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Crop tops.jpg

Anonymous 138908

Why don't boys (that like girls) dress like this anymore?

Anonymous 138910

because masculinity is a hellscape, ever becoming so narrow

Anonymous 138949

Men don't know what's good for them.

Anonymous 138952

Because men have never had to try to get women and most of them don't give a shit about looking good for themselves either. Also "anymore"? I dont think men dressed like this on the regular back when these pictures were taken either tbh

Anonymous 138963

men are selfish creatures that wont let us have one thing good about them.

whats the point in men if they wont show off nice tummy nice legs

Anonymous 138969

Tbh tiny shirts look ridiculous on both genders. Only number 10 looks nice because it isn't ridiculously tiny.

Anonymous 138976


Yeah men’s fashion is so limited you only ever see interesting or unusual outfits in fictional works or fanart.

Anonymous 138981

Because they'd be perceived as gay, you kinda answered your own question there op

Anonymous 138986

Because men care about what other men think of them more than they care what women think

Anonymous 138999

insecure that they dont have abs or something

Anonymous 139002

men are cowards that's why

Anonymous 139022

That and the whole "metrosexual" shit that was popular in the 2000s. It's a shame really, men are so afraid to put leave in conditioner in their hair because "only gay people do that". Fucking weirdos

Anonymous 139037

>wanting to see the beer and fat gut of a 400 pounds orc

Anonymous 139062


I wish men would wear high-waisted pants again like they did in the 80s… I guess some zoomers do that now, but none where I live.

Anonymous 139069

Too overweight for clothes like that now

Anonymous 139236

Watching movies from the 80s and seeing men in crop tops and short shorts gets to me. They're all slim and smiley and have a full head of hair and aren't assholes. Why do real men suck so much?

Anonymous 139365

>They're all slim and smiley and have a full head of hair and aren't assholes
You were watching movies, that's why. You probably weren't even alive back then so you have no idea how misogynistic men of that time were. Movies don't represent the whole generation accurately.

Anonymous 139368

Most people are fat nowadays, and being slim is now perceived as wrong and "opressive".

Anonymous 139369

Lol, no one thinks being slim is oppressive. Could you be any more self-absorbed?

Anonymous 139371


old timey mens fashion was much more interesting, there's some things that should make a comeback

Anonymous 139374


I'd love to see men wearing coats like pic related again. Or anything interesting at all.

Anonymous 139379

No one thinks so however, certain people are going to be reluctant to tell you “go lose weight” or anything to that capacity until you yourself express interest.

Anonymous 139382

Hot men don't have to dress up to be hot
When undesirable men dress up it just makes them look even more undesirable

Anonymous 139462

True, but wearing clothing that's a bit revealing isn't "dressing up" it's the opposite.

Anonymous 144405

Probably because the boys that doesn't like girls started using them all the time.

Anonymous 144474

…Hence why she said "real men"

Anonymous 144475


dont forget slutty pants

Anonymous 144477

I love this picture thank you nona

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