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Anonymous 144059

Anyone else hate that men think they can beat EVERY woman? I don't mean even them thinking they could beat MMA fighters, I mean every random man on the street thinking they could beat every woman on the street. I am 5'8 and I would clock most short fat couch potatoes.

Anonymous 144060

Woman with a gun checkmate males

Anonymous 144061

is this a common sentiment among men?
all ive heard is the twitch/podcast retards online go "uhhh im a man and i think i could knock out every woman i know" but those are twitch/podcast retards

Anonymous 144072

Have you ever been in a fight with a man?

Anonymous 144073

No, because they probably could. Men are bigger and have more muscle. They brag about it because they're violent chimps. Beating random people up isn't inspirational. Put the average man next to a bear and suddenly his tard strength isn't so impressive.

Anonymous 144074


No, but I have beaten men at things like track.

Anonymous 144075


I don't deny that an average fit man beats most fit women, but if they don't work out I don't see any reason they would beat women their size.

Anonymous 144078


Plus even if they do it's better if we act like they don't, it takes away from them psychologically

Anonymous 144089

Maybe don't try it. I think there might be a reason the only women I've heard bragging about how they could easily beat smaller men, have never actually been attacked by a man.

Anonymous 144091

it's not an unreasonable statement considering they have a higher amount of fast-twitch muscles, which means they're better suited to fast and intense motions, i.e., punching someone. i would imagine that the average man could beat the average woman in a fight more often then not. it is weird that they would mention it out of nowhere however, and stranger still if they would actually brag about it.

Anonymous 144130

how much of a disadvantage is having testicals in a fight? I heard they have the same nerve ends as internal organs so its like having two tiny livers dangling between your legs
I could imagine that could somewhat make up for a bit of size and strength difference

Anonymous 144132

Men who like to bring up the "well I am a man and it's obvious I could break you ;)" strike me as very insecure, especially if they have a fetish for it. They probably think about the fact that they're physically stronger than a huge portion of the population far too often, and considering moids prioritize genes over skill or personal achievement, they don't really care that they didn't have to work for it.

This topic reminds me of those retarded youtube comments under some kind of a video about will animals, like "I am a 6'2 190 pound man, I could fight this thing" even though they most definitely couldn't.
And considering that most men are stronger than women, and more aggressive/impulsive, if anything it should be a good reason to separate from them.

Anonymous 144133

Anonymous 144145

It depends. Even if you have a short, fat man, he will generally have more weight and that matters. I'm pretty short myself so I wouldn't want to fight a man but if I were 5'8 and trained I would bet there would be some men I could take. Also, one thing I know is just because a man is short doesn't mean he is weak. I have seen short men beat tall men in boxing and even in street fights. If you want a moid to beat, you have a better chance beating skinny, awkward ones. But more importantly you want to be able to move and give a powerful enough, well placed punch for a K/O. You don't necessarily have to be stronger, you just have to land the right blow and be able to avoid getting floored yourself, so skill is your best chance coupled with enough strength and speed to hit hard enough. That's what really matters. If you are going for a punch to the head, hit him in the side of the head right behind the eyes. It's a soft spot and only needs so many pounds of force to knock someone out. Also, if you can train in wrestling and grappling that will go far in real fights, especially if you are of similar weight or more

If he is on guard or expecting it, not much. But if he isn't and you catch him out, and you don't miss, then it's a big one. The pain will temporarily disorientate him and give you a few a couple of seconds, and about a minute or 2 of him being in pain and not preforming his best
Obviously you don't do that in organized fights but if it is a real fight then use it if you can, absolutely. Just make it count because you will likely only get to do it once

Anonymous 144156


Stop coping shortso, 999/1000 times a 5'8 man gets crammed by a 6'2 man. That's like 60 pounds of natural weight advantage and way more functional muscle. Stop telling women to pick fights with giant men because you are insecure about being short

Anonymous 144159


Anonymous 144166

Height doesn't equal weight. And if a man is tall but he is skinny, he won't have all that much power. It is weight that matters more is what I am trying to say. I'm not saying go fight a tall person, I'm saying tall doesn't mean strong. It does mean their bodies have more potential for strength however. And also they have more reach
That's just nonsense. I know men who are over 6ft and are not strong, and I know men who are around 5'5 and have brute strength. You cannot judge someone's strength on height alone, especially when it comes to men, It is one factor out of many

Anonymous 144191

lanklet supremacy.…


It literally does equal to weight, ten pounds of muscle per inch of height naturally.
5'5 and 6 foot is a HUGE difference, that's 70 pounds of natural muscle difference between the two.

Go back to 4cham

Anonymous 144193

It literally doesn't. You often have people that are shorter but with bigger frames and more muscle/fat, and tall skinny people. Not everyone has the same body only in varying degrees of height. You don't know what you are talking about

Anonymous 144197

even those short fat couch potatoes would win against most women

Anonymous 144198

Why the hell are you autistically discussing this? Who the fuck cares who'd win a fight? Is that your kink to wrestle a man or some shit?

Anonymous 144199

Now that you mention it..

