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Anonymous 138551

This guy is so fucking ugly what in christ is wrong with his jaw

Anonymous 138554

i hate seeing him

Anonymous 138555

photoshop happened to his jaw?

Anonymous 138557

yeah he is obviously not real

Anonymous 138559

Got bad news for you anon his jaw looks as bad as Michael jackson's nose.

Why is this plastic surgery freak posted everywhere

Anonymous 138560

If he was real it would be even worse. Thank God he's not. 8m just saying. Wtf is with this ugly mofo

Anonymous 138561

I demand answers

Anonymous 138562


He’s only worshipped by ugly ethnic men who are insecure about not looking masculine enough, not realizing that they and everyone they look up to are a bunch of ogres. THIS is peak male.

Anonymous 138563


I think this is peak male. It's not complicated. Simple and easy to understand.

Anonymous 138568

I thought it was an ironic joke and no one were actually worshiping him

Anonymous 138569

he is funny

Anonymous 138571

it is, this thread is just dumb

Anonymous 138587

you haven't seen scrote discord servers that spam that meme around then, some scrotes do unironically whorship this photoshop generated dude

Anonymous 138701

godd speaking of which anyone else fucking hate wojacks/pepe? ugliest memes of all time including regular rage memes, i hate that it was a cringe autistic moid thing and then women just adopted them too instead of making better memes that don't make me wanna gauge my eyes out

Anonymous 138704

they're a little overused. i wish cc would spin out more of its own memes

Anonymous 138706


I hate pepe wojak chad boomer zoomer trollge etc type of memes. They're unfunny and are what has caused the death of imageboard culture. Bringing in so many people who do not lurk before posting to whatever place they go to and think that posting an epic pepe or wojak will make them true imageboard literates.

cc does produce its own memes although at a slower pace. We have biochan, terf vocaloids (although it stopped a little) and even cece (although I don't personally like how cece is like a reskin of pepe, i do hope cece will eventually evolve into becoming her own thing with no more pepe association). Picrel is a terfloids meme created by a local cc miner.

Anonymous 138711


I like apu especially the high quality ones

Anonymous 138712

I am neutral about Wojak, but I like Pepe and Apu. My favourite is Gondola though.
I completely disagree with the angle that they are "moid things" or whatever, and the only fault I see in them is that they were hijacked by normies (I hate those unfunny Twitter wojak "memes").
A meme needs to be, well, memetic. It's not just some random picture, it needs memetic properties. I think the closest we have is Cece, and she is based on Pepe.

Anonymous 138721


Yes, absolutely awful
Gondola looks semi good only because the origin is weeb - so it is simplistic enough without unnecessary messy lines and have a cute simple face - that’s why it can look cute

Anonymous 138906

I mean, the guy that's photoshopped to hell in the pic is real.

Anonymous 140399


This. I unironically think Apu is the best thing to come out of current board culture. The only good byproduct of wojaks and pepes. Gondola being a close second but it's more niche

Anonymous 140422

Based closet lesbian

Anonymous 140423

Sorry, groomer. I will never be degenerate like you.

Anonymous 140427

>reee any woman that doesn’t fit my narrative of what women should like and act must be a lesbian!1!1!1
Everyone has a type, moid.

Anonymous 140430


THIS is peak male.
not up for debate

Anonymous 140996

This is the real Chad

Anonymous 141002

I'm sorry but he literally looks like a girl


Why do you pol pickmes have to invade every thread with your race shit

Anonymous 141033

>t.moid who can’t tell a woman apart from a moid unless she’s caked in stripper makeup

Anonymous 141052

Nona, clearly that guy is not caked in stripper makeup, so that retort doesn't make sense… that said, that boy has several typically feminine face characteristics, wide open eyes, thin light eyebrows, long eyelashes, prominent lips and long hair. His masculine characteristics are his nose and wide forehead, which they even tried to hide in that photo. There's a reason boys who look like that are incredibly rare post teenage age, because moids are not genetically predisposed to look like girls.

