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Anonymous 144602

im so bored what shld i do.. dont say touch grass its too hot out

Anonymous 144603

listen to all of björk's albums

Anonymous 144604

i dont like bjork :( i like punk rock music and i phone :( sorry

Anonymous 144605

its fine! if you haven’t already listen to Black Flag they’re a decent punk rock band

Anonymous 144606

but u see ive had enough of punk rock and my laptop i need something new to do..

Anonymous 144607

OMG do u like circle jerks (the band)

Anonymous 144608

im wearing a shirt for them right now i got at a concert i saw recently im so serious now

Anonymous 144609

Photo on 7-27-22 a…

u see

Anonymous 144610

Unfortunately I’ve never heard of them but you can recommend me some tracks if you wish! To be honest I only know black flag because Henry Rollins was featured in a Tool song (Bottom) and I found his voice hot lol

Anonymous 144611

Anonymous 144612

okay since you don’t like Bjork how about this Japanese band called tricot. they’re pretty underrated but they make great songs. I really like artsick and potage
you’re luckyyy I only have one band shirt and it’s from Tool (mine is also a bit ugly @[email protected])

Anonymous 144613

Auntie Christ is a really good band.

Anonymous 144614


Bjok bjok

Anonymous 144616

the lead singer of circle jerks is the ex lead singer of black flag he got kicked out i think lol

Anonymous 144617

are you fucking serious right now youer piece of shit i outta kick the shit out of you can you fucking read you dumbass scrotum do you realize i have to kill you now. fuck. you fucker, please die just die jk lol dap me up

Anonymous 144619

oh i will listen rn :O also thanks :) i really like it ive been trying to surround myself with more yellow its a happy color and its the color of the solar plexus chakra.
show tool shirt.

Anonymous 144620


Anonymous 144634

Omg I also saw them recently did u go to their show in Seattle

Anonymous 144638

Screen Shot 2022-0…

yay omg! thats awesome i hope you had fun. i didn't go to their seattle show tho. the opener was so funny he looked like the tallnut from pvz the whole time. punk is such a funny genre.

Anonymous 144643

move ur room around thats what I do

Anonymous 144650

Go to the library or 2nd hand bookstore and get a book
Go for a walk and take pics
Make a neocities website or learn to code
Play games/log onto websites from your childhood
Geocaching (you can do that for free with the app)
Make custom playlist covers for your Spotify playlists
Play silly online multiplayer games
Clean out your closet, donate or list stuff for sale

Anonymous 144698

prog rock

Anonymous 144704


Feel up grass.
Also I like prog rock but no I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

Anonymous 144713

why not

Anonymous 148939

go touch grass because idc if its hot

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