Anonymous 144200

I mean…
Over powering a guy or being overpowered, and having loads of body contact, grappling and sitting on each other and struggling in a hot sweaty mess, I can see the appeal. Not that i'm into that or anything

Anonymous 144202

This is wishful thinking. Delusional actually. I hope you don't try to start fights with men.

Anonymous 144203

yeah yeah im not into either at all

Anonymous 144210


okay anon

Anonymous 144231


Anonymous 144232

Nobody fights hand to hand anymore. If you wanna defend yourself you can simply use a gun, mace or a knife which is better than a fist.

Anonymous 144321

im guessing you didnt grow up with a brother. please dont go try to fight men on the street because eventually you will meet a man who will not play nice with you and actually hurt you. unless you are extremely fit, have a good amount of weight, and train for a few years you will not be able to beat up 90% of men.

skeletal mass is considered lean mass but is not considered muscle. a 5'5 guy who weighs more than a 6 foot guy and has muscle is most definitely stronger.

Anonymous 144410

>I am 5'8 and I would clock most short fat couch potatoes.

How many push ups can you do?

Anonymous 144515

Seconding this. Maces are good, just make sure they're flanged in the case the moid is wearing a padded coif. A horseman's hammer would be best, but they're understandably more expensive, require more training and, realistically, how often will you need to penetrate chain, scale or plate on some guy in the street?

Anonymous 144538


If you genuinely think there are fit 5'5 men walking around the street who aren't elite tier bodybuilders who weigh more than 6' men I don't know what to say. The height difference is so large only anorexia, obesity or steroids could come into play. Look up "Drunk man beats Muay Thai master" It's an untrained 6'2 guy beating up a 5'6 Muay Thai master because lol duh

Anonymous 144542

Hearty lol

Anonymous 144550

Is it so hard for Americunts to use the same units as the rest of the planet?

Anonymous 144553


One country landed men on the moon
One country has 40% of nobel laureates
One country has 7 of the top 10 universities

Guess what system this country uses?

Anonymous 144564


>One country landed men on the moon
Do you think NASA uses barleycorn and yards to calculate rocket trajectories? Also, the importance of the moon landing is vastly overexaggerated by Western media and mostly symbolic in nature. You could just as well make the case that the USSR won the space race. In the end it all comes down to politically-motivated cherrypicking.
>One country has 40% of nobel laureates
>One country has 7 of the top 10 universities
You will be hard-pressed to find any freedom units in scientific papers or literature, even in the US.

US Customary Units are all defined according to metric/SI units. The only reason they are still in common use is muh tradition and laziness. Even American drone pilots use kilometers when calculating the distance to the Middle Eastern village they are about to bomb.

Anonymous 144568

I'm not American and I use metric but I hate intolerant retards who think they're right when they're just stupid.

Yes NASA did use customary units to land on the moon and more.

>You will be hard-pressed to find any freedom units in scientific papers or literature, even in the US

Not originally. Only reason this is true today is for the sake of standardisation and accessibility. The US is incomparably relevant in science and academia, this is not something you can dispute. It is literally the centre of most disciplines.

>US Customary Units are all defined according to metric/SI units.

And most of that defining is done and maintained in the US. There is no reason to maintain two highly precise standards. There is nothing particularly metric about a physics-based standard and could be applied to anything.

>The only reason they are still in common use is muh tradition and laziness

The reason they are used is because they're what people know and find easiest to use as a result. If you were suddenly introduced a new unit, you would not use because you would have no sense for it and no need either because you already have a unit.

>Even American drone pilots use kilometers when calculating the distance to the Middle Eastern village they are about to bomb.

the US military switched to metric in order to ensure US allies can work with the US military properly. It's the same reason the US forced all its allies to use the standard cartridges 5.56×45mm NATO, 7.62×51mm NATO, and the rest. so everyone can supply eachother and everyone's weapons and ammo are interchangeable.

It is beyond me why you are so offended over the idea of a different country being different. Does it not occur to you that because neither are objectively better, basically all Americans prefer customary?

Anonymous 144588


There is nothing "intolerant" about pointing out the idiocy of Americans using units that nobody besides them and a bunch of fellow Anglos will understand on a website with an international audience, rather than the units literally everyone else on this planet agreed upon.

There is a reason why online communities with a global audience usually have rules demanding every participant to communicate in English, as opposed to other languages that only a select few users will understand. Everyone participating in these communities understands English, even if it is as a second language, therefore they use English so all can follow the conversation.
Similarly, everyone understands metric units, including Americans, so for the sake of inclusivity Americans should use metric units online just like I use English on this website to make myself understood by everyone. Is that really so hard? No excuse for this but laziness and thoughtlessness.

>Yes NASA did use customary units to land on the moon and more.

Not really. They used metric/SI for the actually important parts and US Customary for displaying information. https://ukma.org.uk/why-metric/myths/metric-internationally/the-moon-landings/

>Not originally. Only reason this is true today is for the sake of standardisation and accessibility.

I do not get your argument here. Standardisation is the point of measurement systems. The metric system is useful because it is (almost) universally understood. Scientific work needs to be reproducible by third parties regardless of cultural or national boundaries.

