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What do I have to watch out. while browsing imageboards? Anonymous 143010

I've been browsing 4chan, endchan, 16chan, indiachan etc. but some of the content could be suspicious and I'm afraid of entering there, hence the question.

Anonymous 143011

What do I have to watch out for*

Anonymous 143053

Watch out for Trolls.
They ruin the entire experience with their unhelpful bait, which is just supposed to create long arguments, that drown out any helpful content, and never change anybody's mind anyway.
For some reason many of the retarded users love replying to the bait and pushing it to the very top of the algorithm.
It really ruins the experience, and kind of makes it feel, like everybody on those sites is a bot.

Anonymous 143054


Anonymous 143061

Who is to say what is bait? These are very diverse communities and lots of people legitimately think some outlandish things (or at least say them sincerely, without really stopping to think).

I've seen way more cases of people calling "bait" on a simple opinion they simply don't like hearing (such as a negative view of a movie) than on actual, smoking-gun bait.

Anonymous 143067

Don’t meet people off of here

Anonymous 143110

What are you afraid of? It's just words and pictures. You won't get put on a list just for visiting, the government doesn't care that much.

Anonymous 143159


I guess be careful of misinformation since many think the edgier or mure censorship they face on mainstream websites the more right their ideas are instead of it being downright stupid or harmful. Don’t believe everything you read there basically. Don’t engage in pointless arguments that will ruin your day and make you feel bad either.
Most important of all you’re talking to a small tiny minority.
I’m not sure what else

Anonymous 143173

Nothing, be careful of potential CP links I guess but its not likely anything will come of it if you do accidently click a link. If you are really worried, most of those board have .onion mirrors (endchan and 16chan) you can use to browse anonymously
I heard 16chan was taken down by feds though
Cringe. Even if you are Indian why do you want to hang out with Indian chan using moids? Legitimately the most degenerate roaches around. Get out of there.

The feds unironically moniter IBs especially with the recent influx of mass shootings related to 4chan style edginess, and yes it makes you a target for being monitered depending on what you post. You'd have to straight up post shooting threats to get in real trouble though and even then it might fall through the cracks because you don't have your own individual fed who's job it is to read your posts.

Anonymous 143174

Really endchan and 16chan are quite questionable too. Why not browse comfy boards?

Anonymous 143190

>The feds unironically moniter IBs
I doubt they monitor small time imageboards. They only target 4chin and like. Y'know, sites well known for their incel hostility.

Anonymous 143204


Don't worry about it, feds don't use the internet silly.

Anonymous 178727

The Australian government does

Anonymous 178729

ask germany and australia LOL

Anonymous 178732

trannies, every imageboard has them but you can clock them even by their behavior eventually

Anonymous 178847

hey feds hire me to be on the internet
I am doing it for free now, but why would I, if there is a payment for it
and a nice fed retirement pension I guess
you know my email

Anonymous 178849


i wish a cute blonde fed would actually care enough about me to stalk me…. i imagine he would see me sperging in imageboards and he would think like "shes so autistic lmao so cute". but i know i am too boring for that to happen. might start planning a college massacre so i can live my dream….

Anonymous 178883


>might start planning a college massacre so i can live my dream….
Have I been summoned?

Anonymous 178885

KEKK i want a cute blonde 35y agent not a bald one

Anonymous 178931


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