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Anonymous 143171

Is anyone else planning not to have children? How do people react when you tell them?

I certainly do and I kinda enjoy telling it when asked by pro-natalist people as I get to see them squirm in unreleased rage

Anonymous 143179

Based, I feel it depends on the person's age, younger people tend to agree themselves sometimes

Anonymous 143182

you enjoy their reactions? why?

Anonymous 143183

I just like telling antinatalists “oh youll will change your mind” for the rage you see build in their eyes.

Anonymous 143185

Incredible projection. They say “Oh, you'll change your mind.” because they've heard "I'm never having kids." a hundred times from women who go on to have kids.

You're allowed to not have kids, but please don't think you're some mould-shattering rebel who's owning normies by doing so. They don't hate you, and it seems more like you have some unresolved issues and it makes you feel better to imagine you're getting one over on them.

Anonymous 143186

>Nooo why don't you want to risk your mobility and health for a lifelong commitment that you might not even be able to afford

Anonymous 143187

We don’t give a shit if you screw up your life. I get 8 hours of sleep a night and don’t slave away for some dumb fucking male and screaming poopy baby. Enjoy the next 20 years with your happy family, I will keep enjoying my life.

Anonymous 143192

Well done. You instantly managed to make them seethe.

Anonymous 143193

To be fair she seethed first by feeling compelled to post pro babby propaganda in the no babby thread

Anonymous 143195

Yea pretty much this exact response but entirely within their eyes. Works every time

Anonymous 143196

No one tell this poster about >>15804

Anonymous 143197

Jealousy and hatred can be a thin line. I've heard people complain about their useless husband and their exhausting baby for hours and hours before you mention that you're never having one because of that and suddenly it's all "You're not fulfilling your life's purpose" and "It's really the greatest happiness you can ever feel, you'll see." Always hilarious. Plus, the naked jealousy when you're going on a two week tour to Japan and they're stuck paying for junior's daycare.
Kids are just something most people do because they have the ability to do so and they think it gives their life meaning, not because they sit down and think about every consequence of the action.

Anonymous 143202

I used to want kids but since becoming more blackpilled on moids I find pregnancy kind of disgusting especially the way moids utilize it as a form of control over women and I also think most men lack paternal skills. I’ve seen men bragging about ruining a woman’s body and life by making her have their kids like it’s an accomplishment and the whole thing kind of repulses me now. I also don’t think women who have kids are happier than childless women, I think kids simply serve as a massive distraction and timesink to the point you don’t have time or energy to care about anything else besides your kids and thereby leads you to focusing less on negative things.

Anonymous 143205


I wish for a world where ppl stop dragging down women for having kids or not having kids. You do you, why do you have to make super political or something ??? No need to be salty at each other’s choices. Being that judgmental wont even help the problem you bring up. I want women with babies to be happy with a healthy body, mental health and I want women with no children to have a peaceful life and good health too, not laughing at each other’s and spit in the soup.

Anonymous 143206

I'm sorry but is it me, or threads like these have gotten weirdly common?
I'm not talking about children but just stuff that seems created to get a reaction out of people.
I've actually noticed it's a "pick what you laugh at and are annoyed by" thing. So, you can find very weird natalists and anti-natalists. But, some people choose to just get pissed off by one in a reactionary way for…some reason. Also– >>143202 and >>143205
has a point. It isn't that "pregnancy bad" but rather the current system is hostile to it on several levels and we are supposed to ignore this for some reason.

Literally, this all is by design because, well, regardless of what everyone here believes, what is true is that child-rearing is Hard Mode. You have to spend 10000$s, and dedicate 10000s of hours to it–and society lowkey needs this invisible labor and wants to parasitically drain it from women without valuing the labor accordingly. Not many people can actually reasonably afford it. Of course there has to be an extra "oomph" to get people to do this because it's kind of a toss-up whether or not it actually makes you happy, etc. Getting people to laugh at and make fun of people for not having kids is pretty much par the course.
For many women, having a kid is great, but for others, it will actually wreck their lives.

I think OP harbors some serious male-energy in that she has a sense of schadenfreude for some reason.

Anonymous 143208


>don't want kids
>tell parents this for years
>at first get heckled a little by them and other family because I'm like 13 so ~whatever, you'll change your mind~ but later it becomes apparent by the time I'm in my late teens that I am not fit for parenthood and never will be
>mom agrees with my decision to be childless because she was a teen mom who didn't want kids and probably would have never had any if she had a choice, completely gets it
>dad doesn't really seem to give a shit either, neither me or my sibling are parent material and honestly he really wasn't either and how he even had us is beyond me
>random nurse I spoke to when getting blood tests done agreed that having kids isn't worth it and to not have any if you don't really really want any, seems to regret having kids herself so I think about her words often
>never got a random spiel from anybody about having kids before my eggs shrivel into raisins, every time a family member attempts to heckle me about it my mother swoops in and backs me up so they leave it alone/understand where I'm coming from
>mfw I get asked more often how high school/applying for college is going despite being a dropout in my late 20s because I have severe baby face and tend to dress weird (pastels, girly style, teen-like casual clothes)

I actually haven't encountered a lot of people who are pro-natalist in a long time, I think with how nuts the world is a lot of them started backing off because a huge thing I hear a lot is "who wants to be born in a world like this?" I believe that people who truly and really do want kids should definitely have kids, but people who wants kids because they just feel obligated to have kids should not have kids. I also fully believe it takes a certain sort of person to be able to raise a child a way they deserve to be raised, and that not everyone deserves to be a parent. I've had firsthand encounters with people who are parents that absolutely shouldn't be, and I'd like to bet that a solid percentage of pro-natalists have never encountered a truly bad parent in their whole life, or have brushed off such an experience as something that doesn't happen as often as it actually does.

>I'm sorry but is it me, or threads like these have gotten weirdly common?
Yes. Its probably something that's been on everyone's mind because of the Roe vs Wade thing stirring up a lot of discussion of birth control and parenthood in general. It's not new for women to hear the old "You should have kids! You'll regret not doing so!" schtick a lot because it's always been a thing, but now it has a new meaning due to that I guess.

Anonymous 143209

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