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Post your pets Anonymous 138565

This little hooligan cost me 450$ today. I was really scared it was something serious ! She is full of antibiotic now and recovering. Post your pets.

Anonymous 138572

What happened to her? She is so cute!

Anonymous 138585

She had a uti, but acted like her kidneys were shutting down. Very scary still, god.

Anonymous 138586


i have 4 cats and a dog. two of the cats are stray kittens i decided to take care of. they’re very squeaky sounding but free of any diseases. my two older cats are sisters, one is big enough she gets confused for male and the other has such a meme-worthy array of facial expressions i think i’d be doxxing myself posting any images.

Anonymous 138637

Guess you have no choice but to draw them in paint anon.

Anonymous 138641


Peak state of an animal

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