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Paid actors pretend to be homeless Anonymous 140233


I first viewed this video around May of 2021, I saw it in a class I was taking. I remember everyone was hurt by it but it always rubbed me really wrong, because of how staged it felt.
Well, I stumbled across this gem today featuring the same exact guy telling a DIFFERENT sob story.


Yes I know that homeless people often make bullshit up to garner pity and sympathy, or some aren't homeless at all and are just druggies begging for cash. But this is weird that he shows up in TWO different videos. Paid actor?

Anonymous 140243

My cynicism tells me a good chunk of so called homeless people aren't actually homeless and just want extra cash.

Anonymous 140246

Its almost impossible to become homeless in america unless you continue to abuse the help you are given and decide “no i want the drugs more than shelter”. All homeless people deserve their lot. The idea we should pity them is absurd.

Anonymous 140251

Most real homeless people have suffered a head injury which will affect their ability to think properly.

Anonymous 140253

i live in france and ive known some homeless people.

most people dont have a big sob story because most people are random, normal people. except maybe immigrants, some became homeless for very basic stuff : i know a man who became homeless because his papers were stolen in a different city and he was homeless in my city until he finally could redo his papers and go back home. yes, its very stupid but true, i know the man who helped him recover his papers.

Anonymous 140254

but i also know of a russian teacher who worked at a very good school and had a very good situation who had to flee from russia to france because he spoke against homophobia or something. became homeless in france.

Anonymous 140294

Am I missing something? These aren't the same people.

Anonymous 140302

It's the same, even in the US, most people who have been "homeless" are in a very temporary state; and they will have an apartment to live in again very soon. They are only technically "homeless".

But for the recurrently or permanently homeless,
are both correct. Their brains are damaged from mental illness, substance abuse, or both. They lack the mental capacity to make proper choices for themselves anymore. And just like allowing a child to drive a car, it is dangerous and cruel to give them such freedom. They should be considered wards of the state, like orphans. So nothing should be optional for them. Homeless people should be forced to get drug/alcohol treatment. They should be forced to use mental health services. If they're schitzos, they should be forced to take antipsychotic medications. If they're bi-polar or violent, they should be forced to take mood stabilizers like lithium. They should be forced to live in the free housing or shelters provided for them. They should not be allowed to live in tents at the park, under bridges, or in the entryway of a small retail business. If they try to live anywhere that they are not allowed to, they should be physically removed by police. If they continue to flout the rules, they should be hospitalized in a psych ward. It may sound harsh, but this is the most compassionate way to handle the permanently homeless. The activists who think that being lax is better for the homeless are like a parent who lets their child eat ice cream cake for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; until they have a heart attack at 10 yo and need to have a leg amputated for diabetes.

Anonymous 140338

This thread's pretty sick, ngl. We should build some kind of second Earth where we can send all the nutters and horrible freaks like OP. Before that we should probably build some houses, but now I'm REALLY dreaming.

I knew they were plotting something when I saw them all huddled together under that bridge.

Anonymous 140345

Nice bait OP, I laughed

Anonymous 140442

Why did everyone stop replying after this post? hHmm

Anonymous 140448

>he was homeless in my city until he finally could redo his papers and go back home
so he had a home

Anonymous 141199

well yea, he just wasnt able to go back to it.
did you even read the rest of the post?

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