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Letting anybody get into your head and make you feel anything negative is depraved pickme behavior Anonymous 138929

You have to learn to enjoy your existence alone and learn to calm the f down, before relying on other people. Because virtually all they ever do most of the time, is let you down.

But how have most people here not learned this already ?

It is so maladjusted to depend on other people or their approval for happiness. It's pathetic and honestly makes you seem unstable and depraved if you let people manipulate your emotions like that.

Hey its just exactly what men want. For you to be a spineless and easy to manipulate turd to use as a doormat.

Solitude is everything. Jesus why would you let MOST people have any influence over how you feel? It's like handing a murderer a gun, and begging them not to kill you.

But you have to be insanely ignorant not to realize this already.

Anonymous 138931

Had been thinking about this this times, after watching these japanese girl videos. She got such a beautiful, peaceful life. Solitude can be a source of true happiness to woman

Anonymous 138980


Idk what to say other than I agree, though op is too aggro, I mean I guess some people have attachment issues from childhood or whatever.

Independence is very freeing and essential to develop before entering relationships. It's no good having to rely on a bf/gf especially when you can only truly trust yourself.

Today I was cooking dinner while listening to jazz, it was nice. Solitude can be very peaceful and fulfilling as long as you still have some degree of socialization, I think.

Anonymous 138984

Yes but see if you don't fear it/ feel ashamed of it
, the way of thinking will take over your life and ruin years of your life.

Why do I meet so many people who are so shameless about it on here? It should be something you're ashamed of. Like being fat, though I think its worse than being fat, because it makes it worse.

It is one of the worst traits you can have, and it destroys you from the inside. I think its good to hear it from someone angry about it. Why shouldn't I be sick of hearing women talk like its perfectly fine?

Its like when someone gets angry at you for being disfunctionally lazy for being depressed. You don't really have an option. If you don't get out of that boiling water it will turn your brain self-cannibalizing rot.

Anonymous 139006

Completely agree OP. I got a woman I met once into my head, not in a romantic way, and I would constantly compare myself to her. Not even her, my imagined version of her.

Anonymous 139021

I have to agree, the message is sound but the way she put it is so aggressive.
Also yeah I need a degree of socialization as well because it always chases away a lot of my negative and self-deprecating thoughts. Although I feel like solitude, the way OP put is, is different than what I'm describing.

Anonymous 139058

Some people aren't introverted, Nona

Anonymous 139121

what is wrong with aggressive? you should be ashamed of it. i wish more women on here were aggressive honestly

Anonymous 139323


ngl OP if solitude is so important then why are you even on here?

Anonymous 139326

aggression towards moids is based. directing your anger at other women reflects poor emotional control.

Anonymous 139357

some people don't listen unless you're an asshole sometimes too. because everyone tells them what they want to hear. i don't believe in coddling women just because they're women.

Anonymous 139358


not being aggressive =/= telling someone what they want to hear

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