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Men are undesirable Anonymous 141956

(sorry to the jannies and mods if this is in fact a duplicate of the pinkpill thread)

Alright, enough threads about men being ugly or undesirable in some way filling /b! Image related.

I want this thread to be the one thread to rule all the other threads about how men are visually undesirable, or otherwise undesirable in ways that don't fit the pinkpill thread. so miners plz stop posting duplicate topics about ugly men.

I kindly request that you spoiler your images so the rest of us aren't subjected to the images of men you post.

Anonymous 141968

It's so easy for a man to look decent, haircut, fitted pants, tshirt, not fat(this is easier for males too). And the majority still somehow manage to not make it. The amount of effort expected from women vs the effort men don't even put in is insane.

Anonymous 141986


Kept opening the OP image and wondering why the thread was disappearing.

Anonymous 141987

>Yeah the birthrate is PLUMMETTING. Gee I wonder why????
Animals don't breed in captivity

Anonymous 141988

There is no shortage of men who want to breed like crazy, women simply aren't doing it.

Anonymous 141989

OP this thread sucks for discussion, you don't even make any good points, you just don't want people discussing why most moids are depressingly unattractive

Anonymous 141990

Why the fuck use that image unless you're a scrote ? Do you live to mock yourself or something?

Anonymous 141991

I think CC is contained enough, stop trying to control it so much. If you don't like it, leave

Anonymous 141992

NTA but what? Stop taking the internet so seriously
Lol Same

Anonymous 141994

No, because I'm sick to death of women being portrayed as sickos for being true to what they experience. Its such a moid thing to post, I think you just are a moid honestly.

Anonymous 141995

Sickos? What in the world are you going on about? She (and I) made a comical mistake and posted a durrr dumb cat. If you cant even flippantly criticize yourself on an anonymous imagine board even once youre taking things far too serious. Best of luck with that.

Anonymous 141996

Nta, but its actually self-loathing level self-depreciating, which may be normal for you but not for everyone else. Sick to death of the moid harrassment on this board. CC is up to its neck in it.

Anonymous 141997

Not really its pickme level stupid, and it stinks like a typical scrote post. We have to put up with enough of it on here

Anonymous 141998

Best of luck with your insecurities, but dont project them on the world.

Anonymous 141999

Or just recognize its a women's board and women are tired of the harrassment.

Anonymous 142000

Yea you are harassing that nona, true. But again I highly doubt shes nearly as insecure or self loathing as youve imagined her in your head.

Anonymous 142001

She obviously does or she's a moid for portraying the rest of us that way.

Anonymous 142002

>portraying the rest of us
Really what in the world are you smoking.

Anonymous 142003

How can you not have self-loathing and post something like that though? Its a reflection on yourself, and the typical way moids enjoy harrassing women on here. Its a scrote post plain and simple

Anonymous 142004

Thankfully not what you are, to make a laughing stock of yourself like its nothing. Maybe you look like a pig and act like one but thats not everybody

Anonymous 142005

Could you sound more like a larping scrote though

Anonymous 142006


Im sorry youre so insecure that you cant even openly admit you made a humorous mistake, but the rest of the world simply doesnt have those types of identity issues. Most people dont see an imagine like this and instantly connote the poster as having a deep insecurity that they might be retarded, prone to self harm or somehow further project it that all the users are dumb lizards. Its just not a normal thought process. Its not how imageboards work.

Anonymous 142009



I've seen this happen several times on Crystal Cafe. If someone randomly gets aggressive over something extremely innocuous, (often paired with the accusation that someone is a man, for extra offense) it's probably at least one of:
- bait
- outsider adopting the language of the board to troll someone
- someone not worth engaging with

Anonymous 142010

Yea Im disengaging. Thanks for the reality check.

Anonymous 142012

Thats basically all CC, and feels are! Did you get here yesterday? Its a board full of nothing but self-hatred, internalized misogyny and identity crisis. Of course it comes across like self-loathing, you're on a board full of femcels that frequently admit they can barely manage their lives and you sound like you want to join them. At least stop lying jeez

Anonymous 142013

I'm fucking sick of these kinds of posts from women on here, who make the whole board look bad, and have rotten braindead pickme energy. It makes the whole board stink and makes me want to stop coming.

Anonymous 142014

Can we go back to the topic at hand now? Jesus Christ every thread on this board devolves into pointless arguments

Anonymous 142016

The thread has no talking points and its basically a dud.

