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What race is everyone? Anonymous 13881

(I hope this isn't breaking any rules!)

I'm curious about the distribution of races here. I'll start off by saying I'm South Asian!

Anonymous 13883

I am, surprisingly, also South Asian! Singaporean, actually.

Where is everyone else from?

Anonymous 13884


Anonymous 13886

I am 100% germanic

Anonymous 13887

South-East Asian mix here!

Anonymous 13888

that ain't south asian, that's like… east asian

Anonymous 13889

I'm a bit of every hated "race" ever. White (Portuguese, one of the slums of Europe), Jewish, have a bit of black somewhere according to my mom, born in South America. Woohoo. I do pass as white but yeah.

Anonymous 13892

White as hec

Anonymous 13893

Half white and half aboriginal (North American). Racially ambiguous looking.

Anonymous 13894

What rules?

Anonymous 13914

East Asian. I look ambiguously like all the northeastern Asians combined.

Anonymous 13916

I'm African, black, live in America.

Anonymous 13922

Mother is half Hungarian-Jewish, half Filipino. Dad is Mexican, but his mom has a little it of Italian, making her white passing during the winter.

Anonymous 13924

To be more specific I'm Sudanese/Eritrean, I identify more with my Eritrean side though

Anonymous 13926


Anonymous 13935

>ITT: People confusing ethnicity with nationality

Anonymous 13937

South american white (portuguese and italian descent).

Anonymous 13946

black (murrican)

Anonymous 13947

Black, white, Asian, Hispanic are all vague. Your nationality can imply a little more about your racial makeup.

Anonymous 13988

this but with asian instead of black.

Anonymous 13990

Race is a bullshit concept. kys.

Anonymous 14014


>hurrr colour only skin deep durrr
>i deny data and facts hurrrrr
>reeee kys

Anonymous 14019

>Race is a bs concept
You've either never lived around many blacks before or live in a nice neighborhood.

Anonymous 14107

south asian.

Anonymous 14108


Nta but I think this can be true or false depending on your country/region, it isn't due to race itself, but environmental.

Black people in the USA definitely behave in a different way than the blacks in my country, generally speaking. I don't fucking know why (I know this from spending time with black people here in my country, including American ones, and my time in the USA).

I think the emphasis that our countries put on race makes those traits - natural or not - show more. Being raised being reminded that YOU ARE THIS RACE, WE HAVE BEEN TREATED LIKE THIS, PEOPLE THAT ARE BLUE AND PURPLE DESPISE US all the time definitely changes someone and they'd probably behave pretty differently if the emphasis on race had been little during their upbringing.

Anonymous 14110

White passing Hispanic (American)

Anonymous 14113

I'm black. I really hate being black. I wish i were born just about anything but this (not abbo though)

Anonymous 14115

Poo in the Loo!!!!!111!!!one!!!

Anonymous 14117

I really hate self-hating losers of all races

Anonymous 14119

americans are all racebaiting faggot losers

Anonymous 14120

>Black people in the USA definitely behave in a different way than the blacks in my country, generally speaking. I don't fucking know why
Wow, it's almost like human behavior is shaped by environment. Like what are you saying?

Anonymous 14121

she's saying the obvious exact opposite what a million tards claim: that it isn't environmental but genetic. see >>14019 and >>14014 for example of said tards that think environment doesn't have much to do with the problem.

Anonymous 14122

If they are african-american "blacks", they're not pure negroid, but racially mixed resulting in more health/mental problems.

Anonymous 14123

>racially mixed
>more health problems

Are you talking about dogs or humans here? Holy shit.

Anonymous 14126

you do know there are racially admixed africans in the continent? you people are slow.

Anonymous 14127

Dog breeds
>few centuries of extensive inbreeding
Human races
>hundreds of thousand of years of geographic separation
>origins from different humanoid species

Racially mixed humans have statistically more mental issues as well as physical health problems, and have a higher infant mortality rate. Humanity has been developing towards separate species far longer than dogs.

Anonymous 14128

nigger, humans have been race mixing since they could. central asians are a mixture of mongoloid and west asian (caucasoid) genetics. east africans and north africans are cross breed between negroid and caucasoid genetics. these mixes date back centuries. this is just a few i can name off the top of my head. the white washing of racial purity in history is not only autistic but extremely retarded. race mixing might have not been a thing in west europe and new world but for the rest of the world, it was common.
your kind really says shit and think they are being intelligent..

Anonymous 14129

If you can't see the irony in your own comment that states that humans have been mixing for hundreds of years yet mixed ones have more health problems I can't do anything to help you. If those problems exist they have to do with environment, financial situation, etc, not the mix itself. Also theres only one race of humans when it comes to genetics, unlike dogs. What you mean is the phenotype. People say race but that isn't correct.

Anonymous 14130

The question for you, a human with free will, shouldn't be if something happens "naturally", but rather if that behavior is beneficial for you. Any race is better off by staying pure.

That was my only argument, no need to start projecting.

Anonymous 14131

>humans have been mixing for hundreds of years yet mixed ones have more health problems
There is no logical paradox here, is there?

