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Anonymous 139209

What does /b/ think about Pooners?

Anonymous 139212

Sad as fuck, they will never be able to be in male spaces

Anonymous 139216

Jesus the thread pic

Anonymous 139228

Women who pretend to be men are pathetic, but still not as pathetic as actual men.

Anonymous 139240

Traitors to other women, yes, but not moid-level gross at least.
I’ve dealt with physical dysphoria for most of my life so I can understand the struggle, but I wish these women realized being uncomfortable with bodily functions of your shape not looking like s wax model, didn’t make them a man.
But thinking that you’re a man NOT because you have a repulsion towards you own sex, but because you have “masculine interests” is just plain stupid and I can’t sympathize at all.
They all need to know that femininity isn’t their cage only, and fewer women seem to actually enjoy performing it than the one’s that don’t. So long as sexism exists, women will always want an escape, but the best thing you can do for yourself is simply dress and act in a way that feels comfortable for you - cause a woman can be anything so long as she has 2 X chromosomes and a body built round the function of large gametes, and is a human being.

Anonymous 139254

Based on these comics their own community hates them, however this life is what they chose

Anonymous 139299

I do not care. They're not the threat to women that trans identifying males are, and gay men can protect themselves so they're annoyances at best and women who encourage other women to hate themselves at worst.

Anonymous 139314

Pretty sure this is a terf drawing but you're spot on about their own community hating them, tims are extremely misogynistic towards tifs and claim they have male privilege lol. I feel bad until I remember they allow that treatment and then turn around and tell radfems to kill themselves when they try to defend them. Can't help someone who refuses to be helped.

Anonymous 139325

It’s not a terf drawing it’s from /lgbt/ which is mostly by self-hating transwomen

Anonymous 139360


It is truly a tragedy every time one of them does those drastic and irreversible changes to their bodies and ends up killing herself.
As much as I hate all trannies, TiFs dying somehow gives me an angry-sad-pity feel instead of relief when a TiM kills himself. Perhaps because I believe they could have done so many things like being an advocate for, say, affordable child care for single mothers. But instead, she ends up in the gender cult and kills herself in the process.
With TiMs, as the meme goes:
>and nothing of value was lost.
They would still be incels if they "detransitioned" either way; you cannot take the misogynist out of the man, LMAO.

Anonymous 139364

Girls don't need any more influence for them to become trannies than there already is.

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