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Anonymous 144338

say hi to my husband

Anonymous 144342

Your husband raped Casca so fuck him.

Anonymous 144345

you should get a divorce.

Anonymous 144346


Why'd you post a picture of my husband

Anonymous 144349

Never read this series but that honestly makes him hotter.

Anonymous 144350


It doesn't count! He was a demon! It wasn't him!

Anonymous 144354

What is the series called?

Anonymous 144364

Your husband is beautiful, too bad he's a scoundrel

Anonymous 144371

How do you not know Berserk? Go read it now. This is an order.

Anonymous 144393


don't talk to him like that you ugly bitch
shut up, stop lying slut he's mine ONLY

Anonymous 144395


Your husbands a bitch.

Anonymous 144855

are you Grimes?

Anonymous 145080

you could do a lot better than this babe, even ignoring guts

Anonymous 145168



Anonymous 145169

Did nothing wrong

Anonymous 145174

Did everything wrong

Anonymous 145175

The only thing he’s good for is sucking dick for cash other than that hes a retard who threw his whole band for ego

Anonymous 145176


Anonymous 145187

Anonymous 145211


Stupid bitch he is MINE

Anonymous 145535


God I hate the berserk fandom so much. The manga started great but turned to shit so fast, the king molesting his daughter was the start of the author just making shit up, and it never got better from there. I tried to read the plot on some wiki and it made no goddamn sense. Then the author up and fucking dies leaving his trainwreck of a manga forever unfinished. I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy the consequent drama from the community. Fuck berserk.

Anonymous 146455


Glad we got Guts and Griffith out of it though, and beautiful art
Picrel is not the beautiful art part but you get what I mean I hope

Anonymous 146466


Husbando thread?

Anonymous 146482

It has good aesthetics but ultimately it's typical dark fantasy. And that genre is overdone in by now.

Anonymous 146744

Is this what tomboys are for men? I mean I thought this was a girl.

Anonymous 146832

Who is this qt

Anonymous 147068



Wolfgang Grimmer from Monster aka best boy

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