Anonymous 141053

I don't think people actually find him attractive. He's a meme because he's such an over the top idea of masculinity and his face and body look like it's been photoshopped

Why are you taking discord servers seriously much less scrote servers? These people can't think for themselves half the time.
They probably spam it because his face is associated with other things, he's a chad so his opinions are always based, goated and right.

Anonymous 141055

>long eyelashes
>long hair
Tfw long hair is a feminine sex characteristic and men can't have long lashes (fyi, men tend to have longer eyelashes due to higher testosterone). Anon, you're either a moid or ridiculously stupid.

Anonymous 141057


>Nona, clearly that guy is not caked in stripper makeup, so that retort doesn't make sense… that said, that boy has several typically feminine face characteristics, wide open eyes, thin light eyebrows, long eyelashes, prominent lips and long hair. His masculine characteristics are his nose and wide forehead, which they even tried to hide in that photo. There's a reason boys who look like that are incredibly rare post teenage age, because moids are not genetically predisposed to look like girls.

Anonymous 141097


And now, kiss

Anonymous 141119

men are homosexual for men that can dominate them. So basically Hulk is the most attractive man for men.



Anonymous 141165

Scrote cope. Very few women want a fucking hideous ogre ass meathead. And most of those women are into fitness and steroids themselves.

Anonymous 141182

Come back in two weeks and we'll see

Anonymous 141183

Does it take you that long to wash skidmarks off your undies? After all, real manry moids don’t touch their ass.

Anonymous 141265


I beg to differ.

Anonymous 141266

Soijaks are easily the worst meme and ive never met anyone posting them who wasn’t insufferable

Anonymous 141267

Theyre big with terminally online trannies.

Anonymous 141269

apu got ruined for my by retarded moids, not even the unironic nazi ones that post him but more regular "henlo wholesome fren :)" type of moids

Anonymous 141280


this is peak male

Anonymous 141286

Dumb goy really thinks they shouldn’t support any moid coming to their senses.

Anonymous 141288


Anonymous 141303

What about the chud face? They're both equally ugly but the chudfaces are a good visual representation of the average soijak poster.


mild disapproval.p…

Anonymous 141321

it's over

Anonymous 141326

Anonymous 141327

oh my science

Anonymous 141329

Look like what? You didn't post an image you stupid protestant.

Anonymous 141331


Anonymous 141344

Same annoying spammer. Literally 4th grade humor.

Anonymous 141378

Thank you.

Anonymous 141379


Yucky unga bunga, why did everyone look like a Neanderthal in the 70s


I’m just gonna go ahead and say it: Asian men make really good bfs and husbands desu. I can only go off my personal experience, but every white guy I’ve ever met was a gross obnoxious degenerate, even the ‘trad’ ones are all gross porn addicted larpers with tranny fetishes. A lot of Asian men are genuinely trad, hidden gems. You just have to make sure he’s from a good family.

Anonymous 141460

I work with an asian gentleman and he and his doctor wife seem so happy together. I love having drinks with them.

Anonymous 141492

70s were giga based. Attractive moids who didn't have the audacity to wear ugly short hair and serial killers who would rape and kill these moids. Fuck i love it

Anonymous 141528


God no the 70s were not based. An absolute shitshow of pedophilia, men exploiting women under the free love bullshit, and systemic sexism.

Anonymous 141536

he did at first, ( https://old.reddit.com/r/eyes/comments/vq1kzr/a_picture_of_both_of_my_eyes_was_requested_after/ ) but it happened to be his most recent post that got reddit's attention.

he also posted a photo of when he had this absolutely awful hairstyling, and spent a majority of his time looking like that https://i.imgur.com/DxKI89c.jpeg

Anonymous 141546


There were plenty of cute musicians in the 70s. That particular moid happens to be one of the thal freaks.
His eyes are cool. He's not attractive though.

