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linguistics Anonymous 144485

Is anyone here interested in linguistics

Anonymous 144486

not really.

Anonymous 144504

I like learning about the origins of words, like defence and soldier. I don't really go too deep into any other part of linguistics if I'm being honest.

Anonymous 144561

I have some unfinished conlangs buried somewhere on my computer, if that counts. I used to be big into conlanging, but linguistics in an academic sense… not really.

Anonymous 144565

Only casually
It’s fascinating to discover new ways of human brain creating and transferring meanings - various specific systems of different languages

Anonymous 144566

Yeah I actually study it quite a bit in uni. I really like phonology especially

Anonymous 145712

My interest for the subject died when I took a linguistics class in university.

Anonymous 145893

Yes, I particularly enjoy semantics and grammar

Anonymous 145897


Anonymous 145930

Enough to fucking hate Noam Chomsky

Anonymous 145980

You're just not smart enough to understand the colourless green ideas sleeping furiously

Anonymous 146008

LOL fair enough

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