Anonymous 142017

Jesus Christ, I just did something stupid and made fun of myself for it. What's the problem? I even saged my post because I knew it was off-topic.

Anonymous 142018

Yeah if this board wasn't so overrun with the trash it would be so easy to over-look, but its not its oozing with moidlarpers and the worst kind of shattered self esteem havers ive ever seen online.

Then again you'd think, being a woman, you wouldn't go a day without seeing that kind of thing. I mean basically every woman i grew up knowing had shattered self-esteem and insecurity over the way they look, no matter how great they looked. I think a good third of them starved themselves. Its just fucking tone deaf, and makes you look like you're in on the harrassment from all sides

Anonymous 142019

You did nothing wrong you just crossed path with the clinically insane

Anonymous 142020

It makes me want to quit coming here honestly. The energy on this board is vile.

Anonymous 142021

Clinically insane because some people are tired of the fucking scrote larpers

Anonymous 142022

The energy would certainly improve once we get rid of people projecting their insecurities on everyone in the most vitriolic ways.

Anonymous 142024

Yes I do believe you are a scrote larper, playing some parody of an insane woman to make the board look bad. Congrats you were successful. Now leave us be.

Anonymous 142026

They should just fuck off to the /feels/ board. Or kill themselves. I can't imagine living this way.

Anonymous 142031

I have no idea what you all are arguing about. A cat image? I feel dumb

Anonymous 142035



i was just kind of tired of seeing images of ugly men flood /b. i thought people kept making new threads about how they found some type of men ugly, because they had no place to post it other than making a new thread, and their post wouldn't fit on another post about another specific ugly men.

so i made a thread that was supposed to collect all the ugly men together, so other topics on /b wouldn't get shunted to the further pages, since threads about ugly men got lots of engagement and would usually be on the front page. and threads on further pages get somewhat less engagement unless someone makes an effort to go into the catalogue and bump old threads.

i mean, i guess the original post is more of a plea. i'm not a mod or a jannie, so people can still make new threads about men being ugly and disregard this thread altogether, but i just thought it'd be nice to have something that could catch any new threads on a similar topic, and give more space to other types of amusement on /b.

Anonymous 142038

It was a good idea

Anonymous 142040

It reads like pickme crap or a scrote ideation. I liked the thread that was up before, it had GOOD images of men, not bad ones. Why the f was deleted for this ????

Anonymous 142042

Honestly youre a fucking tool

Anonymous 142044

Are you talking about the females that wallow in their worthlessness / image insecurity??? Yeah they should. It's disgusting being subjected to their moaning and self defeatism. I spent the beginning of my life as a victim and it is extremely insulting. At least PRETEND like you're not wallowing, PRETEND you're not like that. Real victims never wallow like that they don't have time, they can't rely on anybody but themselves, and they can't rely on any mind but their own, and they sure as hell never share that kind of crap with anybody because they know what the real world does to you when you do

The bs in feels is beyond insulting. They degrade themselves and every other woman that has to read their crap

Anonymous 142046

This thread is crap let it die

Anonymous 142047


i saw you delete this then repost this to add the additional sentence.

Anonymous 142048


amuse yourselves

Anonymous 142049

I'm just ignoring this, since it's obvious

Anonymous 142050

Thanks I hate being policed, and hate the way good posts go to die unseen in stupid catchall threads. If another thread didn't get deleted I wouldn't even be mad

Anonymous 142051

Also why in the hell should we censor our images if they're not even graphic or pornographic wtf??

Anonymous 142052

you don't have to, but they're uglyyy and i personally don't like seeing them lol

it got deleted probably because it didn't comply with the pinned thread at the top of /b.

Anonymous 142053

This is the main reason I dont like it either. Not to hurt your feelings but why does the catchall thread have to have censored images ?

Anonymous 142054

Yeah well fuck it, there is no discussion,and you're just trying to get other threads deleted to make way for this censored shitty one

Anonymous 142056


along with other threads about ugly men getting lots of attention, and this thread immediately getting trolled and bait-posted, ( instead of only people saying this thread is trash and letting it die, which is the normal response for people disliking this thread's concept)

it probably indicates that men really like threads about ugly men. which may be one factor (among other factors which are legit interest) in why those threads often have plenty of engagement, which unfortunately shunts other topics away from the front page

Anonymous 142058

well if you don't like censored pictures, no one is stopping anyone from posting uncensored pictures. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ it's only a request, but you can't be forced to comply.