Anonymous 141611

why do you have such shit taste?

Anonymous 141619

Cute face, hideous body

Anonymous 141662

what does hirsute mean im too lazy for googlel pls spoonfeedme

Anonymous 141687


Anonymous 141690

hes ugly as fuck

Anonymous 141695

Doesn’t close the toilet lid after peeing. Binned.

Anonymous 142102

how would you even know he peed? you can't look inside

Anonymous 142200


Anonymous 142204

so true tbh

Anonymous 142205


so weird how these men can be both very handsome yet not attractive at all. maybe they seem soul less? too "perfect" or movie-like? there's some kind of equilibrium need with being handsome, its not enough to make people attractive

Anonymous 142206

like ive literally been attracted to men not handsome at all, almost ugly, because they "gave something". they looked interesting. i think thats that.

Anonymous 142209


I think you don't understand the meme. It's ridiculously over the top on purpose.

Anonymous 142253

You're not wrong. At all.

Anonymous 142264

Reminder that he was created by a woman

Anonymous 142295

>I guess because the look is so standard, idk
tell me where you live so i can move there

Anonymous 142773


I've noticed that Kenny Loggins looks a lot like him, and his music does not sound like what I expected it to sound like

Anonymous 142775


GigaChad is actually a guy called Ernest Khalimov photoshoped by his girlfriend/wife Krista Sudmalis. Apparently bodybuilders actually tend to be photoshopped alot to better accentuate their muscles. He actually looks like picrel.

Anonymous 142777


>GigaChad is actually a guy called Ernest Khalimov photoshoped by his girlfriend/wife Krista Sudmalis.
He wasn't photoshopped more than any other person in a given photoshoot. That is what his face looks like.

Anonymous 142778


Actually, both these are also photoshops. His actual face is in pic related.

Anonymous 142779

That doesn't look like gigachad on the right, only his jaw matches correctly.

Anonymous 142782

>this is standard
You looked at too much magazines or something and you have constantly seen it over and over through media. But the guy is objectively fit and attractive, and he has character in his own right, just the novelty has worn off for you seeing men that are "flawless"

Anonymous 142784

that's him though, whether or not you think it looks like him

Anonymous 142788

This is your only proof right? A single photo-comparatively digitally altered? Unless you're stating his official modeling agency posted the second pic.

Anonymous 142794

thats giga for sure i would know. I know him irl fr girl and thats really giga

Anonymous 143650

i fucking hate wojaks and wojakers alike. They are fucking strangling the life out of imageboards. Posting a wojak on the internet should result in someone coming to your house and kneecapping you.
I never minded Gondola cause I dont see them around often and they are never used in the same way as wojaks (ie: stifling any sort of meaning conversation) and Gondolas I've seen exist to be lighthearted or silly which I always get a laugh out of

Anonymous 143655

If the internet depends on trannies to live, I prefer if the internet dies, thanks.

Anonymous 144683

download (7).gif

No… I said RAIDEN!!!!!!!!

Anonymous 144721

This makes sense, but why marketing? To get more people onto the site because it is so repetitive and easy to integrate?

Anonymous 144724

the only ninja for me is gayden

Anonymous 144725


now THIS is peak male performance. Any moid saying otherwise because 'noooo he's not a wide face 9ft jaw giga chad' can seethe

Anonymous 144729

Oh kek I have adblock

Anonymous 144733

He looks gay

Anonymous 144738


and? so what if he's sexually unavailable? he's hot

Anonymous 144740


They have too many muscles but to each their own. Personally I think skinny men with long, slender limbs and pretty faces are the most attractive.

Anonymous 144744


ayrt. that's based too

Anonymous 144763

ooh cutie

Anonymous 144967

last few guys are my type tbh, i hate what these moids think are attractive

Anonymous 144987


Peak male right here, Holy hell my eyes

Anonymous 149188

this is what sans undertale would look like as a human and no one wants to admit it

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