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Anonymous 141169

So an incel/femcel wrote an article on us.

Anonymous 141170

was it you?

Anonymous 141171

No lol, just googled "crystal.cafe" and was on the second or third page.

Anonymous 141173


i never saw anyone here seriously talk about pretty princess points

Anonymous 141211

Anonymous 141223

what is it?
I know it is some schizo mspaint pictures of characters with specific yet not realistic details
but what are they represent?
because I have never saw a picture where a solid believable character was depicted, even in a hyperbolic satirical way
they all are weirdly fetishistic and include various details that just can't go together or serve no purpose
I understand that a mind of mentaly disabled person works in their own way, but maybe there is some lore behind it

Anonymous 141235

uh ok?

Anonymous 141236

god what a shitty entry. i do not want to be known for this crap and neither should any of you. its pathetic.

Anonymous 141250

Is the whole wiki not just some self-deprecating satire of incel culture? It comes across as too ridiculous to take seriously.

Anonymous 141262

I expected much worse from a link like that

Anonymous 141270

nobody knows who you are anyway.

Anonymous 141362

to whoever added us to that site: fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you

Anonymous 141388

“Incel” is a hobby

Anonymous 141515

Let's be honest
It was bound to happen sooner or later

Anonymous 141879

Its a wiki, just go in and change it then. I'm sure they'll revert all the changes because they don't want us to look sane.

Anonymous 142170

OP is from incelwiki.org, not incels.wiki

Anonymous 142171

incelwiki.org looks like a femcel friendly wiki
incels.wiki is a garbage can of misogyny

Anonymous 142192

more of a 4chan thing, but the PPP memes pop up here a lot, and it's occasionally discussed here

Anonymous 142199

I just skimmed them but a lot of articles seem to be the same between them, what's the big difference you're seeing?

Anonymous 142214

^says women can be incel
^categorically says women cannot be incel

^lists ways women can be femcels without erasing interjections
^hedges every statement about existence of femcels with three saying femcels are just too choosy or college educated

Anonymous 142215

^has countless misogyny articles (dogpill, timeless quotes on women etc)


^those misogyny articles aren't there

Anonymous 142216

^has in mission statement to not erase femcels


^last edit by admin was to add a bunch of misogyny to generic misogyny article

Anonymous 142217

also found this




Anonymous 142223

well I stand corrected. this was pretty exhaustive.

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