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Anonymous 140970

Anyone have a BF who got a hair transplant? My dad got one in like, the 90's and it's pretty clear where the scars are. I know they're better now but I'm curious if anyone here has any experience.

Anonymous 140971

To be more specific, my BF wants to get one. I'm fine with baldness but the scarring is what I'm most afraid of.

Anonymous 140972

Got a pic of what the scaring looks like?

Anonymous 140975

Don't really wanna post my dad on here. If you look up FUT scar it's pretty textbook.

Anonymous 140977


Idk how you'd even see it if their hair was grown out.

Anonymous 140993


>her bf is a baldy

Anonymous 141003

Dump him, moids with balding genetics do not deserve to breed

Anonymous 141692

my boyfriend is bald, I don't really see the big deal.
But I guess I do miss the hair a little bit lol I wouldnt want him to go through some surgery though

Anonymous 141699

I hope my bf never goes bald because he would not look good without hair and I would definitely want him to get a transplant.

Anonymous 141703

Balding must be the byproduct of some desirable trait, selecting against it may be throwing out the baby with the bathwater.

Anonymous 141712


Anonymous 146480

It's the androgen hormone DHT that kills off hair follicels, but some are more sensitive to it than others. DHT is important in the development of male sexual characteristics as it is 5x more potent in the cells than testosterone. This means that someone with well developed sexual characteristics while also retaining their hair has superior genetics. Then again, this is something males are usually selected by.

Anonymous 146481

Hair is 50% of beauty

Anonymous 146495

unironically this, there's no reason we should allow balding men to breed. there's plenty of better men out there nona.

Anonymous 146572


the toxic masculinity is too powerful for the vessel

Anonymous 146586


Anonymous 146593

>>140993 you're rude
>>141003 there are more causes for hair loss than 'balding genetics'
>>141699 do him a favor and leave him
>>146495 does this also apply to balding women?
>>146586 i can't believe you guys sometimes

Anonymous 146727

men get balding from the mother, so there is no way breed it out

Anonymous 146750

moid hands typed this

Anonymous 146780



Anonymous 146810

okay, my main point still stands

Anonymous 146865

I laughed way too hard even though my bf is a baldy too lmao. I hope he gets that hair transplant soon because his head is just fucking sad to look at.

Anonymous 146866

Nta. What are you a moid or just a pickme? Do you have to love every single aspect or flaw about your partner to be with them? Sorry I want to be attracted to the person that gets to fuck me regularly even though I’m not into it.

Anonymous 147200

as far as i know, modern hair transplants leave scars that are a lot harder to see, although if you keep your hair super short like this >>140977 they may still be visible

Anonymous 147201

Anonymous 147216

why are there pickmes here this is a woman only board are they seeking validation from other women

Anonymous 147217

anyways, bald men are worthless and deserve to die alone

Anonymous 147233

raw (1).gif

Anonymous 147683

Yeah, I still love him though… just not his head lol

Anonymous 147704

So would you say that a bald man shouldn't even try dating because there's no point? No matter what else he has going for him? Because that's kind of what it seems like.

Anonymous 147781

Yeah, just give up you balding scrote.

Anonymous 148222


There is something called FUE hair transplant which means they don't cut out a chunk of meat from the head which leaves a scar but take out the hair folicles one after one which will leave no scars. The scar method is called FUT. Just google it.

Anonymous 148338

>posts a google summary instead of the actual study, which didn't even debunk the original from the 2000s

Anonymous 148340

yeah because I'm out of their league

Anonymous 149046

What causes balding? It's it inherited from their father or can they get it from their mother's side?

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