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Anonymous 140452

ik that posting this video here is just gonna give it more attention but i can't process the amount of cringe i had just endured and i need other miners to cringe as well. suffer with me

Anonymous 140454

noooo i won't cringe with you. i will be cruel and let you suffer alone HAHAHA

Anonymous 140455

I didn't start it yet and I already know it's going to be good (bad).

Anonymous 140456

this video is literally pickme hell

Anonymous 140458

so what are your thoughts on this cringe?

Anonymous 140459

I hated it, thank you for sharing it with us anon.

Anonymous 140460

glad u liked (hated) the freshly served cringe

Anonymous 140463

I mitigated considerable amounts of cringe by watching with the sound muted. Criticise if you must, but I probably would have died otherwise.

Anonymous 140464

you missed out on her uggu baby kawaii animu loli pedobait type voice cringe tho

Anonymous 140465

What a rotten way to die.

Anonymous 140467


Anonymous 140481

Seems ironic to me, like making fun of 4channer worldview
Maybe I'm missing something

Anonymous 140490


you're missing the part where belle delphine has been caught selling nudes of other girls (which were possibly minors) to get money, her history of pandering to pedophiles, and overall her pickmeism which has always been off the charts

Anonymous 140491


her imfamous pedobait cosplay whatver this is

Anonymous 140492


if the photo isn't enough i hope the screenshot of the swimsuit itself is enough

Anonymous 140508

I can't watch this because looking at her faces/photos alone make me cringe so bad. I wish there was Shinigami Eyes or Covenant Eyes but for belle delphine.

scrotes will chime in and be like "it's because you're jealous!" but they do the same when a man is clearly playing up to his female audience (which can be cringe particularly when it's the male version of pickme-ism). I'm thinking like, 2000's era emo and scene boys who clearly knew they could get female attention by acting a certain way or saying certain things.

Anonymous 140519

>they're all subscribed to his minecraft show?

I dono why bit I laughed

Anonymous 140523

I can't stand that stupid forced high-pitched loli voices egirls make

Anonymous 140529

I would like to remind you all that Delphine was like 16-17 when she started selling stolen nudes off of tumblr to kickstart her career. She had some scrote helping her and the woman she stole the nudes from found out but apparently they privately settled, so it was all swept under the rug.

It's really fucking insidious and it's sad so many people are unaware.

You have it backwards, Delphine was a minor selling stolen nudes of an 18+ model and claiming they were her illegal underage nudes, in order to profit from actual pedos. It almost seems based but unfortunately she was still robbing from tumblr indie sex workers to do it instead of getting permission, which was shitty.

Anonymous 140540

I'm sad I watched this. I wish I go back to 2002 or so and kill Steve Jobs to reshape our cultural trajectory.

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