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K.O Tom Cruise Challenge Anonymous 140337

Your goal: Knockout Tom Cruise at least once, and get away with it for ten years.

Tom Cruise's goal: Track you down, and catch you.

Tom Cruise's resources: Everything he has right now. All his money, Scientology, his pilot's license, whatever.

Your resources: Whatever you have right now.

Tom Cruise begins this challenge not initially aware of your existence.

You too, begin unaware of Tom Cruise's location, until you find the information for it.

How do you plan to K.O Tom Cruise and get away with it?

Anonymous 140342

Do this but instead of water, a jack in the box boxing glove will hit him.

Anonymous 140344

eddie murphy think…

good thread OP

i would do as much research in to figuring out what movie he is filming next and follow literally everyone i can who is working on the film on whatever social media platform to get as much info as possible
i'll find the coffee guys twitter and the lighting people and all those contractors and just get a sense of where he'll be.
travel to wherever that is, try to keep finding an in with someone who could get me close
unsure if that would mean like seducing them in a bar -in a friendly way- since i would know their social media stuff or just straight up trying to get a job on set.
i think it'd be pretty easy to falsify a resume

anyways once i'm on there i don't think i'd be able to really get that close to TC so the best bet would probably be to just throw a brick at his head from a crowd and then RUN

i think after that so long as i cut ties with everyone i met to get in there and delete any faux social media i made i would probably be fine. i don't believe tom cruise would try that hard to find me. should i be concerned about the church of scientology?

Anonymous 140348

firstly i would do my best to infiltrate the church of scientology, try to get as high up on the hierarchy as i can. then, i start subtly embezzling money from them, as well as use the resources at my disposal to research everything about tom cruise, including his location and, if possible, his bank account information. After that, i wait for an opportune time to sock him (probably some sort of public scientologist appearance where an important person like me could shake his hand). i'll try to smuggle in something like some brass knuckles so that when i punch it really will knock him out, but if i can't i guess i'll just have to punch him real hard. after i've done the deed, i withdraw as much money from his bank account as possible as well as steal a large chunk of money from the scientologist church. that way he will have to recover from this depletion of his resources, giving me the head-start i need to go underground and disappear.

Anonymous 140350

The same magical creature that compels you take undertake this quest, would also compel Tom Cruise to hunt you down at all costs for 10 years.

Scientology is notorious for being excellent at stalking people.


Beware, if you're on a film set or if you've contacted people, they may remember your face, or have a photo of it. Or Scientology may ask social media sites to release confidential information due to legal reasons of having to pursue a criminal that had assaulted, and in their eyes, possibly attempted to murder one of their top members. (I think the terms and conditions/privacy policy of many social media sites state that they retain information for a period of time after public deletion, and will release that information if it will help in criminal investigation).

Social media can contain what ip you logged in from, which will link to your internet service provider, which will link to you. maybe log in from proxy ip, IDK (just guessing. I'm not a professional people-tracker / avoider of people-trackers.)

but if Tom Cruise has compelled Scientology to find somebody, you're going to have to cover your tracks the best you can.

Anonymous 140576

no, it's not my goal

Anonymous 140702

do you really think you can just "go home", without getting tackled by the collective efforts of Tom, the security guards, the journalists, the police, and Scientology?

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