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Modern fashion is fugly and boring Anonymous 144135

What historical fashion items and styles would you like to make a comeback?

Anonymous 144142


>Modern fashion is fugly and boring
So true
Look at this instead

Anonymous 144152


Cute men should wear tights so I can view their buttocks.

Anonymous 144164

middle looks pretty good tbh

Anonymous 144180

By way of Starfleet.

Anonymous 144185

the belts ruin it but 60s fashion was kinda cool in other ways. just not this one.

Anonymous 144186


Meh, they can do that with dress pants just fine no big. Besides dresspants can be a sign that he doesnt have a dead end job.

Anonymous 144261

oof, when you see a vintage hottie, you know he's either shriveled up like a prune and lost his good looks, or he's six feet under

feels bad

Anonymous 144295

anne that you?

Anonymous 144315


>ywn have a prime Dirk Benedict bf
why live

Anonymous 144327

power couple.png

i really wish capes would make a come-back.

Anonymous 144328

Anna Kommene 2.jpg

they really can be absolutely gorgeous.

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