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Anonymous 141777


Anonymous 141778


i remember in my school, girls had to wear uniform, and we were only allowed to wear dresses.

winter absolutely sucked. so many girls were just shivering in their dresses with cold legs (the stockings were basically thin nothings, and the socks were thin and nothing as well), while the boys got to be comfortably warm in their pants.

Anonymous 141781


Anonymous 141784

I think both men and women should have the option to choose between skirts or pants. Being comfortable at school is important.

Anonymous 141785

Anonymous 141792

Cardigan, skirts, and pants in winter.

Anonymous 141812

>men in skirts
hairy legs are gross

Anonymous 141813

How about simply ditching school uniforms? They are a stupid idea to begin with.

Anonymous 141815

I loved wearing a uniform. Easy, saves a lot of frustration in the morning and no annoying bitches playing fashion police at school.

Anonymous 141819

Honestly no because they're really good and save a lot of headaches. You don't have to waste so much time planning your outfit you just need to make sure your uniform is clean and smells nice and at most you worry about your hair.
I remember a few of my teachers were saying uniforms were really good at preventing bullying since all students initially appear to be equal.
I would have bought so many unnecessary clothes that I would quickly grow out of if it weren't for uniforms.

Anonymous 141821

Nope, Uniforms attenuate class division and promote unity between students.
Also it saves time and hassles.
Also, it makes it easier to identify students and protect them.
>LATAM anon

Anonymous 141825

in iraq it was the opposite for us, in high school we always wore pants and i thought it was ugly, really wanted to wear cute skirts (only got to wear it in elementary school and very early mid school, after that they didnt care much about dress codes anymore and decided for all of us to wear cheap ass pants with a white shirt instead of a nice looking uniform)

Anonymous 141827

Summer must be a difficult time for you.

Anonymous 141844

This makes me so happy.

Anonymous 141854

It is kind of funny because men wearing skirts makes so much more sense, biologically.

Anonymous 141872

You're right, I didn't think about that. Horse riding probably influenced pants wearing in Europe more than anything else.

Anonymous 141890

Anonymous 143162

I went to an all girls school but they forced us to wear skirts so i know that problem all too well. Used to wear leggings beneath them in the winter and it was so uncomfortable

Anonymous 143170

Europeans are descended from horseriding nomads. Proper pants likely all originated in horseriding nomad cultures. Other kinds of 'pants' that can develop in other cultures are basically skirts with a split of some sort used by men. If a climate is hot enough, you don't even need that.

While other cultures don't really develop pants, there are pressures unrelated to being on horseback that encourage their adoption. Such as warmth and convenience when working or fighting.

An example unrelated to Europeans is Chinese vs Japanese clothes. Japanese clothing is more conservative Chinese clothing, mostly free of influence from horseriding nomads.

Anonymous 143181


>Europeans are descended from horse riding nomads
If you mean Yamnaya men then most Europeans are partially descended from them, yes. But they were technically swarthy invader rapists who came from the Caucasus, slaughtered all the Neolithic European men and gang raped all the blonde Neolithic European women. Don’t mention this to pol as it upsets them greatly.

Anonymous 143191


Anonymous 143245

Can you not read? They didn't ban skirts.

Anonymous 143255

Anonymous 144466

Uniforms are a good idea but they should be free for all students at the school

Anonymous 144467



>They all had the same skin tones as modern Europeans
>Some even had blue eyes predominantly

Trannies can't stop with the coping lol

Anonymous 144969

my school didn't let the girls wear skirts at all, it was pants for everyone because old crusty moids kept wolf whistling and staring at the girls and the headteacher decided to make us the ones at fault for some reason, having the option is good tho

Anonymous 145029

dawg girls have hairy legs too thats some pedophile shit ur on rn

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