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Anonymous 139947

Is she the ultimate femcel?

Anonymous 139968

>7ft tall aryan Chad.
She said at the start she was lesbian, lol
She is too dark to be chinese. She is probably closer to vietnamese.

Anonymous 139990

>She is too dark to be chinese
No she's not. She's maybe a bit darker than average for East Asians. The lighting in the video doesn't help and she's probably tanned (unlike many who religiously stay out of the sun for this exact reason). Also, there are Vietnamese (Southern ones actually i.e. not the ones bordering China) who are as light as the lightest East Asians. Gene pools are not determined or limited by territories controlled by states. East Asians themselves range from olive (by European standards) to light brown to brown. They tan easily and darkly as well.

Anonymous 139994

No, she’s the ultimate Stacy. Did you even watch the presentation?

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