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Anonymous 141372

I hate and love fat men, probably because the only good men I've met are fat.
How can I stop this? I do not like it.

Anonymous 141374

A fat man was nice to me once. A lot weren't. I think you can reconcile that the fat men who were good weren't good because of their fatness. Take people as they come, and not because of your preconceived notions of how they should be and you'll be troubled by this particular problem less.

Anonymous 141375

Fat men are disgusting way to sell yourself short. Just because they use your insecurity to manipulate you to perform femininity while they dont doesn't mean there aren't other options. You don't have to sell your body to the filthy slaughterhouse.

Anonymous 141377

I disagree they take advantage of the fact you perform look obsession while they don't. When theyre lazy like that theyre lazy in a million other ways, you wont know until later. It's like getting robbed in broad daylight.

Anonymous 141392

inductive reasoning is no good

Anonymous 141395

It's hard because my first boyfriend is fat and I gave him my virginity
Since then I've had more boyfriends who were fat too, but none were like him.
I hate that I still love him and he doesn't care about me, I mean I was 15 and he was 30, I could sue him.
He left me with this kink.


Every fat guy I’ve met was a compete asshole. I actually have no idea where the jolly funny fat man meme came from, because I find most fat people have some kind of personality disorder.

Anonymous 141402

man wtf not only was he fat but he was fucking 30

Anonymous 141440

yeah and now he has a family, should I tell her wife about me?

Anonymous 141442

Most of fat men I've met are nice, I really love how they are but I just can't like them.
All my ex bfs are fat and I kinda got used to them, I can't just date a skinny man or a fit one, I hate that I find fat men so hot, the only people that I know that like fat men are gay, I think I am the only woman with a kink for fat men.

Anonymous 141443

My bf is thick and I love it, he eats a ton but also works out so he's solid and not flabby. He has a bit of a lower tummy that sticks out over his pants, thick (but not too muscly) arms and thighs and calves, chubby cheeks and an ass like a loaf of bread.
I think that's the hottest body type a man can have. Actual fat guys kinda sexually repulse me though because they tend to smell bad and develop weird skin conditions, although I have nothing against them in a non romantic sense and think people who bully them are mean and awful.

Anonymous 141454


Reminder that this thread is just picrels larping.
Put the fork down scrotes.

Anonymous 141484

My first bf said that he was a strongman but his muscles weren't that big

Anonymous 141580

sure. update us if you do and if she replies

Anonymous 141587

Move to a country where fat people aren't the majority

Anonymous 141588

Based. Fat men are disgusting pigs

Anonymous 141591


>I mean I was 15 and he was 30

Anonymous 141594

What in christ is wrong with you that this could possibly become a kink

Anonymous 141629

"kinks" in women more often than not come from trauma

Anonymous 141630

Just about all unique traits that people develop come from trauma, it's just a fact of life.

Anonymous 141638

That is a very sad way to look at life and I have to believe it's not true.

Anonymous 141736

Being fat comes from trauma half the time

Anonymous 141741

You should grow from your trauma, not get addicted to it.

Anonymous 141747

>when theyre lazy like that theyre lazy in a million other ways

tfw all the athletic men i've seen are just as lazy with everything else

Anonymous 141779

There is no association statistically between BMI and trait conscientiousness

Anonymous 142114

yeah I had the same impression

Anonymous 142130


i'm not a fat moid lol, it's blackpill fem posting

fat or athletic, i've never seen a man i couldn't call lazy

the average bmi for japanese moids is 23.6, yet japanese women still do 5x more housework

but go on with your cockholm syndrome sis

Anonymous 142132

>cockholm syndrome
Heh heh

Anonymous 142151

how can a fat be good?

Anonymous 142339

God i love cc

Anonymous 145096

you're the pizza retard scrote from /fit/ i know you by the way you post

Anonymous 145111

I genuinely like some cute fat men aesthetically, I find them attractive, but I am pushing myself back from dating fat males, because isn’t that just embarrassing
I am not fat or unusually unattractive, why should I settle for this, even if I can like it
I would feel shameful - do I have that much of low self esteem? I would feel uncomfortable

Anonymous 145152


You may not be a fat moid but you are fat for sure lol

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