>The US is incomparably relevant in science and academia, this is not something you can dispute. It is literally the centre of most disciplines.

This has fuck all to do with measurement systems though. The US are disproportionately relevant in science and academia because they also happen to be the world's dominant economic power (for now at least, until China finally takes that spot).

>neither are objectively better

Even disregarding the benefits of international accessibility, yes, the metric system is objectively superior to US Customary. This isn't a matter of opinion or personal taste.

>It is beyond me why you are so offended over the idea of a different country being different.

I have no problem with Americans being different. I could not care less if Americans use freedom units when talking to fellow Americans. I only have a problem with them not even making the slightest effort to consider other people in an obviously international setting.

Anonymous 144595

The reason the US is considered to have won the space race is because russias attempts to land a man on the moon failed and their space program largely fell out of favor afterwards. Roscosmos obviously didnt disappear and mir was another pioneering first they were able to accomplish, but that was 15 years and 7 successful moon landings late. JFK set the deadline to get a man on the moon and the US met it.
Also everyone on salyut 1 died

Anonymous 144640


Because Americans made this website, like we made everything else you can use to get on this website lol. Like the personal computer and the internet. With imperial electric units too, btw.

Anonymous 144675

Youre making the same mistake as the person youre replying to in thinking the space race was a race to do a bunch of firsts. It was more akin to an arms race. Each player has to match the other and the game continues. Like a game of Horse. The russians failed to ever match the moon landings and they tried very hard to. Every other accomplishment on the list each agency had mostly peer capabilities on. The Americans had better rockets and that got them to the moon.

Anonymous 144696

It can be a big deal, but if they are tough it wont matter much. The early ufc had groin strikes and its not like they ended the fights because of them


Anonymous 144708

It’s not quite the advantage you’d think. I mean if they’re a complete bitch they might go down, but otherwise it just makes them angrier.

Anonymous 144749

>I am 5'8 and I would clock most short fat couch potatoes.

OP, in all honesty this attitude may be dangerous for you. The average man is taller than you are and likely has more muscle than you do, even men who don't exercise.

Nobody is denying that a physically fit woman who does strength training can be stronger than some overweight lardass off the street, but MOST women are weaker than almost every man.

Anonymous 148073

She said it is is easier to fight a skinny and tall man than short and muscular, you fucking idiot

Anonymous 148083

evolution will slowly make men a lot weaker in the future

Anonymous 148109

>imperial electric units too
Which are what exactly?
Is there some freedom unit equivalent for volts, amps, watts, or ohms that I'm supposed to be using?

Anonymous 148158


Skinny and tall men devour short muscular men in fights.

Anonymous 148159

BTUs come to mind instantly

Anonymous 148160


Also "horsepower"

Anonymous 148181

Not true lol just look at that video of the manlet who stabs the big guy in the neck in Australia and he immediately bleeds out and falls to the floor in 5 seconds from one cut

Anonymous 149034

if I had a gun I'd shoot you in the head

Anonymous 149059

i thought this was a hetalia thread

Anonymous 149071

nta or OP but I think some women are definitely far stronger than men, maybe men's lazier modern diets and men's sedentary lifestyle plays a role so many women can be stronger than men in a way that we simply couldn't be before. Men are physically bigger and stronger, so anyone that says any woman can beat any man is retarded, but anyone that doesn't realise the odds are now vastly in our favour compared to "the beforetime" is also retarded

Anonymous 149890

Not true at all, why are their 6' bantamweights who get destroyed by 5'5 guys all the time then? Weight matters more which is why MMA and wrestling have weight classes

Anonymous 150113

You should get banned and the troon will get banned too. It is stated very clear in the site rules that males are not allowed.
Also the troon does not have a female brain. That does not exist, you are male through and through. Kys.

Anonymous 150155

Aren't transmen allowed because they're still women?

Anonymous 150158

Because they know they are absolutely stupid and could never beat a woman in a game of wits.

Anonymous 150159

Kek you sure sound like a trans and male sympathizer. Disgusting.

Anonymous 150161

Yes, but that one is a male troon.

Anonymous 150220

Moids don't belong on CC. Isn't that the whole premise of this forum? That it's female-only?

Anonymous 150229

>>As for the lot of you, I think you guys are weirdly obsessed with trans people.
What a way of saying you've never bothered to read a single thread or the opinions of any terf ever lol. If you did you'd know it's the other way around and they are in fact affecting women's and lesbians rights worldwide. It's not obsessed to care about men being misogynistic and lesbophobic, you know. It's kind of called having empathy for other women even when it doesn't involve you directly yet.

Anonymous 150232

Troons are not allowed here. This is a female forum. What's not clicking? This has nothing to do with your le ebin centrist opinions, males are not allowed here, regardless of "gender identity". If they are here, they are offending against us and not "leaving us alone".

Anonymous 150248

>>That and a lot of pedos/pervs who don’t experience gender dysphoria whatsoever pretend to be trans to do gross things.
How do you pretend to be trans? I thought a woman was everyone who identified as a woman? Are you saying every pedo and rapist trans woman is faking it? Who are you to decide how they feel on the inside? I thought we had to respect identities and pronouns even if the trans woman is a sex offender?

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