Anonymous 14132


>staying pure
you tell them gorl

Anonymous 14139

> shouldn't be if something happens "naturally",
I didn't say that, you necrosis-brain numbskull
>Any race is better off by staying pure.
And that's your opinion. I corrected you to state your bullshit was wrong, cause it was. Stop acting like you know wtf you're talking about and instead say it's how you feel.
This is what dumbasses say when they don't have anything better to say btw.

Anonymous 14140

100% Jew (1/2 Ashkenaz, 1/2 Sepharad), and I really do want to control the media and government with the help of people who share my racial identity.

Anonymous 14143

At this point in time, is there any race that is actually pure?

Anonymous 14145

I'm 100% "Aryan" kek
We have family trees that reach back until 1500 for both my mother's and my father's side, so i know for sure that there wasn't a single foreigner in my blood line for at least half a millenial.

Anonymous 14146

>I corrected you to state your bullshit was wrong, cause it was
My "bullshit" wasn't wrong though. Racially mixed people are unhealthier. That shouldn't surprise anyone, else why would animals and humans tend to separate into races and species so effectively.

Anonymous 14148

Everything you say sounds redneck-ish as fuck.

Animals have races? LMAO fuck outta here. Cant take you seriously after this.

Anonymous 14149

That's pretty cool, anon. Wish I knew my family history as well as you.

Anonymous 14150

>The question for you, a human with free will, shouldn't be if something happens "naturally", but rather if that behavior is beneficial for you.
>That shouldn't surprise anyone, else why would animals and humans tend to separate into races and species so effectively.

Anonymous 14151

>Also theres only one race of humans when it comes to genetics, unlike dogs
Are you implying that there are different races of dogs? Because each breed is a member of the same subspecies, just like with humans.

Anonymous 14152

Subspecies, race, and breed are used to describe the different types of variation. They're the same thing when it comes to dogs. Google it, shithead.

Anonymous 14154


>implying those data doesnt include shits like environment stuff

Anonymous 14160


>idiots from 4chan's /r9k/ and /pol/ coming to shit up CC with racebait
>naive anons ITT not recognizing that they don't fit in through their aggressive, masculine nature, classless shitposts, general rudeness and ugly-ass reaction images
Guys, please realize these people are not here to have an intelligent discussion or listen to others. They are infiltrators trying to force this place to accept their ideology and "convert" this site into another of their shitty enclaves. It starts out this way, with multiple threads going left, and then it becomes the admin (not knowing this was their plan) making a "containment" space for race talk (which can be a "designated thread" or even a board) which actually does nothing but solidify a home for these toxic shitheads and let them fester.

When you see them, call them out as invaders and tell them to fuck off. Don't give them leeway to shit up innocent threads with their poison by trying to debate with them. That's not what they're here for, and they will devolve to tantrums and insults. Just name them and tell them to go back to their shitty site.

Anonymous 14165

You are right.

Anonymous 14167


oh lord

Anonymous 14178

God, why couldn't you have been there when m00t made /pol/, everything could have been so different.

Anonymous 14206

Mixed, Southeast Asian/White. My mother is American and my father is Vietnamese. I won't deny that race is real, but I tend to look beyond race.

Anonymous 14207

I was in college level English and my teacher had us read this article. The article wanted to know why there were so many black athletes. They wondered, are black people stronger or something? Do they have higher muscle mass or something? The article went on to discover that the real reason was that Africa has more genetic diversity than Europe. Which means that black people are more likely to either be really good at something or really bad at something, but usually not in between. Whereas white people are more likely to not be really good or really bad, rather they’re more likely to be moderate at things. I think this is why the black people in America that you hear about are either rich and famous or living in poverty.

Anonymous 14209



Anonymous 14211

Do not engage. See >>14160

Anonymous 14215

The whole thread is pretty much bait. Replying to it is a waste of time. Nobody should really care which race someone is.

Anonymous 14225

I'm an attack helicopter.

Anonymous 14227

clown college?

Anonymous 14229

You know you're right. I got a 1 day ban because I overreact to the shitposting by being even more obnoxious but it's not helping.

Anonymous 14235

>Guys, please realize these people are not here to have an intelligent discussion or listen to others
>intelligent discussion
so you admi that you are a brainlet? kek
>listen to others
so you wanna preserve the echo chamber?

Anonymous 14241

Hi, it looks like you are lost.
Find your way home, little buddy.

Anonymous 14243

Hi, it looks like you are too retarded to have an argument.

Anonymous 14244

NTA, but you have shown to be too stupid to have a proper argument. You're not talking with people, just spewing the same bullshit over and over. just go.

Anonymous 14251

yeah i remember someone on r9k starting up a discord to raid this place
this is probably part of their le epic plan

Anonymous 14268

OP here, I never intended for this to be a racebaiting thread (wtf?) I just wanted to know out of curiosity. just ignore the robots and racebaiters in the thread, they can't really do anything. talk around them

Anonymous 14277

thats the worst "no u" ever.
and still das no argument laff.exe.

Anonymous 14288

exactly like that cunty troll.

Anonymous 14296

You need to stop.