Anonymous 142059

Maybe the men self post for compliments
>look at this ugly man
>teehee hes actually cute desu
Or other such ba

Anonymous 142060

Yeah reverse psychology isn't going to work on me.

Anonymous 142061

I don't care I just don't want other threads to get deleted for this one.

Anonymous 142062

(not trying to be rude, but) i was using "like" in a sarcastic way, since posters posting about ugly men are generally vitriolic to them.

i don't mind those threads and it isn't an attack on their vitriolicness, but at some point when posts about men start dominating a women-centered community, it gets kinda annoying

Anonymous 142066


all the other previous threads about ugly men still exist on the board. no one else's threads got deleted because of this thread existing. this thread isn't an official general thread by the mods, it is not endorsed by the mods, it was only done by someone who was tired of seeing too many ugly men flooding /b.

the one in the OP screenshot probably got deleted, because you can see the wording matches the pinned thread

Anonymous 142153

I think c.c absolutely fails at passing the Bechdel test sometimes, but most threads outside of /b/ are not moid related at all.

I do sometimes wish there were less threads on 'relationship' stuff, moid related or not though, it comes off sometimes that relationships are the only thing of real importance in nona's lives, that every bit of value within comes only from how well they interact with others. There's very little introspection and finding inner value here, but maybe that's everywhere and I'm being overly harsh because I spend a lot of time here…

Sage 142238

>this thread
With the amount of aggresiveness between two "nonas" for a stupid cat picture, I have no doubt >>142056 is right and this is a reverse psych thread.

I'm out of this thread after this post.
No, you're not wrong. Relationship stuff is supposed to be moved to /feels/, but for some reason nonas aren't moving there and instead are just staying here because it is, I don't know, a faster board?
>inner value
Surely there is a need for a self-improvement thread that doesn't consist entirely about work, but we have /hb/ for physical matters, and /feels/ can always get a thread on mental health support - however, none of us are professionals, and that's a very risky topic if not handled correctly.

Anonymous 142257

reverse psychology!? would i really be thinking that far ahead on Crystal Cafe? I just made the thread because I thought it'd be nice to have it. I didn't expect or make that observation that men dislike/engage in these sorts of threads a lot, until i went to have a shower after making the thread, came back, and then saw all this baiting going on at super speed. Also I am the poster of the Sonic the Hedgehog with copium picture as well, it was me observing and trying to understand why this thread turned into a mess so quickly. The copium was for the men trolling the thread.

Anonymous 142288


correction, i saw post >>141986, then went away for a while, which is when things got crazy, then i made >>142009 to try and calm it down, but it didn't work because there were already multiple arguments going on.

Anonymous 145820

women are told to beg for desire, while men are told they're entitled to it

Anonymous 146069

They don't even try
it's so easy for them to make yourself better looking for women, for female gaze - styling, grooming, fashion, posture etc, but they just so mf dumb, most of them either literally don't understand how or just lazy
completely missing the point, they go lift or pick up the ugliest streetwear

Anonymous 146129

Men are not desirable. They smell bad. Most of them are ugly. They have horrible personalities 99% of the time. They are liars, deceivers, coomers incapable of true loyalty or monogamy. They will kill women just to have an orgasm. They kill each other for pleasure. They commit almost all the crime and other bad things in the world.

Female heterosexuality is nothing but a form of evolutionary Stockholm syndrome. We depended on moids for protection and resources historically, so we gaslighted ourselves into thinking we find them attractive. When in reality, there is nothing attractive about men. Most are ugly inside and out and the ones who are attractive on the outside are still rotten to the core. The fact that most women feel innate sapphic or lesbian feelings and can’t even orgasm from PIV and need clit stimulation during penetrative sex to be conditioned into enjoying it is further proof of this.

Anonymous 146432



Anonymous 146474

God I was just thinking about how most men don’t try to look nice unless it’s specifically so women will pay attention to them (and as you said, even then they miss the mark). It’s frustrating because why can’t they bother to look nice just look nice for the sake of looking nice? So many men just don’t care about how they look at all unless they have to and it’s such a turn off. It’s not even that I expect everyone to be fashionable all the time, but most men I know will just throw on a plain t-shirt and ill-fitting jeans or shorts and call it a day. Maybe it’s just a burger thing, but I hate it they just look so sloppy and it makes me embarrassed to be around them.

Anonymous 146478

probably an inbred moid that wasnt breast fed when he was a newborn, this is why he is asking those questions he turned out retarded, didnt got enough nutrition in his development.

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