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I hate living in the city Anonymous 138958

Who else /country bumpkin/ here

Anonymous 138960

I love the country but I also love the city, the cafes, bars, shops how can you live without these. Its impossible to be satisfied in one or the other for me

Anonymous 138982

Anonymous 138985

I've never lived in the city, so I can't compare, but I wish there were more things to do without the need of transport in the country side and that the people were nicer. I think a part of the reason why my little countryside area has a lot of youth crime is because young people are just bored out of their minds here. There's nothing to do so why don't we steal/graffiti/sit outside and harrass strangers etc, is the mindset I assume they have.

My perfect place would be a country side that has shops and fun things not too far away and is mostly populated by elderly kind people.

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