Anonymous 14297

kekked so hard

Anonymous 14298

you're retarded

Anonymous 14299

>talk some shit
>got "reeeee back to 4ch"
maybe you should stop

Anonymous 14300

thank you for not contributing to the topic, retard

Anonymous 14304

I'm not the person who told you to go back to 4chan. Yep, more than one person is fed up with you. Shocker.

Anonymous Moderator 14306

Please stop derailing and picking up fights with multiple anons.

Anonymous 14325

AMWF hapa

My father is Southeast Asian

Anonymous 14329

Serious question, what is actually the point of this thread? If you just want to know the demographics of CC wouldn't a strawpoll suffice?

Anonymous 14340

the point is that you are the one derailing this thread, people respond to you and probably leave but you keep taking every bait/post/comment like a retard.

Anonymous 14343

if you're so bothered by anons and the mods why don't you gfto and leave? holy shit, what a sperg.

Anonymous 14345


well, i'm black. born in the states.

Anonymous 14373

are u starting to hide all banned posts?

Anonymous 14375

El Americana…

Anonymous 14376

Haffu, Korean and white.

Anonymous 14378


the only powerful thing about us in the last couple of centuries has been the dried cod scent tbqh

Anonymous 14380

el ebominadio…

Anonymous 14382

El Goblina…
El Ogra de Las Americanas…
LA abserbidado de heritages…
El muttacabra…

Anonymous 14383

las hororres delos Mecsijo

Anonymous Moderator 14384

Only the most recent ones got deleted. That anon keeps changing IPs though so we're keeping an eye out for them

Anonymous 14389

El Monstruo…
El Abominacion…

Anonymous 14397

>all these deleted posts
Top kek

Anonymous 14400

i know i shouldn't feed the troll, but i wanna correct this statement for anyone else. there's significantly more differences genetically between each breed of dog than there are within each race of human meaning entirely different species are closer to us than a dog breed is to another dog breed. so, idk if you can accurately compare races with breeds. they're not even genetically similar.

sage bc off topic

Anonymous 14406


same here.

Anonymous 14469


pls be my slavic qt3.14 gf

Anonymous 14470

>I really do want to control the media and government
But why? Is it just a Jewish thing or something?

Anonymous 14483

Baguette with 75% Hungarian Jewish heritage.
I study finance and will intern in a bank, my mother was an accountant, I have had a nose job, was my parents' only child and a little "princess" of the family, can be quite opinionated and mouthy, and I like quiet, submissive men.
Most people can't tell but I'm a walking stereotype. Unfortunately I'm not rich and influential like right wingers say I should be. Yet.

Anonymous 14555

what if this is the opposite though? like it's a boy from a left wing site and he's trying to make us shut up about stuff he doesn't want us to talk about?

Anonymous 14562

I can provide a voice clip as proof that I am a female regular and not, in fact, a male infiltrator with an agenda. If you mean the shitposter(s) are one guy, that'd be pointless, considering we already don't really have racial arguments here (and it'd be a very roundabout way of stopping something that already doesn't happen).

Anonymous 14720

This is late but holy fuck do I hate self-haters! Especially people who hate themselves and are of African descent like me, it's so sad how people can disrespect their ancestors who likely endured living in the most inhospitable living conditions. Off topic, but I just needed to say this.

Anonymous 14721

Not them, but you don't think they might have some legitimate grievance?
No one would call a short person who wanted to be taller a 'self-hater', why would you do so when they complain about their race?

Anonymous 14725


They basically stated they hate being "black", which encompasses a large group of people, Caribbean, Africans, and afro latinos, additionally since she put aboriginals down it's obvious her sense of inferiority is rooted in nonsensical ideas of racial superiority and stereotypes.

Height doesn't carry the same weight, in my experience, maybe it's different for others whose height plays a bigger role in their life as opposed to their racial identity.

Anonymous 14752

Southeast Asian. Vietnamese to be more specific.

Anonymous 15004

I’m white. My Dad was one of those snowflake white people who told us we had “distant Native American” ancestry on his side but he took a gene test and unsurprisingly found his blood is primarily Scandinavian with 0% Native blood. Both of my mom’s parents were Irish immigrants, but somehow my mom turned out having dark olive skin and black hair. She looks hispanic.

Anonymous 15062

I'm the whitest, most British pasty baby to ever exist, which is made worse by the fact that I never go outside in the sun.

Anonymous 15080

Caucasian-Mediterranean (I'm from Spain). I look way whiter than most of the ppl here. I've been asked before if I am Scandinavic lol

Anonymous 15085

Caucasian, rag tag mix of Europe, but mostly Italian and German.

I have mousy brown hair and brown eyes, and I'm as white as a ghost.

Anonymous 16507

Caucasian Canadian. Italian/Austrian/Scottish/Irish diaspora.

Anonymous 16509

hand cat.png

Gotta love the Masonic Conspiracy.

Anonymous 16511

>109 countries

Anonymous 16518


Ukrainian slav baby

Anonymous 16530

Somehow most people here are mixed, yet always claim "My skin's literally the whitest in the world! teehee"…

Anonymous 16534

it happens

Anonymous 16785

African American. but if I am being honest slight African with 2 native American tribes.

Anonymous 16790

What tribes?

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