like theyre stalking this girl lol. I've ghosted annoying people before and if i was in her place at most id just get a bit of an ego boost from being missed, there's nothing creepy about it and she can just ignore it. Not to mention none of them asked for an explanation and considering she ghosted multiple people and deleted her discord she's probably going through something and not probably not even angry at either anon.

Anonymous 139042

Guess you didn't spend much time on 4chan to know where these things lead lol. I don't want this board to become a call-out forum.

Anonymous 139043

Of course not, why would I ever spend my time reading some retarded moid's incel and white supremacist manifestos? Even when theyre not sharing cp or zoophilic porn their "normal" convos and thoughts are still the most autistic shit you will ever read and I'd rather shit on my hands and clap than spend 30 mins browsing 4chan. You're also delusional for even comparing a forum full of women to a forum full of the most degenerate men ever.

Anonymous 139053

You're making it sound like we're all well adjusted kek

Anonymous 139059

In comparison to 4chan, everyone here is a model citizen to me. It's so fucking weird to pretend nerdy/shutin women are anywhere near similar to violent alt right moids addicted to kiddie porn. Women log off cc and probably idk journal or cry or watch anime, men logg off 4chan and go do shit even Jeffrey Dahmer would probably find sick.

Anonymous 139061

this my bf got mad at me for liking guro but then he literally used to kill frogs with his dad. and he was a "normal" moid. total hypocrites

Anonymous 139063

This. NTA but I’d honestly trust the most batshit insane shotacon gurohound woman over some average moid.

Anonymous 139070

Anonymous 139086

i wish i could be a friend to some of you miners, but i'm so shy that i think it'd be impossible for me to hold a conversation…

even out of those here who are not 'well adjusted', i can't remember seeing a poster on CC who seemed like she would harm anyone other than herself, while i get murderer vibes from 4chan posters all the time. the least normal women are still saner than the most normal moids…

Anonymous 139091

I think anonymous forums are a good way to practice socializing if you're really shy. And it's basically practicing in hard mode because people irl are most likely not gonna be as rude as some people online can be, so if you can handle it here you can handle it irl no problem O_<b

Anonymous 139093

>the least normal women are still saner than the most normal moids…
this. every moid ive dated had a daddy kink. fucking disgusting

Anonymous 139133

im sorry for your loss, anon

Anonymous 139154

You're way too mad about this and sounding even more deranged now, to be honest. Anyway, do as you wish. Just don't complain when your own username appears here along with whichever false information someone is willing to share about you because they have an axe to grind.

Anonymous 139155

You sound annoying
I'm already understanding Isa

Anonymous 139162

If I was Isa this would just creep me out, this is an anonymous forum so I think calling out random people's names is weird

Anonymous 139178

That's not OP.

Anonymous 139179

Anonymous 139185

Why would she be creeped out by a random comment that's not even OP?
Not trying to be aggressive, just think she wouldn't be.

Anonymous 139187

By 'this' I meant the thread overall

Anonymous 139192

Oh, my bad.
Well, OP wrote 2 lines saying goodbye, nothing wrong with that.
It's the other replies which are a bit creepy.

Anonymous 139193

It's way worse when someone yells at you in real life then someone on an imageboard telling you to kill yourself. There's eye contact, the fact that the person can see your reaction and you don't have the luxury of not having to respond in immediately, etc.

Anonymous 139194

Saying someone's name or username in an anonymous forum is always creepy.

Anonymous 139320


your post has the same vibe as that episode from daria where the teacher is angry about the divorce with her husband and daria says to her friend "huh i see why he divorced her"

you expect people to just feel okay with anything that happens? is having any kind of emotion about it "wrong" to you?

Anonymous 139330

you're annoying too

Anonymous 139353

I don't like this thread because I remember when I was like this, I'd get ghosted by people I met on forums and make "muh come back ;(" or sad goodbye threads.
Grow thicker skin. Like leather.

Anonymous 139359


for having empathy? you sound like you have issues tbh

Anonymous 139397

Why is the concept of anonymity so hard for you to understand?

Anonymous 139472


Anonymous 140099


These kinds of posts are cute. It shows people still see the value of friendships, and don't just huff their SOs dick or pussy.

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